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"East to the Trois Estate near Enchanted Rock" by Angel Isaacs

We never know God's plans exactly. In my books I show you how God's leaders are developed, then how their spirit is continually washed, cleansed, and maintained, then how the adventure with God continues. You walk East. In my short-story "The Boundaries of Canaan" I describe the four directions of Canaan the Promised Land. This is inside God's leaders. It is in how they think and how they interact with the Holy Spirit and with God's Word. I describe this to you in all of my stories. So East. East is the direction of choices laid out before us traveling forward in our daily lives. If you do all the things I've described to you then the Holy Temple is built inside of you. This actually happens. This is the place God's leaders were intended by God to operate from. Once the temple is built inside you then you can wash and maintain your spirit, God teaches you how, and this allows East to operate.

We never know God's plans exactly. We simply wash, maintain, and walk East. It is often surprising because maybe East is to go to the grocery store. You might think God wants you to buy food. You might buy food while you are there. "God took me to the grocery store today," is what you might think. But you'd probably be off by about a zillion miles. That's not what God did at all. Because on the way to the grocery store you passed a homeless man standing at the red light. You rolled down your window and instead of handing him a dollar you gave him twenty dollars. You did this because when you saw him you searched your heart and your knowledge of God's Word and you felt for the best spirit you could think of. This is what priests do, what God's leaders do. You needed that twenty dollars because you needed diapers for your little one. You didn't have anything except cash that day. So that meant you had to go all the way back home to get some more money so you could go to the grocery store and buy the bit of food you needed and diapers. It was a sacrifice you made, to obey God, to follow him, to go East.

And THAT is why the Holy Spirit moved inside of you to prompt you to go to the grocery store. It didn't have anything to do with lunch and supper that day or diapers. It had to do with you learning and practicing obedience and sacrifice. THAT is what God was doing, and probably a bunch of other stuff you don't have a clue about. Priests, God's leaders, who have the holy temple built inside of their mind and heart and actions operate in this way.

Now what does that have to do with the title of this short-story, "Going East to the Trois Estate near Enchanted Rock”? You see, recently I was prompted by God to attend a music concert a mile from Enchanted Rock. Mark had met a music Producer at a "Dinner with Dreamers" event where they were both the speakers that night. These dinners are the creation of our friend Kyle Saylors of Saylors Brothers Entertainment. People who are cultural changers in media attend in order to simply meet other movers and shakers in the industry. That's how I met Mark DeAlessandro, Hollywood Hall of Fame Stuntman, and that's how he met me, a writer who walks East with God. When Mark met the Music Producer he texted me to check him out and to find out about the music event he was hosting near Enchanted Rock. I did. I saw all his fabulous credentials. I bought tickets for us, we made plans. I was thinking about music contacts and how many musician friends I have. God was apparently, so far at least it seems, thinking about something entirely different. God was shining like the rising sun on a new day in the East. So I walked East. Instead of musical contacts and resources however I found where to spend the night. I google searched every motel near Enchanted Rock until I found the one next door to the venue, the Enchanted Rock Ranch, where the event was happening. It was walking distance. So I booked it for a couple of nights.

The more I read about the Trois Estate the more it began to dawn on me why God had taken me here. The woman was using her estate just like I had used Chapelgate. She had all the same resources Evins Mill, near Nashville, offered (I named it Chapelgate when I owned it) - overnight accommodations, dining, rooms built for hosting workshops, a magical wedding chapel and cave pool grotto. Uh, yep. That's that part that got me too. When I saw the wedding chapel I thought "stage," "filming myself playing guitar," "filming my friends playing guitar." When I saw the cave pool grotto I thought, "I HAVE to see that. Can we get in? Laileigh would love it. Is it warm enough? Maybe there's a hot tub. This is my new special place." God knew I would react just like that to the pictures of the cave pool grotto. I have one in my fiction book, "Island." She turns it into a hot tub, heated by a hot springs, in the cleft of a rock. Sold. I reserved it for the night of the music event, walking distance next door, and the next night.

Now I'm studying Enchanted Rock. The Indians were afraid of Enchanted Rock, they thought it had mystical properties. The Indians would see lights at night on top of the gigantic rock. It scared them. There's more to Enchanted Rock than meets the eye.

So now I'm researching Enchanted Rock for one of my stories. I bet, knowing God, that that was the real purpose of our going East. You just never know. You simply wash, maintain, and walk East. That's how it is done. xo Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 22, 2022 at 10 am


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