"Angel Creek" Round Two

Well, I decided to try again at my Ozarks' farm. I just posted this. I'm sure a new short-story will be the result. We'll see what happens, lol.


Hi, I will pay $50. on Cash App (no not a scam, it's just easier since I don't live there) for 3 hours of work weedeating heavy brush. I have the weedeater. Location near 9 Mile Ridge above Cherokee Village. I paid one guy first, before the work, and he never showed. I hired another guy and he cancelled. I posted not that long ago and got 12 responses, so was overwhelmed and chose those two. Now I'm trying again. If I get too many responses I apologize I can just hire one. You must be able to take before and after pictures on your phone and send them to me, so I can see your work. I'm just trying to clear out a spot so I can park my car there. Thank you!

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