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Is Bigfoot Esau in Genesis 25?

Today’s interest… One of my friends posted, basically, “Is Bigfoot Esau in Genesis 25?” He tagged me and asked for my opinion. Here is my comment:

Angel: ”My guess, before retranslating Genesis 25, which I’m about to do, for the record and as my opinion to your question “Did I find Bigfoot Genesis 25?” is… Yes. The reason why I think so is Bigfoot, for a century in the US, before the name was coined I think around the 1960’s, was called Wildman and Wildwoman. There are dozens of old newspaper articles like this. Our concept of Bigfoot is different from those articles which knew they were dealing with people who scorned society and had sought out the wilderness to escape it, not unlike you, me, and others here. They took it all the way though and generations were born in the woods, naturally without shoes or clothes, learning straight from God and nature. That’s why they grew so strong, big, and have abilities alien to us. They learned by “hunting” the knowledge God placed in nature. They used tools, alien to us, God gave them in themselves such as the pine nut debris you found on your farm. Their pineal glands actually work, unlike most of ours. Their bodies were pure, uncontaminated by vaccines, like most of ours who were forced from birth to be contaminated and through childhood. They are/were un-indoctrinated like we have been through our schools. So I think Bigfoot is Natural Man, the way God intended and designed. I suspect because the Genesis 25 story is describing “twins” that yes Esau/Bigfoot are the same. The twin concept describes how God created 2 paths for us to choose from, called “Earth” and “Heaven.” Esau would be on the Earth (physical nature/Creation) path. Jacob would be representing the Heaven (spiritual nature/Creation) path. Jesus instructed us to “Seek the Kingdom of Heaven & Righteousness FIRST… (Heaven path/Inner/spiritual/focus on loving others) …and all THESE things would be ADDED unto us“… (Earth path/Outer/physical/focus on loving self). Without translating it this would be my guess. So God’s DESIGN of Heaven (Spiritual realm) and Earth Mirror image - twin - (Physical realm) is being described more deeply in Genesis 25.”

About to retranslate & turn this into a story.

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Written April 19, 2024 at 1:30 pm


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