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Eye Witness: Yes, they are in Tennessee & Texas

This is one of the very best eye-witness accounts I've ever heard, and I've been studying this now for 4 years, probably 300 videos and a dozen groups, plus my own experiences on my Ozarks' land. This is a career policeman who went camping deep in the woods of the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky/Tennessee and ran into (and shot one) a group of both Werewolves and Bigfoot. I've been saying it is now my belief they are all predators but they have polar opposite types. This is not your "people of the woods" type. This is the pure evil (Martin even uses that word when he is describing how they looked) Werewolves/Dogmen being USED by the pure evil type of Bigfoot. In Kentucky/Tennessee. So listen and learn. This is truth. I posted this in the groups I am in on Facebook just now. I added, "Are they in Tennessee? Middle Tennessee? Around Nashville? Texas? Central Texas? Around Austin?" Yes. "Are they wherever I LIVE?" Yes. Guaranteed. Start listening and learning...


He talks about the point in time when he was frozen in fear and due to the infrasound abilities of these creatures. He captured the moment when he was able to fight that. He said he reached into his childhood and pulled up Psalm 23 and started saying it in his mind. He specifically pinpoints the words he was on "thy rod and thy staff" when he was able to break free of the dread/fear/infrasound. SO I just RE-translated the 23rd Psalm to see if there was any hint of why that particular psalm and phrase worked at that precise moment. He said it broke the dread just long enough for his TRAINING to kick in. That's when he escaped, in my opinion, certain death. When I retranslated Psalm 23 I saw that that particular point in the psalm was special because that is WHERE David, who trusts in God, TAKES A STAND. Not only does David "take a stand" and CHOOSE which side he is on - God's side - recalling how he trusts and the psalm says loves God but he "takes it upon his own shoulders" to be a leader in order to help others. This is all in the undercurrents that I am able to read in the ancient Hebrew language of Psalm 23. So his TRAINING as a Policeman - someone who HABITUALLY puts the welfare of others upon his own shoulders - combined with "taking a stand" to trust in God is the exact moment and means that that infrasound/dread/fear was broken enough for him to not only escape with his life, but for his friend to escape. THEN he came back bravely to help US, again, habitually taking it upon his own shoulders, to lift and carry his brother, us, the world. THAT'S what is in David's 23rd Psalm, through my eyes and training.

As commentary I’d also like to point out Jesus told us the First Commandment was to love God, meaning Yahweh our Father, and that God the Father is our foundation for everything else. So. Notice he called upon the Bible. Notice he was taught as a child. Notice he didn’t call upon the “positive” energy of the universe. That has a place but only within God the Father’s boundaries, design, instructions, and authority. God is our creator. God gave us his holy Word. We take a stand on the highest authority being God our Father, submitting to his “rod and staff” in trust. Then the monsters release us. That’s what David knew.

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Written March 8, 2023 at 1:20 pm


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