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Bike Week

Gabriel: (last night; earlier he had texted me "Call me at 8 pm") "What's up?"

Angel: "My friend, Fabian, whom I met through Mark, is going to be unveiling his new motorcycle design (I don't know what to call it... T-Rex, maybe) at Daytona Bike Week. I told him about you. Are you playing? Which band, where? Especially on Friday March 11 and Saturday March 12?"

Gabriel: "Yeah, I'm playing at Hang Dawgs across from the Iron Horse."

Angel: "Both nights? Friday and Saturday? March 11 and March 12? What's the band's name?"

Gabriel: "I'm playing a main stage with two different bands. Metal Witch and Burnwylde."

Angel: "Wow, I figured. I told Fabian you'd be playing and hanging out with the top musicians there, like a couple of years ago. You were hanging out and playing with musicians from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet. I told Fabian you'd played Daytona Bike Weeks every year for decades."

Gabriel: "Thursday March 10th I'm playing 4/8 and Friday and Saturday doubles starting at 3."

Angel: "OK, I'll tell Fabian where he can find you. He'll probably be really busy himself with his new bike unveiling. He says it is the first of its kind and a $250,000. build. I met Fabian the same night I met Mark at Kyle Saylor's Dinner with Dreamers in Austin. Fabian and Mark and Kyle are all good friends. That was in 2017. Gigi took me with her that night. The whole purpose of the dinners is for everyone to go to dinner with people they've never met before, really cool people who are cultural changers, movers and shakers. We were all excited to see who we were going to meet. So when we met each other we all bonded and we've all been close friends ever since. Fabian had flown in for the dinner from Miami and he got there too late to hear me tell my life story about Robin designing the first computerized drilling oil well in history. Robin and I founded our private corporation and I documented his software and system while he consulted to Mobil from our home in Houston and then at Chapelgate. Robin's Drilling Data Center was the first of it's kind and saved Mobil $24 million dollars per year in the cost of drilling oil wells. Robin said it was actually more like $100,000,000. million a year but $24 million was all Mobil would commit to in a major oil industry publication. When I went to Federal Court over the intellectual property, after Robin died, our expert witnesses testified it was easily $100,000,000. million per year."

Angel: "Everyone at Kyle's dinner that night had equally incredible and amazing stories of their lives. So we all bonded and we've been friends ever since. Mark was Sylvester Stallone's body double/stunt double for over 21 years in 30 of Stallone's feature films. He has been in 140 or more feature films in all, films like the Rocky's and Rambo's but also Titanic, Batman, Spiderman, Mission Impossible, Pirates of the Caribbean and I just saw yesterday he listed the brand new Matrix: Resurrections in his credits on IMDb. He hadn't even told me about that one yet."

Angel: "Fabian is a Music Producer out of Miami. Fabian gets along with Mark really good and Mark has me writing his Biography, once he saw I could write he decided I was going to be his best friend and write his life story and I have been doing that for him. So it's really because of Mark that I have become friends with Fabian and several more of Mark's astonishing friends. His friend, Lane, I met last year at Albuquerque Comic Con, teaching the stunt workshop with Mark, is married to the top stuntwoman in the world. If she's not the very top she has been. She doubled Trinity in the Matrix. And Lane was on Cliffhanger with Mark and Stallone. Lane doubled the Terminator. When I was at the workshop last year Lane was all excited because he had just bought a $300. Terminator outfit for his collection. Lane took us to his home and we all bonded too. Lane is the most intelligent man I've ever met except for Robin. He had me telling him my life story the same hour we met. He took me aside in the special room that was filled with food and drinks just for the Comic Con big shots and we sat there and his questions to me were so intelligent I just told him the whole story about Robin and Chapelgate and everything. I introduced Lane to Gigi and they are both in Albuquerque a lot because of the film industry there. So we've just developed our own private group of friends, but really amazing friends, astonishing friends. Mark has me going to a Grammy award winning Music Producer friend of his' event he has created for a half dozen of his musicians near Enchanted Rock on March 11th. I invited Fabian to go with me. That's when Fabian told me he'd be unveiling his $250,000. dollar motorcycle whatever it's called, T-Rex like bike, at Daytona Bike Week. I had already told Fabian about you. I sent him one of your videos. I sent him the one where I brought you to Austin and we went out to Jonestown to that bar I'd found where all the best local musicians hang out and you got up and played with those guys. It's a really cool one I did for our "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" TV series here. I sent Fabian the pic of you and your yellow Corvette. He said, "I've seen that one." I said, "I know, I was just looking for the pic of Gabe with his 4 Harley's." Fabian then told me about his amazing cars. I said, "I was just looking for what you and Gabe have in common." Fabian said the musicianship and cars was plenty. So anyway if you cross paths at Daytona Bike Week this is who Fabian is. I told Fabian that you were an old school death metal icon, because you are, and sent him your Encyclopaedia Metallum link and I said that Fabian's type of music and your type of music weren't the same but that your types of excellence WERE the same. Fabian wrote back that he listens to and produces all types of music from Death Metal to Gospel."

Gabriel: "I want to see you again, it's been almost a year you know. How about April? Hey can I call you right back..."

Gabriel: "Hey, I'm back..."

Angel: "I was just looking at the Southwest Airlines dates and I figured out we still have $100. credit on one of your tickets I had to cancel from a trip here last year. It expires March 29. So this weekend is actually a really good date price-wise. You can come for $59. and go back for $90. And I have $100. credit. So I could get you here this weekend for $50."

Gabriel: "My Corvette payment is coming up Friday, let me see... I've quit writing down the dates when people want me to play drums with their bands. So and so told me we were playing on... what was that date... let me figure it out...."

Angel: "We'll I'm already on the Southwest payment screen and this is a great price right now.... wait a minute, you wouldn't have to change planes but the flight here would take 7 hours. That's no good. No wonder it's just $59....that's too hard on you, babe, with having to wear the mask at the airport these days. You'd be SO tired when you got here, no, I'm going to keep looking..."

Gabriel: "Hey, can I call you back in about 15 minutes? I've got to... (and he's off, he goes a thousand miles a minute always.)"

Gabriel: "I'm back."

Angel: "OK, I've found a new date, this one costs a little more but it's still good, like $220. and I've got that $100. credit. It's February 24. You'd leave Orlando at 5:20 on a Thursday and go back at 2:00 on a Monday. That's too long...let me see, no going back Saturday won't work...Is that too long?"

Gabriel: "I don't want to go to any small bars right now, because of "C" - I haven't been playing any small bars here. So and so keeps calling me to play some of them but I tell her no. She said she'd give me her own money she gets for playing if I'd just play and I said no. I don't want to go to any small bars there, maybe we could go to Hanovers, that's big enough, people aren't close together. So many of my friends have died."

Angel: "Hanovers is fine, but I haven't been going anywhere either. Maybe we could just create something new we do together. Remember when I took you to that fancy hot tub at my gym, I loved that, I found an even better one in Dallas I want to go to. You keep saying you want to go to Dallas..."

Gabriel then tells me the story of one of his bands touring many cities in South America and another story about one of his bands touring many cities in Texas and Mexico but how he missed going to Dallas on that tour. He again tells me how much he wants to go to Dallas. I already knew this. He has tried to get me to let him rent a Harley Davidson, he'd pay for, which is $2,000., so he and I could ride from Austin to Dallas on it. I have just sent Fabian a picture of Gabriel standing beside 3 of his 4 black Harleys (and his Corvette). The price of his 4 black Harleys gets close or tops $100,000 and another $100,000. for his yellow Corvette. Yet he wants to RENT a Harley for us to ride together from Austin to Dallas. He's told me this many times. Last year I finally agreed to his renting a Harley in Austin and we filmed an episode for my television show "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" of us riding the Harley he rented to the Oasis resturant overlooking Lake Travis. I rode with him a total of 32 miles. I then told him the best route to take and I went back to my beautiful cozy apartment and read books while he spent 3-4 hours driving Hwy 1431 from Cedar Park, Texas (north of Austin) to Marble Falls, Texas. He came back happy and I was happy not to have to ride that far. My back hurt from riding just to the Oasis and back. I actually at one point considered falling off the Harley just so I wouldn't have to ride it anymore at that particular time because my back hurt so much at that point. There's no way I'm riding a Harley with him from Austin to Dallas. Not even for my new fancy Spa Castle I found with multiple hot tubs of enticing kinds of beauty surrounded hydrotherapy. Gabe has meanwhile moved on to telling me how he has never been to a strip club in Dallas and how such and such band wrote a song about strip clubs in Dallas and how much he has always wanted to go to one and all the ones he has already gone to in all kinds of different cities. I listen and mark down in my mind, "We are now DEFINITELY NEVER going to Dallas." I have often felt like I'm Gabe's handler. How God put us together is a story told in my first book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." I told Fabian I'd send him my book and that I was now finishing putting together my next book which will have all my writings from 2009 until 2022. My first one contained all my writings from 1985-2009 and talked about my Chapelgate years, and Robin's Drilling Data Center, and all 230 or more of my Contemporary Christian Music songs I've written plus all the short-stories from that section of my life. My new book will cover my Gabriel coming to Texas to help me create and film episodes for "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." We created a lot of them and I eventually turned in 17 30 minute shows in a series to Austin Public television. My shows were aired throughout Central Texas to their viewing audience of 500,000 families and another 15,000 at that time to internet subscribers through Time Warner, AT&T, and U-verse plus many others. They are still being aired. I did that with Gabriel and his ideas and enthusiasm and tremendous skill helping me navigate Austin, Texas the "Live Music Capital of the World." But we're not doing

Angel: "Ok, I'm on the final screen of Southwest Airlines and I can get you here for $125. on February 24 arriving 5 pm non-stop, going back the next Monday at noon Feb 28 non-stop. I'm buying that one. (I click "Buy" and it's a done deal.) We can change it if we need to. It will stay on our credit for a year."

Gabriel: "Ok, good." and his mind begins planning which is something he does marvelously.

And our stories continue...



Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved Angel Isaacs

Written at 11:30 am February 8, 2022


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