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Jerry Williams' Warriors

I was honored this morning to see that my friend, Jerry Williams, had posted a comment on my new Facebook group page. It is called, "Bigfoot & Dogman Spiritworld." He kindly had posted a video he and his partner Lead Tracker E created a few weeks ago. It honors their warriors, those who are bravely standing for telling the truth about Bigfoot, Dogman, and Cryptids. Thank you for including me, Jerry. Thank you and Lead Tracker E for EVERYTHING you so bravely do to help us all. YOU are the Warriors. We are just your children. Thank you!


Here's what I said:

"Thank you Jerry Williams! Friends, I'm the lady on the motorcycle. You MUST check out Jerry's You Tube videos and Patreon. He also sells a wonderful cd he and his Lead Tracker E created themselves. In my personal opinion Jerry has information that NOBODY else has and therefore that makes him the true Bigfoot Expert. I tried my best to mark him as our group expert but the controls refused to give me that option. I had already made his Lead Tracker E and Theresa Durkalec-Koch our experts before he joined us, well deserved by both. But believe me, Jerry is the King. Here's his channel. Look hard enough and you'll find out info you had no idea existed, including ancient origin Creation stories, the link to spiders, the sharing of dna, why different Cryptids look different (based on what they consume the most), and even recently a story about one of his Trackers (and who knows who reads this I have to be careful) but go see what Tracker A did. Jerry and Lead Tracker E are the ones who first tracked Bigfoot and Dogman hybrids on my Ozarks land, "Angel Creek," and we've documented it."

Here's the video:

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved (my story, not the videos)

Written March 23, 2023 at 12:08 pm

PS Here's what Jerry Williams' Tracker A did: (She starts at 1:09)

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