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Good or Evil Bigfoot???

I'm in several Bigfoot Facebook groups but haven't been active for months. Yesterday I received a group notice from one of them. When I went to the page it was just a notice they were changing something but they had attached every member's name. A lady had posted on that particular thread (see how God works) that she watched a video about geologists mapping a cave. She said the geologists were shocked because they discovered heaps of clothes and children's clothes, and human bones. The geologists heard a growl and got out of there. She can't find the video but it wasn't a Bigfoot video it was a normal geologist type video. Her comment was that she had never heard any scary bad stories about Bigfoot before, she thought they just growled at you to tell you to get out of their woods. She said she was shocked to hear a story that these creatures could be bad. What was I to do after reading that except tell her about Jerry Williams and Tracker E (she asked me to call her this) so I did. This morning I checked my website and people from all over are reading my stories, in particular, "Why is there a Woman with my Werewolves?!!" because I had mentioned it and put a link.

There is a guy on there who suggested I hire 6 or so brave warrior military guys to go in and see what is on my land for me. I said I already hired a brave warrior and he already did that and told them about Jerry tracking my land with Tracker E. The thing is, this is HOW God does things, which is what I write about. That particular Bigfoot group is one who believe in gifting these creatures to gain their trust. They believe they are People of the Woods. I'm still figuring this stuff out and I use my ancient Hebrew biblical knowledge to do so and it tells me there are mirror images of everything. So if there are bad Bigfoot there are also good Bigfoot (which goes against Jerry's beliefs and I love and trust him, but that's what my Bible describes to me that I am able to read and I know it is true so I go with that. That leaves me still figuring this stuff out. But Jerry deals exclusively with bad ones and his heritage tells him they are all bad.) THESE people in this group have Dr. Matthew Johnson as their guiding star and he believes in good ones. He has two books I've read. He calls them the Xanue, and I've written a short-story about that as well (ending with a horror story about a Bigfoot I had watched to warn people that the good people of the forest Bigfoot isn't the entire story). Like I said, God works in mysterious ways and now the people with one philosophy are discovering an opposing story and that thread is generating a lot of notice. I just answered the kind guy who suggested I hire Military Special Ops warriors to go into my land. I sent him the link to Jerry's interview last night with a Military Special Ops warrior who is telling his story about fighting Bigfoot on a Top Secret military base in Alaska. You need to watch it.

Here is a short Tribute video they also made:

Here is Dr. Matthew Johnson's website (good Bigfoot) HERE

Here is the actual thread from the Bigfoot Facebook group:

Lady Group Member: "Thanks for sorting that out. I'm still in shock. Watched a Utube vid on a group of Geologist mapping out caves & mineshafts in Backcountry USA. Came across torn up clothes backpacks & human bones children clothes too heaps of them. Heard the growls of BF. As it was very dark in tunnels thankfully they never got caught but they were pursued. Horror story. And tragic. They all got out alive but some never worked again."

Group Administrator: "What was this on I’d like to see this."

Lady Group Member: "Trying to look it up now, got it from a fan on here they left the link. So awful, I'll try to check out my web history."

Another Group Member: "Did you find that YouTube link yet? I am very interested to watch it. Thank you."

A third Group Member: "I'd like to watch it as well."

Angel to the Lady who posted: "This particular group goes with the Bigfoot are good, heal people, and are People of the Woods philosophy. There aren't as many vocal groups who believe the opposite like you've expressed. I do. I think both exist. I'm still sorting this out like everyone else but just fyi I joined several different types of groups and yesterday I posted this on one of them: "I'm watching this video now. It is excellent. By the way, that pic of the lady that you posted below is mine from my land (to the group leader). You asked whose it is but turned off comments. I just saw it. I sort of got tired of Bigfoot/Dogmen pages for awhile because I wish they weren't on my land. Anyway it is from my back meadow and I wrote a short story about it on my website. It is called, "Why is there a Woman with my Werewolves?!!" I'll go find it. Jerry believes all Bigfoot/Dogmen are Predators. This video I'm watching and posting is from that point of view. I'm not eager to go to my land until I figure this out but I lean his direction heavily. They say NEVER gift them and talk about what type of gn brings them down and how (between eyes). Anyway, stopped watching to come post the video for this group. xo"

Original Lady Group Member who posted: "Yes up until seeing that video on U tube. I had only read good stories or BF giving warnings to Man to leave. Never anything harmful or violent. However I do think there are different clans. Some good/ an bad."

Angel: "I'd like to watch that video you saw too if you find it. I don't know what to think but I lean towards Predator. I've gone from zero knowledge to knowing just enough to make me search for more info. But on that video I was watching "Lets Chat And Make Friends" when I got the group chat notice and decided to put the link to the video here because of what you said, they just said something about spiders. I'm finishing watching it right now. Jerry says that wherever you find Bigfoot you find spiders. He says the first time he saw a Bigfoot he was going through caves looking for a 5 foot spider. As if Bigfoot wasn't enough for me now I have to figure out spiders, lol. But you said the video you saw was by a geologist whose group found the human clothes etc in a cave. Jerry says the same thing. He just said that Bigfoot has spider dna and that tiny spiders crawl on them. You should go watch it and on the short-story I wrote on my website about Xanue, which are good Bigfoot according to Dr. Matthew Johnson, I say I don't know what to believe yet and I link to a video that is super super scary first hand experience with ones who are not good. Let us know if you find that video, thank you!" (Super super scary video HERE)

Original Lady Group Member who posted: "Hi I just spent the last hour searching for that video. I'm not surprised I couldn't find it in my history on Utube. It was intense on a former Geologist employed by the Govt to map out mineshaft & caves, her & 5 others were sent out to log and gps their co-ordinates on maps. Specifically for USA Govt. Hence why it's probably been removed. Who knows. The woman narrative named each member & said their professions. Very informative & explained everything well. They were not on a BF hunt their job was to just map caves etc. Until their last & final trip into the Cave which went on for at least 10 miles. Where they came across the scene. All 5 members reported back and left the job immediately. None of them wanted to enter the caves again. Unbelievable maybe but for myself I was shocked."

Angel: "Wow! Thank you for looking so hard and thank you for what you remember, that’s very helpful and interesting. Thank you!"

Angel: "Here is my short-story I mentioned. I have written a lot of them now, on my website." HERE

Angel: Fyi Jerry has a tracker who went 150 feet deep into a cave and rescued a woman who had been taken by a Bigfoot. He is a Choctaw Indian Medicine Man tracker who teaches Bigfoot is a Predator. He tracked my Ozarks land for me when I suspected they were there and documented they are. They put pine resin in the people's eyes so they can't see to escape."

Group Administrator to my comment: "Wow."

Angel to Group Administrator, who knows Dr. Matthew Johnson: "By the way, I wrote to Dr. Matthew Johnson a month ago and asked him to go see what is actually happening on my Ozarks off-grid property that I've been writing these stories about. I sent him a link to all my stories. He said he was very busy but would get back to answering me within a week. I waited a week and then several more and he never answered. So our idea that I have friendly Xanue on my land because they built that big X cross next to my cabin is still waiting to be verified by the expert. Meanwhile Jerry Williams The Bigfoot Expert who DID drive 350 miles from Oklahoma to my land confirms that I have hybrids there. Just fyi. I'm trying to understand both perspectives but it is dangerous to blindly think these things are good woods people."

Male Group Member: "just curious as to weather a SF Team, sayyy 6-8, Very Highly Dangerous Warriors, If properly paid, would go on a mission, to Collect a sample? Maybe."

Group Administrator: "Well I am not one to think Matthew Johnson knows everything? No one does, there are no Experts! I would believe you have hybrids? What is a hybrid it’s a cross between two and they're all hybrids! I’d love to come and camp there and help! I am not sure what you want done??? I don’t think they are going to leave? I think they are like people, some not good and some aren’t anything but curious."

Angel to Male Group Member and then to Group Administrator: "I don't know what a SF Team is. But I already did that. Jerry is a very highly dangerous Choctaw Indian warrior himself, well known for those traits. He made a 2 hour video of his tracking my land and took 230 photos. I have the structures and a footprint documented. He and his lead tracker documented two blinds they had built to observe my new small shed/cabin door. I have before and after photos of everything. These creatures are not just flesh and blood. They can become translucent in camouflage and use portals. Read Dr. Matthew Johnson's books, he has camps on his property people can be invited to attend to witness these people/creatures - the Xanue - as he calls them. (Angel to Group Administrator) I invited you when I first joined the group and you said you have plenty of places of your own to study them, which I know is true. What I want is to use my own land without fear for my own safety and be able to take my loved ones there without fear. If not then I have no intention of putting myself in danger. I wanted Dr. Johnson to go see if mine are indeed Xanue, as indicated by the X cross. Jerry has a different philosophy about the hybrids. I even have a photo of a mother with a Bigfoot toddler on one hand and a Dogman toddler on the other. All this is in my stories. And yes that would be an honor."

Group Administrator: "Thank you! I don’t think they will harm you if they built blinds to watch your shed Door they are just curious like most are!"

Angel: "My stories are here: under the Short-Stories tab and Angel Creek category."

Male Group Member: "Yes, for sure, SF are usually Special Forces or SOF’s Special OpsForces. Many are highly skilled trackers & shots."

Angel to Male Group Member: "Well, that would work if they were actually on our side. The military has known about these creatures and hidden them from us for decades. I just read an article from the Smithsonian stating how silly all this nonsense is. The Smithsonian is one of their tools they use to cover up what we aren't supposed to know about. HERE That was from 2017. Here's a video created BY a Special Forces Top Secret Special Ops Forces military warrior FOR us. I'm a regular person who bought off-grid land in the Ozarks to put up a little Beverly Hillbillies style cabin (in my mind, I loved that show), write my stories about my walk with God, which I've been doing since 1985, and noticed I had a couple of bent trees. I googled it and found out about Indian Marker trees and Bigfoot. I knew zero 4 years ago. Step by step I searched until I suspected I had Bigfoot on my land and that scared me because I wanted to go there alone to write and because I had given it to my baby granddaughter to have when she grows up. I couldn't do that if monsters were real and if monsters were in my Walden. They were. I just watched everything I could and read everything I could for 3 years until I stumbled upon a lady who goes by Tracker E making intelligent comments in Bigfoot groups that included God and spiritual insights. I followed her to her mentor Jerry Williams, The Bigfoot Expert (she is one of his trackers). I bought Jerry Williams homemade cd that he and she had made themselves about Bigfoot. I all of a sudden entered a new level of knowledge. I sent Jerry a picture of my land I had and he confirmed I had multiple Bigfoot and Dogmen in that picture and showed them to me. I asked him to track my land (Tracker E tracked with him) because I was scared to even walk on my own land I had bought at this point (I don't live there; I bought it online from another state). They drove 350 miles to my land and filmed the entire trip and then documented from stepping out of their car in front of my little blue cabin I had bought, putting up a game camera to watch the front while they slowly advanced two football fields into territory no one had stepped into for fifty years, basically, including me. They took 230 photos and found all the Bigfoot structures, footprints, and I have sounds and their story on video. THEY had a show on their You Tube channel last night that tells just exactly WHAT the Military has known for decades by one of the guys you said should explore my land. The military already knows. I'm a civilian who wasn't supposed to know but figured it out. Jerry is an Indian tracker who was kind enough and brave enough to go look for me and know what he was looking for. So watch this video with Jerry and Tracker E and the Special Ops guy filmed last night and THANK YOU for your perfectly good suggestion that should be the perfectly good solution. I send him the first video in my short-story (scroll to the top).

2nd Male Group Member to the Original Lady who posted: "That was so-and-so narrating. It was a very scary encounter. Loved it."

Original Lady: "So pleased someone else has viewed it. You have the link. A few people in here are keen to watch it. So thankful you responded. Awesome!" ...then... "I checked out this dude it wasn't the person. Sorry not was a Woman who was the narrator."

New Male Group Member: "forest people getting blamed, reptilians are responsible for this kind of behavior, final and last kind of way to divide humanity."

Original Lady: "I hope so, up until then I did not consider them dangerous other than Territorial. One of the comments she made was the creatures did not like Light. When they shone torches onto the creatures they backed away."

Same new Male Group Member: "reptilian cloaking as forest people (bigfoot)"

Different Male Group Member: "Thanks for the heads up."

Another different Male Group Member: "I had a very close Encounter with Bigfoot in 1993 in North Fork California. Several..."

Different Group Member: "I am determined to see one of these big guys for myself. But in the meantime I appreciate all the insight I can get. Thanks for accepting me."

Different Group lady Member: "Ok that’s definitely a tragedy. However to blame random growling on Bigfoot is beyond ridiculous. It could be ANYTHING. Most stories involving BF and children are very positive. The child ends up 20 miles away having been delivered by BF safe and sound. BF is not an ape. He's is not an impulsive Neanderthal."

Group Member: "I have no clue what you all are talking about but some how my name came up in Facebook messages." (This was sent to over 700 group members as a normal notice about their chat room. During the normal notice this conversation I'm typing here occurred in the thread.)

Group Member: "What's a chat room?"

Another Group Member: "Can't do chat, don't know how."

Another Group Member: (some people are confused about why they received the notice in the first place that was sent to 700 members to tell them something about the chat room) "Guess I will have to leave ...but I could of told ya how those things used to come to our can smell them...those were the boogeyman men we were warned about...not Ghost...boogeyman.. but we really were warned as children to not go close to forest."

Group Member: "Hey, why am I in this group, I never asked to join!"

Group Member: "I believe the administrator of this group sent a group message."

Group Member: "I hated my phone going off every few minutes."

Group Member: "What would you do if you were camping at a campfire in the woods and heard long unusual sounds? How do you know the difference between friendly, not friendly or just get the heck out of there anyway? One would be thinking he would warn you before you set up unless he wants you for dinner."

Group Member: "I've seen Bigfoot twice in my life. I just don't tell people because people look at me like I'm crazy or just a fool."

Group Member: "After watching the P/G film as a 5th grader I became hooked. Then, about 4 or 5 years ago I saw the Freeman video. Without a doubt God made Bigfoot."


Ahhhh...I finally read the original notice that was sent out to 700 members:

"This group does NOT allow chats to be created. Anyone and everyone can access these, and we had trouble with porn being distributed in one. I repeat, DO NOT create a chat room from this group!! Thank you!!"

As I said, God works in mysterious ways.

A bit later in a private message to Jerry: "I’d love to hear your story about searching for the 5 foot spider and finding Bigfoot! The biggest spider they will acknowledge is 11 inches and the myths and stories go up to 3 feet. I did find one about a human size spider. I found wartime stories and cave stories but only to 3 feet. So I’d love to hear what even made you think to search for a 5 foot spider. Very interesting and I don’t doubt it a bit!"

Quote from Google Search: "How big is the biggest spider in the world?"

11 inches

The largest spider in the world is Theraphosa blondi, commonly known as the Goliath birdeater, according to National Geographic. This tarantula can reach up to 11 inches in length and weigh 6 ounces; this size is big enough to cover a dinner plate, says Guinness World Records. Oct 20, 2022

And the quest for the truth continues...

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 5, 2023 at 12:15


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