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17 Texas Tales videos

I just uploaded my first episode (30 minutes) of my Television show, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star," to my new website. It is my intention to upload all 17 episodes. In Episode 1 I bring my friend, Gabriel Lewandowski, whom I consider to be the leading Classic Rock/Death Metal drummer in Central Florida, to Austin, Texas "The Live Music Capital of the World" to help me navigate and film the local music scene. I lived in Orlando for 12 years and was friends with Gabe although our circles only slightly overlapped because I am a Folk/Country Acoustic Singer/Songwriter. My boyfriend at the time, The Infamous Bax, was however a Classic Rock/Metal bass player Singer/Songwriter. So we spent a dozen years in the music scene of Central Florida in these genres. When I moved to Austin, where my family lives, Bax and I began doing the same thing we had always done, going out into the local music scene. I had met Gabe because of Bax. Gabe's music leaned more towards death metal but there were a lot of overlapping areas for all of us. My BA is in Mass Communication Radio/TV from Abilene Christian University so before long friends steered me towards the Austin Public Access Television Station operated by the City of Austin and the Austin Film Society. I became a Producer at Channel Austin and eventually produced 17 30 minute public television episodes as a community service. I've never made a dime and I devoted 7 years of my life to this venture. I did, however, gain tremendously in experience and in networking with Austin's venues and musicians. Episode 1 is the first time anyone in Austin has met Gabriel. I take him to a local bar in Jonestown, on what we call the North Shore of Austin, and introduce him to musician friends I've made. I continue to bring Gabriel to Austin and we explore different venues and create different adventures for my show. You can now watch Episode 1 if you go to my website, click on the tab for "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" and scroll down. I just put it on there a few minutes ago and it is the first time my friends have had a chance to see it since it was shown on public television. It is a work in progress, I'll keep you updated. xo Angel

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