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A Quantum Start

Today’s interest… I woke to a thread posted by a New Age type of group I followed yesterday. This is what I said. Here we go…

Angel: "I have followed the teachings in our Holy Bible to the point of sacrificing everything I loved and owned like Jesus taught us when he instructed a potential follower to sell everything he owned and give it to the poor and he would have great riches in Heaven. That is the path I’ve been on from birth into a multi-generational family who followed God and our Holy Bible. Yesterday I wrote short-story 276 on my website about this topic. I’ve been documenting my walk with God day by day for decades. Yesterday I wrote I was a virgin of sorts in that I had never allowed idolatry to cross my threshold into my mind, only God’s Holy Bible teachings and what God YHWH taught me, as I put my ever evolving understanding of the scriptures into practice. I wrote that I believed I was pure enough that God had now released me to seek the truth found in the natural physical world because I have figured out the physical is a mirror of the spiritual realm. I’ve been walking with Torah as Jesus practiced which was to turn the physical laws into their true spiritual essence. So I found Bruce yesterday by chance and followed. This morning this thread was what I saw when I came on Facebook. I seriously believe in a plane earth with a dome of some sort, perhaps electromagnetic, that physical belief system leaders have not been able to go past. All the stories of outer space are mind control deception. So what I see missing in this thread is mention of YHWH as the 1st Commandment foundation Jesus taught us combined with misconceptions about the design of our earth. It is my belief that both are critical before any other truths can be grasped. Beyond that I see many truths being expressed in this thread. xo"

PS A short while later I kept surfing and found this. Perfect. HERE:

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Written May 28, 2024 at 8:34 am


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