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A Small Southern Town

I grew up in a small southern town, Lewisburg, Tennessee. We moved there from where I was born, Abilene, Texas via Huntsville. President Johnson came to Abilene seeking the Presidency after John F. Kennedy was killed. My parents met at Abilene Christian University, got married at University Church of Christ next to ACU, and that's where I was born. I was born into a heritage of Abilene Christian University and the Church of Christ. We are a four generation family at ACU, I'm a fifth generation Texan, both sets of my grandparents went to the Church of Christ.

My dad had started his own construction company after graduating from ACU. He was building housing subdivisions in Abilene. We were doing marvelously. He built a house for us that we called the Turquoise House. Mom had painted the outside doors and wooden windowsills turquoise. Dad had taken Mom and me and my baby brother to Hot Springs, Arkansas for the stone. I had watched the stone for our house, rolling down a conveyor belt. That's one reason why I bought my Arkansas Ozarks land, "Angel Creek." We have coffee mugs that have their names on them, made in Hot Springs at that same time. That was fifty or more years ago. They've been married to each other this entire time, 67 years now.

We had a heart shaped bathtub. It was made of white tile. There was thick, fuzzy red carpet on the bathroom floor. My dad built the tin molds himself for our heart shaped bathtub. He designed it all. He built it all. Sometimes, when I was about 5 or 6, I'd wake up in the middle of the night. If I was cold I'd climb out of bed and walk down the hall to my bathroom. Mom and dad had their own bathroom. It had golden goldfish faucets. I'd go into my bathroom and instead of turning on the regular light I'd turn on the third light which was just a heat lamp. It was red. I'd lay down on that brand new fuzzy red carpet beside my white tiled heart-shaped bathtub and fall back asleep, nice and warm. Dad even gave me a 3 foot long by 1 foot wide strip of fuzzy red carpet so I could put it in the homemade treehouse outside he had built for me.

We had a creek in the back yard. Dad used a bulldozer and scooped out the creek himself until he had made two sort-of ponds with a strip of land going down the middle. Think creek, widened creek, strip down the middle. It was like we could walk out on that strip of 4 foot wide by 40 foot long dirt and grass sidewalk to the regular creek but with a small pond on each side of us. The lady next door raised fancy guppies. When she got too many she'd dump them in the creek. After a while the long earthen sidewalk began getting eroded by the creek until I had a tiny island at the very tip, like two feet separated from the walkway. Guppies would get into that shallow space. I'd kneel there for hours catching pretty minnows in a plastic cup and turning them loose again. Dad also taught me to catch horny toads. I LOVED the baby horny toads and I'd put one in my pocket when we went to church. I'd be this pretty little blue-eyed blonde child with a beautiful frilly dress on. When someone said hi to me I'd pull out a horny toad from my little pocket and show them. I wasn't trying to scare anyone. I loved my little baby horny toads and was showing them out of joy.

So then Lyndon B. Johnson came to town seeking the Presidency. He met with the town leaders who all promptly told him they disagreed with his ideas. Our Abilene leaders, including my dad, (we are IN Texas, mind you) met in a room with him. He told them that if they didn't vote for him, he'd destroy Abilene. They didn't, Abilene didn't, and he did. He did it by closing down the airforce base we had there. It disrupted the economy so badly that my dad lost his company. This was in the 1960's. My dad has said he was in debt $200,000.00 and that's a LOT of money for back then. When that happened my dad went to work even harder and worked around the clock like a maniac for months and I don't know exactly HOW long. But I know he paid back all but $10,000. of that money he owed due to losing his construction company. (No one could afford houses.) He is very proud that he paid every debt back. I'll have to ask him again but I think that last $10,000. he owed was to a doctor in Abilene. I think he sold our Turquoise House to that doctor for $20,000. It had cost him $50,000. to build. We checked this year thinking we might buy it back since they've retired. Now it is valued at $500,000. But that was how he paid back the final 10k he owed because of Johnson.

There are stories about not knowing where milk was coming from to feed me and my brother. There are stories about neighbors showing up at our door, like a miracle, with milk and a sack of potatoes in hand. There's a story of men in black showing up at our door. The men in black asked Dad if he'd like a job. Dad says he never knew why they came to our door. I like to think they heard about how honest my dad was. He took their job and our family - Mom, Dad, my brother, and me - moved to Huntsville, Alabama. Dad went into training at Redstone Arsenal military base into a special program they had. He learned how to bid on government contracts.

We always went to church. Let me emphasize that. We always went to church. Always. Three times a week and for any social event or any meeting or Vacation Bible School or just everything. My parents taught me to love God and the Bible. My dad became a Deacon then later in life an Elder. He was always a leader. Mom was a homemaker and taught the 3 year old children's Bible class. I soaked up that world like a sponge and thrived in it. I loved the Bible always, from birth, through every grade, into college, always.

I had made a vow when we left Abilene. I had looked across a field near our Turquoise House, I think we were up the street at my aunt and uncle's. Across that field I could see Abilene Christian University. I vowed, "Someday, I'll come back. I'll do it by going to ACU for college." When I graduated from High School I packed up and drove back to my home, to Abilene. My BA is in Mass Communication Radio/TV from Abilene Christian University.

So when we moved from Abilene to Huntsville we went to church while Dad studied at Redstone Arsenal Base. At church they made friends including another man, Ed, from Redstone Arsenal. Ed was offered a job at Teledyne in Lewisburg, Tennessee and he accepted it. He offered my dad a job there and my dad said yes. So Dad took his new skills in how to bid on government contracts with him to Lewisburg, to Teledyne. He then spent the next many years, as I grew up in that small Southern town, in that small Southern church I loved, working on the Space Program. It's all in detail in my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." The number 17 comes to mind. I have to check but I think Dad worked on all 17 Apollo missions to the moon. I just checked. Yes there were 17. You can read about them HERE. I remember Dad came home for lunch from his work at Teledyne one day. We lived really close. He rushed the whole family outside, my mom, brother, sister, and me. He opened the trunk to his car and said, "Touch these, everyone touch these." He had boxes in his trunk that he was driving to Nashville, I believe, from Teledyne, for a special Apollo mission. "These boxes are going to be left behind on the moon. I want our fingerprints, all of us, our family, to be on the moon." So we all touched the boxes and our family's fingerprints are on the moon. It's in my book along with a letter to my dad from the government thanking him for his work in making the missions possible. Teledyne built telemetry for the ships to navigate to the moon and back home to earth. That's what was in the boxes.

I said all that to build a foundation for what I'm going to say next. The heart of this short-story is not my childhood. It is that my childhood friends from that small town, those friends who love God like I do, are with me today, on my Facebook friends list. They read what I write, several of them do, especially the ones from my church. We message occasionally. We know each other and trust each other. I have one special girlfriend who loves God as fervently as I do. I rarely go to her page because her beliefs are still what mine were back growing up. Not that that's bad. That's the best any of our churches can do. My beliefs, however, evolved from that day I prayed in 1985, "Dear God, if there is something more about Christianity that I don't understand will you please show me?" That is what I've written 780 pages worth of songs, poems, and short-stories ABOUT and put into my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." It took me from 1985 to 2009 to write that book. It is day by day by day living with God, studying, following, writing. I have it divided into yearly sections so that you can see my growth and what God was teaching me. I go through my Chapelgate years, losing my beloved husband, facing the biggest oil companies in the world over Robin's Drilling Data Center software and technology, losing Chapelgate, moving to Orlando, raising my children, finishing a Master of Arts in Religion at one of our main Church of Christ universities, Lipscomb, in Nashville, and finishing a Master of Divinity at Lipscomb. I then continue to write as God led me through 15,000 hours of retranslating the Bible one letter at a time, which took a decade. I can probably double that in how many actual hours I've studied but I stopped counting in 2009 when I published my book. I used to keep up with it on my wall calendars each year. Part of my story is how I sacrificed Chapelgate and the Drilling Data Center and every single thing I owned. I gave it to God. He took it. I have more detailed stories but it is my SPIRIT that explored and walked with God as well as my MIND. That's the main key. NOW I've written my second book from 2009 - 2023. I've kept doing the same thing. That book isn't published yet, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," but it is written and mostly printed out in a big box. I'll get to it. The point is that I think differently after this journey. I still have my small town Christian friends, following the small town Christian doctrine they were all raised, probably from birth, learning and loving. I have one in particular. She and I talk and trust each other. We help each other. She understands what I've been doing. I've been figuring out the true doctrine of Jesus, what he was actually telling us, showing us. I've retranslated the Bible. That means it needed to be retranslated. They have the doctrine wrong. THAT's it in a nutshell. That's why I write, I write day by day by day to document what God showed me. He showed me the original doctrine and that's what I write my stories to communicate. My friend, my fellow sister from a small Southern town, knows that. Today she sent me an article about CERN.

This is the heart of this story. The day before yesterday I wrote, "Galilee and CERN." You need to go read it. The true doctrine is different from what we have been taught from birth and for centuries. The Bible says that there are two paths each person can take in life. They can choose to devote themselves to God and others OR they can choose to rebel against God and focus on their self. I call that "SELF/OTHERS." Those are the two paths. Those who rebel against God wind up walking what I call the Earth path, or the Self path. Those who obey God and seek him and service to others wind up walking on what I call the Heaven path. I call that "EARTH/HEAVEN." When I was in my Master of Divinity classes I kept scribbling a spiral on my notes and in my Harper Collins Study Bible everytime I'd get a glimmer of a pattern I slowly learned to recognize. "What is this pattern?" I'd raise my hand and ask. The professors, who also loved God and loved Christianity and followed regular generational fundamental Christian doctrine would answer with, "No." They told me, "There is no pattern." Yet, I kept scribbling that spiral every time I saw it. God kept whispering to me, there's a pattern, see..."

Here's the pattern: "SELF/OTHERS," "EARTH/HEAVEN," "INNER/OUTER," "MALE/FEMALE," "INDIVIDUAL/CORPORATE," "SPIRITUAL/PHYSICAL." That's the pattern. I finally figured it out. God kept showing me over and over until I got it. ALL the Bible follows that pattern, every single book, every single chapter and verse, every single word, follows that pattern." Here's what it means: If we will choose to follow God our Father, as Jesus was instructing us, and be kind to others, "Love God and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself," and we are faithful in doing so we will wind up at the Kingdom of Heaven. Our INTERNAL thoughts and our EXTERNAL actions must be pure, good, obedient, faithful. THIS, as God showed me MEANS that we not only are faithful to walk with him when it is easy (Daytime) but ALSO when it is hard (Nighttime). We have to read his Bible and put it into action to the very best of our ability, sincerely from our inner heart, walk the path that puts others as ourselves. We have to pray and fast and sacrifice. We have to MEAN it. We have to TRY. That's what my story is all about. That's what I did. If we will do that faithfully it changes us internally as individuals. THAT becomes a change in us as a Church, as a Corporate group. (Individual/Corporate). I'm still not quite positive but HEAVEN/EARTH are MALE/FEMALE. I think female represents our "mother" as in Mother Earth and male represents our "father" as in God. Not Jesus, God. I tend to think Heaven is the spiritual and Earth is the physical and being a female who has explored to the heavens makes me want to think that makes Heaven feminine and Earth masculine but it isn't. It's Mother Earth, Father God Heaven. Heaven is spiritual/Earth is physical. Yes, that's right. We never hear much about our Mother, do we? I think the Church doctrine divorced her. But God our Father didn't. We are to follow the 10 commandments, ALL the commandments, to perfection in our spirits through our physical actions. That leads us to what Jesus was instructing us to do, to internalize it. We do everything he taught us. We do everything God's Word tells us to do. We are to do this first individually and then corporately. We are to honor both our Father and our Mother. They both teach us. Male is over Female, the final authority, the leader. Heaven is over Earth. We are to observe the Sabbath, not Sunday, the Sabbath. The New Testament is not separated from the Old Testament the way it has been drilled into us to think. I see ancient biblical Hebrew concepts expressed in every single word of the Greek. I personally have no idea what they are talking about with Aramaic. There's only Hebrew and Greek. While I am at it there is only one single word for God in the entire Bible. That is YHWH, Yahweh. Jesus was a human man who walked the entire path beginning with OTHERS/followed by going back down to EARTH/and walking the SELF path out of obedience to God to demonstrate the pattern. He walked until he reached the gate to the Kingdom of HEAVEN. Then he kept exploring there and came back to teach us about it. The Bible is to be read and interpreted both physically and spiritually. Everything can be read metaphysically and interpreted through symbols. It is also mirrored in the physical world. The pattern is in the shape of that little scribble I kept drawing, it is a circular spiral, maybe like dna. There are two halves to the pattern like male and female. It's all right there in the Bible. You just have to be able to see it correctly. You have to SEEK. If you do, God himself will show you everything he wants you to know. He will teach you. If we didn't have the Bible we could still figure it out because God our Father, YHWH, Yahweh has created everything physical in Creation to match what he created spiritually. The physical realm can be interpreted through everything being a symbol of the spiritual realm. Heaven is over Earth, and "As Above, So Below," IS correct. Those who teach that simply have it backwards because they rule the kingdom of Earth. They see upside down. Heaven and Earth are mirror images. That's why Jesus told us that if we would seek the Kingdom of God, Heaven, first then the earth would be added to us, given to us. When we do that we create a mirror image of whatever we would have learned on the SELF/Earth path inside of us. We learn all the information without having to go through all the lessons of disobedience. Mastery of the Earth is given to us. That's why I am now studying Physics. I can see things others don't see, in the physical, earth, science, realm because I can already see them in the spiritual realm, inside me. Heaven is over Earth. Spiritual is over Physical. As I did what I am describing to you God built inside me, changed me, he first led me into building the moveable tent in the wilderness. As I followed him, day by day, always choosing the very best I was capable of at every single crossroad of Self/Others, Heaven/Earth he did something I didn't know he was going to do, but I could see it as it was happening because it always matched the scriptures I was reading daily. He built the Old Testament Tabernacle inside me. In the way I think. Then I kept going and he built the holy Temple inside me, in the way I think. It is all symbols. It is all both physical and spiritual. Then he built Jerusalem inside me. All of the Promised land, the cities, the locations, the people, what each and every single thing in the Bible is a symbol for - ALL are inside me. That's why I can read God's Word both in scripture and in nature, Creation. Also, while I'm at it Genesis 1:1 is talking about THIS. It isn't talking about how God created everything, that's baby stuff. Of course he did. The Creation story is way, way, deeper than that. It is talking about everything I've just described to you. "Dwelling in the head place of authority of God's spiritual realm those who master the path to the kingdom of heaven then attach the kingdom of earth to their understanding." That's a more correct interpretation, see it? The word they are translating God is elohim and that is someone who has mastered God's Word, the way I am describing. I think he has the elohim going through the creation process in the same order that he himself, God the Father, created everything in the first place.

SPIRITUAL/PHYSICAL. That is the heart of the pattern. That is the key: SPIRITUAL/PHYSICAL. Let me emphasize. SPIRITUAL/PHYSICAL. Jesus told us to seek the kingdom of the heavens FIRST and then all these things would be added unto us. Most people seek the PHYSICAL first. The pattern God has in play throughout his Creation is that normal people must go through physical experiences before they arrive at the spiritual. Jesus told us to do it backwards. He said for his children, those who would follow HIS doctrine, to SEEK the Spiritual first.

Here is an example: When you see a beggar on the street holding up a sign you have a CROSSROADS set before you. SEEK the spiritual. If you think to yourself, "He should get a job like me. I'm not giving away MY hard earned money. He's probably faking anyway. If you give to these people they just spend it on drugs and alcohol anyway, etc." If THAT is what you ALLOW your mind and heart to think then when you drive on by him with your dollar safely in your pocket this is what happens: your heart gets harder. It gets a little bit harder for you to hear God. It gets a little bit harder for you to understand the Bible. You care about the spiritual realm a little bit less than you did before. CROSSROADS.

If you allow your mind and heart to pick the selfish choice then you walk a little further down the SELF path. It winds up, if you're not really careful, NOT at the doorstep of the kingdom of the heavens. It can even wind up, if you go too far, in hell. Yes, in hell. You can make choices in your life that create hell. BEFORE YOU DIE. The kingdom of heaven is not that direction. The only way you can get to the kingdom of heaven on that path, the opposite path, is to become so hardened you turn into stone, like foundation stone. And then you only get to START in the direction of the heavens with a bunch of painful life lessons under your belt. You don't want to do that. Repent and go back the other direction, seeking the SPIRITUAL. If you waste your time you won't have time to get there, to the kingdom of heaven, while you are alive.

Jesus knew that the EARTH path, the PHYSICAL path, DOES eventually circle around to the beginning of the HEAVEN path, the SPIRITUAL path. Our interpretation of scripture is SO messed up. Jesus continually explains this stuff and our translators, churches, and teachers continually misapply what he is saying. They keep sending Heaven far far away, to someplace after death. All the time, if we'd do the simplest things, right then God would swoop in to place our feet and desire on the next step towards the kingdom of the heavens, while we are alive.

Here's what happens in the same situation when you are at that same CROSSROADS and you seek the spiritual. You reach into your wallet and you pull out a dollar and you give it to the beggar. EVERY SINGLE TIME. It doesn't matter if there are ten on the streets you have to drive down. It doesn't matter if they might buy the wrong thing. It doesn't matter that they are secretly pulling a scam. What DOES matter is that Jesus TOLD YOU to seek the kingdom of the heavens, the Kingdom of Heaven, FIRST, (and all these things would be added to you, meaning the knowledge of the Self path will be handed to you).

The MORE you choose the SPIRITUAL path the easier it gets, the more enjoyable it gets, the more your mind can comprehend what the Bible is saying to you, and the more your spirit yearns for God and spiritual things. Your heart grows sensitive, you can see the spiritual better, hear it better, understand it a little better. You REPEAT this over and over and over and over. You do it for EVERY SINGLE CROSSROAD. There might be a dozen crossroads, of all different kinds and flavors every single day. This is WHY you study the Bible, yes, even the King James English Bible. That's what I started with. I'd suggest you at LEAST start there to make it easier on yourself. You study it. You study it to the point that you know what it says. You OBEY what it says, to the best of your ability. If you do that then GOD the FATHER, YHWH, Yahweh, will make it where you understand his Bible just a little bit better, until you know it so well you begin to see the spirals and draw them and hear him directing you. YOUR INNER being will change, will evolve. If you just ignore every single crossroad then you will not grow internally. You have to exercise. Exercise your spiritual being in obedience to God your Father.

If you do that HE helps you. I've seen a red light I thought was broken turn green when I prayed, "Dear God, would you fix this light?" Once I did that and BANG it turned green that second. I was so startled. Inside my mind I had pictured God would nudge someone at the traffic stop repair place to put in a work order to get that light fixed. BANG. God made me realize what I had thought. OH!!! I was startled because God actually answered my prayer. I thought he would, I believed he would, I prayed he would, but BANG not like that. I had limited him. He taught me a lesson. God does that. You don't walk around with a magic wishing wand getting every wish immediately answered but God answers. He interacts with you.

SPIRITUAL/PHYSICAL. The spiritual realm is higher than the physical realm. I am now studying things like my new short-story, "Galilee & CERN" because I've done this so much that I am now exploring the spiritual's rule over the physical realm in fascinating ways. Trust me. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first. That way you will have more time to study it and enjoy it while you are still alive. Plus the journey is fun.

Christians aren't trying. They stopped trying. They tried a lot better when they thought like my parents: met in a Christian environment, raised a Christian family, STAYED MARRIED for 67 years, worked hard, and took responsibility in the church. Back when their ethics said, "My business was destroyed. I have to pay back every cent." Back when their faith said, "I don't have milk for my children, let's pray," and a knock on the door delivered milk. That's what we've lost. But it is more than that. Our DOCTRINE has kept deteriorating over the centuries until we now teach and believe that all we have to do is have faith in Jesus. Jesus paid it all. Thank God. Jesus paid it all. ...NOPE... That is incorrect and that is why none of us are arriving at the Kingdom of Heaven, as we were intended by God to do and instructed by Jesus to do, and given his example. Somehow the Kingdom of Heaven got pushed back to after we DIE. ...NOPE... When we open our Bibles and read that's what it says. But that's not what it really says. THAT is what God showed me and WHY I've written and documented every single step along the way for you. What it really says is that little spiral pattern I kept noticing and drawing as I walked with God faithfully day by day and night by night. Daytime/Nighttime. Prosperity faithfulness. Hardship faithfulness. That's when a sack of potatoes gets brought to the door after a prayer in communion with the Father.

I wrote an article, "Galilee & CERN" yesterday and sent it to my small Southern town friend, like I said. I had sent her the one before that and the one before that. She listens. She has a couple of hundred Facebook friends or more who follow her and interact with her. She is outspoken. She loves God. Her friends are my hometown people. I care about them, and I love her, she is my sis in God. Today SHE sent ME a video about CERN.

My small Southern town friend: "One of my friends sent this to me today."

I watched it. It said "CERN now admits they are communicating with "Entities" from the other side." I answered her.

Angel: WOW. See, I told you! because I can do the same thing! We’ve talked about this - how whatever I read in the Bible is now matching the same concept in my life. And how my life is always matching the Hebrew calendar. Whatever concept is being celebrated - I have that same concept happening in my day to day life. It is supernatural. THAT’s WHY I get SO aggravated with current Christian beliefs. If Christians would REALIZE that YES you have to OBEY whatever your current understanding of scripture IS and sacrifice to do it right even when it costs you THEN they get led into more correct understanding. THIS eventually creates the mind of Christ inside a temple inside us. And THAT leads to CERN. Only WE wind up on the God side, the good side. These guys have done the same thing OPPOSITE. They all followed a personal path of Disobedience to God. Behind the scenes whoever of them is actually being able to hear what they hear has horrid evil under their belts. So when WE do it (mirror) with Obedience through goodness then We can do the same thing. Only ours is the kingdom of heaven. Theirs is just the kingdom of earth. HEAVEN is OVER earth. You gotta start leading your followers this direction OBEDIENCE and sacrifice. That "Thief on the Cross" thing you posted made me puke because it was SO incorrect. These kinds of people have messed with Christian doctrine to keep us from figuring it out. Then they get to stay on top. There are ZERO aliens. There is ZERO outer space. There is a dome over the earth these guys can’t cross. WE CAN. But our doctrine is wrong. OBEDIENCE and being GOOD is the missing key. Love you!!!!!

Then I sent her two more of my short-stories, "Yes! We ARE to Judge!" HERE and

"Today's Interest... The Seven Seals" HERE

"Galilee & CERN" is HERE

Later, my girlfriend read this article and wrote to me...

My Small Southern Town friend: Just finished reading and yes it makes perfect sense to me. As I read thru in my Spirit I kept hearing over and over Seed Time & Harvest! The Jewish Calendar (Gods Calendar is about Agricultural Cycles) Seed Time & Harvest. I don’t understand why you got so upset about the "Thief on The Cross" article tho. It’s completely Biblical.

Angel: Because of the system I described, the Self/Others path. The thief on the cross story is ACTUALLY talking about that. The thief is someone who has completely destroyed themselves in their inner nature but has conquered the Self realm in doing it so that they HAVE a parallel kingdom. The two are opposite concepts. Think Jeffrey Dahmer character and Bill Gates kingdom. That's what you get when you walk the Self/Earth path to completion. It parallels Jesus' path of Others/Heaven. In the end our character is gorgeous and our riches are tremendous but only in the spiritual realm. These are polar opposite and mirror images of each other. That's what it is discussing. It has absolutely nothing to do with how it is being interpreted by the church and taught to Christians. It's as far away from that as possible. And if Christians keep being taught that they will never figure out what it is actually talking about. That's SO cool you understand the Hebrew calendar so well, better than me. I'll look that up. xoxxoxxo

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Written February 5, 2023; finished February 6, 2023 at 12:22 pm


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