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James Bond, Anti-Gravity, Bigfoot, & God

Mark: “I’m on my way to Houston (he sends me a video of a really fancy house). You doing ok?”

Angel: “I’m fine. Just started reading a new book.” (I send him a photo of the book. "Wrote a new story yesterday." (I send him a link to the story.) "Cool house." (I watch the video; oh, he’s in it; reminds me of a James Bond movie) “What’s the new movie?" (I noticed it’s a trailer)

Mark: “It’s a surprise.” Then he adds, “You’re blessed & highly favored.” (God)

Angel: “Drive Safely!”

For more of my stories about Mark, God, Bigfoot, and James Bond type happenings just look on my website. xo

Angel to Mark: “PS I figured out astral projection is just exploring low to medium levels of hell. They see heaven levels as too far away. I wanted to use it to explore Bora Bora. lol”

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 27, 2023 @ 12:56 pm


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