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Bigfoot Research Camp

I originally had the idea (a couple of years ago) of putting my Ozarks off-grid land on a BnB for tent campers. I did. Then I created a Facebook page for it, "Adventures in Swan." Eventually I decided that wasn't a good idea and took it off the BnB. I kept the page and just put Bigfoot/Dogmen stuff on it that I ran across. Now that I know a lot more (hundreds of hours of research for 3 years) I'm thinking I could use it as a research camp for those interested in studying Cryptids.

I do have a new cabin there now. I do have a neighbor who watches it for me. Just an idea but I could go to the Bigfoot Conventions and put cards and flyers there. I don't want anyone unsuspecting there, just people who know what they are doing or are learning. I'm scared to go there myself, I don't know enough yet. Just an idea, but everything begins with an idea.

*** UPDATE***

As of December 9, 2022 I have reopened "Angel Creek." The details are on my website, here, under "Support & Grants. xo Angel

"Adventures in Swan" HERE

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