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Bigfoot, a Plot Twist

One of my friends called me a few days ago and invited me to an Open Mic an hour away. I had Laileigh and I didn't really like the host. Why? Because I'm interested in the spiritual world, not the crass physical world and the host's songs are often crass. I'm also teaching a little granddaughter about choices in life and the spiritual world is the path that protects us and makes life exciting and worth living. So, I didn't go and I didn't take my precious little one. I'm busy exploring other directions. Like what?

I grew up with Oklahoma grandparents who were farmers. My mother's farm she sold a few years ago had been in our family for 70 years. I was heart-broken. Somehow, I had always thought that one day that farm would be mine and I would love it, like I already did, care for it, then pass it on down the generational line. I thought that it should be mine simply because I loved it more than anyone else. That didn't happen.

I am always looking at land (and vans and Corvettes) online. It makes me happy. I've had 4 Corvettes and 4 vans. I still look at Corvettes and vans at least once a week, for fun. I google-earth places where I've lived in the past. I don't forget what I love, I dwell in it, and my dwelling turns into stories because that's who I chose to become when I was just a child, a writer. I write about what I love and my adventures in my own life. An adventure is simply deciding to do something or go somewhere, for fun and interest.

So, about 4 years ago I found land for sale online during one of my regular searches and this land was perfect. It was gorgeous. It didn't cost a lot. I could get it. With $500. down and $107. a month, for many many months, I could buy this beautiful piece of woods. When I was a little girl, born in Abilene, Texas, my dad was a General Contractor. He built not just houses but subdivisions in Abilene. He was freshly out of college and I was 5 years old when during his General Contractor days he decided to build our family our "forever home." He and my mom planned it carefully down to the last detail. It was on a creek, which I now love creeks and named my beautiful piece of online woods, "Angel Creek," because of. Chapelgate had creeks. The Oklahoma farm had a creek. Growing up in Lewisburg, Tennessee one of my favorite homes had a dry creek with fossils in it. I Ioved exploring my dry creek and when it rained there were puddles in it to play in. Our Abilene house had a creek in the back yard and my dad's idea was to bring in one of his bulldozers and dig out the creek to make a little pond in our backyard. He had the genius idea of leaving a strip of land down the middle of the expanded creek that served as a walkway, a type of ground sidewalk, that we could walk out on. In time nature made a path through his walkway at the very tip so a little island of sorts was created as the creek water flowed shallowly through the almost tip of the land sidewalk. This gave me a marvelous place to play because minnows would get into the shallow water here and I could catch them easily with my hands. I did this same thing at my granddad's Oklahoma farm, I envisioned teaching this to my children at Chapelgate, but the water was deeper so we loved to fish instead, and if you look in my photos you will see me teaching Laileigh to catch minnows a couple of months ago. I love land, I love creeks, I named my land "Angel Creek."

I've been on a fun adventure with Angel Creek for the past 4 years. It was SO exciting to actually buy my new little addition to my history of land and eventually I paid it off and moved on to the next step, a little cabin. I had envisioned a Beverly Hillbilly's style little cabin in my beautiful woods but I wound up with a $500. down and $266. per month payments for many months perfect little blue cabin. I paid the cabin off recently so it was on to the next step. I envisioned turning my dry creek (that would have water when it rained) into the focus centerpiece of the property. It was sloped down hill and when I looked on Google Earth it seemed to drop into a type of gorge, at least I hoped it did. So my imagination saw waterfalls and maybe a cave, and I figured out I probably had a spring that I could open up and thereby have a real creek with water in it. I'm a dreamer and I love my land, my creeks, my beautiful woods, and the adventure of imagining something and bringing it to life.

Well, because I study the spiritual world above all else I have had many adventures with God. I write. I have an entire book series I call, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." In it I write about my life and my experiences and God is always the centerpiece because that's what I love. I even open my books talking about God's taking me on marvelous adventures and then THIS is what happened. God does that. That's why I love the spiritual world better than regular worlds. You can see God in the spiritual world.

Guess what God did? God stirred the pot. He already knew everything I've told you because he's been with me my entire life. When I was just a tiny baby my parents began teaching me about God and taking me to church and telling me Bible stories. I loved it, that has always been my world. So God has always been right there with me creating my adventures for me and he knows everything I know and loves to create twists in the plot. He just does, God is like that.

So, God looked down at me and my buying my beautiful little woods and blue cabin and driving my lovely white van I've named "Swan" to "Angel Creek" (while trying to figure out how to get a Corvette down that off-grid dirt road) and yep, PLOT TWIST. I can just see God looking down from the clouds of Heaven and grinning with that grin that sent me on unexplored and unexpected Chapelgate adventures, with his finger stirring the pot. God decided to send me Bigfoot.

Ok, so I have several stories now of my "Angel Creek" and Bigfoot. Those stories have been happening in my life for the last couple of years and I've researched and studied and learned everything anybody knows about Bigfoot. That led to Dogman. Dogman is like a type of Werewolf. SEE the PLOT TWIST. I did NOT expect that. But that's what I now have. So the stories continue as the adventure continues and they will all eventually be in my book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," which I've already finished writing, but the adventures keep happening. God grinned and stirred the pot some more this past week. Now I have become friends with a Native American Indian in Oklahoma who is known as, "The Bigfoot Expert." I found him online while exploring the stuff I love and trying to keep up with God's plot twists.

My Native American Indian Bigfoot Expert new friend has just taken a drive with his favorite co-tracker, Tracker-E, at his side to my beautiful little woods I bought online. It's in the Ozarks. Oh, my "forever house" that my General Contractor dad built for our family, (which we lost in a plot-twist) connected me to Arkansas, where my Ozarks "farm" with a dry creek now is. My mom and dad took my brother and me to Arkansas, Hot Springs, while Dad was building our house (we called it "The Turquoise House" because Mom painted all the outside doors and window frames turquoise.) I saw the sandstone bricks coming down the conveyor belt when I was 5 years old at an Arkansas rock quarry, bricks that were destined by Dad to go onto our Abilene home. I loved Arkansas from that day forward, especially Hot Springs, and that became where my beautiful woods farm would be, the Ozarks.

So this is the story and setting for the new plot twist that I've been living for the past two years with "Angel Creek." I now have had a Bigfoot Expert, the top guy in the world, with his best co-Tracker, a lovely, brave, spiritual lady who knows pretty much everything HE knows, because he taught her, drive to my blue cabin in my Ozarks woods this week to look for, yeah, good job, I see you guessed it. Story to be continued.... love, Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written August 21, 2022 at 10:30 am


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