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Fake Eclipse, Black Sun, What now?

For the record, I stayed inside. It was enough that I could see the light through my closed blinds, dimming, pretty much go out, then come back. My family, however, didn't listen, any of them. Today they are starting to get sick. This will continue to happen for the next 2 months, then new legislation will begin. Those with weak immune systems get sick first. I also think they may have dumped something in the air to start to give us a hive mind through AI that works in conjunction with whatever was in the vaccines. I've now watched lots of videos and have seen photos. What it looks like to me is that they chemtrailed the skies deeply to provide a background for their blue beam technology. They learned that from Bigfoot. I have a video or two on my website where I studied how Bigfoot was able to disappear and fog is involved sometimes. HERE That's why we are not allowed to know about Cryptids. That's why God put Cryptids on Angel Creek, my Ozarks land, so I would study it and make the connections. They use their knowledge for military secrets and advantages, like yesterday.

Pure living water is the physical key combined with sincere repentance and determination to understand God's laws. If you do that God himself will lead you. I've been experiencing that now for decades. Also, back to the eclipse. I think it was fake. I think they know about the real shape of our earth and heaven. If you will remember one of my last stories where I was saying everything God designed is in the form of some aspect of Christ and I described how daily, for decades, I have blended a deep study of God's Holy Bible, combined with nature, and DOING what it was saying, the best that I understood it, daily, which changes (the tent of the tabernacle MOVES through the wilderness and precedes the TEMPLE being created; first the tabernacle is created inside you) I said I was the Black Sun. I think they know about the mirror images of Heaven/Earth and if we have a bright sun, we therefore have a dark sun as well. It is in God's design of his creation. It all shows how Christ works so we can eventually reach the higher frequencies, heaven, the spiritual realm of goodness. I've been the Sun and I've been the Moon. I describe that. Yesterday I was the real Black Sun, to mirror the fake Black Sun. They have fake suns now and I suspect they figured out how to simulate an eclipse with their technology. The clouds and glasses played their part. They poisoned us. I could feel my eyes stinging, even in my room, shortly after the eclipse. Drink pure water. Repent. By watching the eclipse, if you did, you were participating in their satanic ritual against God's Bible and his identical Word in nature and in us, when we follow Christ sincerely for a long time. That's what is going on. So by just the act of reaching for pure water you are likewise participating in a holy ritual of repentance and belief and trust in God. He will guide you from there. xo Angel

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 9, 2024 at 8:41 am

Find a source of pure water to drink. HERE for example

Find a way to SWIRL your pure water, if you possibly can. Swirl it in the glass in your hand and pray gratitude to God for cleansing it at the very least. Rituals matter because they lead to knowledge of the spiritual counterparts to everything. HERE

Start learning about how God designed our water to heal us: Read everything you can get your hands on that Viktor Schauberger wrote himself. Ignore comments in books by anyone except him. He is the water/nature master. I have several short-stories that mention him.

Chris Cornell tried to help us. He was killed.

I haven't found many yet who understand what is happening. I've found some who are close, though. There are 144,000 of us, the Remnant. We each have our own priceless experiences and viewpoints. That is the INDIVIDUAL part of the pattern I talk about I found in the scriptures. There is a CORPORATE part of the pattern as well. So the Individuals of the 144,000 Remnant, stayed pure yesterday. Why? They had built up enough of a long, long, HISTORY (Scroll/Book of Life) that their COMPREHENSION got them through the deep Satanic Deceit. It works like that. If you OBEY God's Word then you build a history, write a scroll, inside yourself. It protects you. It gives you discernment. So we are out there and each of us is helping our brothers. God will use us as his new starting point. We will grow. Join us. Here's one I've found who has a lot of the true perception. There will be others we find. God will lead us.

Here's another:

Here is a patent for a Solar Simulator, from 1966. I'm not saying they used this one. I'm saying they know it is possible. I'm also saying that sun sure looked hexagonal to me. HERE

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 9, 2024 at 8:41 am

April 18, 2024 fyi:


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