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Love: Devoted to Destruction, Jericho

Joshua and the Wall of Jericho: Circumcision

Oh wow. Circumcision. The walls of Jericho. My last couple of short-stories that I wrote this morning said that in my current book I am reading about Tesla, the Bible story of Jericho is mentioned. It then goes on to apply some scientific discoveries to the story. I do believe that electricity and magnetism are critical to understanding God's Word. I just wrote, "Moses Is the Burning Bush, yes you read that right." I explain that the GOAL that I believe God had all along with leading me through my life adventure, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," was the restoration of his Holy Bible. That is what had resulted by 2023 from the prayer I prayed in 1985, "Dear God, if there is more to Christianity than I understand would you please show me what it is?" There was and God did. How many years is that? 38 years. That is such a long time in my eyes. That is the blink of an eye in God's eyes. So here we are. Today, I am re-translating the Bible story of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho.

I always back up a bit before I re-translate. First, I went to see where the story is. It is in Joshua 6. So I naturally went back a bit and scanned Joshua 5. A title jumped out at me: Circumcision. Wait a minute. God told Joshua to march AROUND the walls of Jericho. Around. Like in Circumcision. I just finished writing in my story about Moses and the burning bush that I feel like God used me to lead the way for us all, for Christians, for the world, to understand that the Grand Unification Theory is God's Word. I explained how that works. It separates Heaven from Earth. It makes the Spiritual realm OVER the Physical realm. It circumcises Earth. It sets righteousness back into the proper head place of the design. Heaven is over Earth. They work together, I said, like a combined force, like the proper design of a husband and wife. But the HEAD is the male. Heaven. Heaven is the controlling force. The spiritual realm is in charge. I said, "And THAT changes everything." It does.

So the minute I finish writing my story explaining Moses and the burning bush I turn to Joshua and the Wall of Jericho. I find "Circumcision." I bet.... let me go see...

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Written July 18, 2023 at 5:08 pm


Love: Devoted to Destruction, Jericho

Well, I figured out what the Bible story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho is talking about. It cost me a couple of friends to do so, but that's how it works. We have to obey God, period. The story of Jericho is about the battle we all face in following God and choosing who to associate with. Love is not the first commandment. The first commandment is to put God first, as the heart, center, and foundation of every single thing we think and do. My discoveries of the past week, retranslating the story of Moses and the burning bush and Joshua and the wall of Jericho were quite startling, even to me. In the end what I just translated talks about how the Israelites were circumcised just before the battle of Jericho. It is telling me clearly that that means we are to "devote to destruction" someone we have tried to help find God who simply refuses. They are to be "devoted to destruction."


Because if you won't listen to the truth then the truth is to be removed from being available to you. Your false ideas will be destroyed instead. After destruction new life can start to grow, like blades of tender grass after a fire.

God has the forces of nature and natural law set up in such a way as to teach every single person in the world. You are not abandoning them, you are loving them. Devoted to destruction means that they are now to walk through their life under God's supervision himself. He will teach them. He will remove their false ideas. You are to separate yourself so that YOU don't fall away from him. So even in the midst of the deepest rebellion both God and we, as his children, love. Love is second. Love arises naturally through the way God's Word, his laws, is/are designed. xo

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written July 20, 2023 at 8:01 am

This quote was brought to my attention at the same time I was writing this article:

Tesla Speaks Out Against Thomas Edison

"Edison and his associates bitterly opposed the introduction of my system, raising a clamor against the “deadliness” of the alternating current, which proved very effective and led to the adoption of a commercial type of machine in electrocution of criminals, an apparatus monstrously unsuitable, for the poor wretches are not despatched in a merciful manner but literally roasted alive. To the observer their sufferings seem to be of short duration; it must be borne in mind, though, that an individual under such conditions, while wholly bereft of the consciousness of the lapse of time, retains a keen sense of pain, and a minute of agony is equivalent to that through all eternity.

"Had the Edison companies not finally adopted my invention they would have been wiped out of existence, and yet not the slightest acknowledgment of my labors has ever been made by any of them, a most remarkable instance of the proverbial unfairness and ingratitude of corporations. But the reason is not far to see. One of their prominent men told me that they are spending $10,000,000 every year to keep Edison’s name before the public, and he added that it is worth more to them. Of course, in all that unceasing and deafening shouting from the housetops any voice raised to apprise people of the real state of things is like the chirp of a little sparrow in the roar of Niagara. So it comes that very few have a clear idea of the situation.

"In truth, my system has not only provided energy for all purposes throughout the world but also revolutionized electric lighting and made it a great commercial success by reducing the cost of power and increasing enormously the distance of transmission. The greater part of the $60,000,000,000 which, according to President Hewer’s statement, represented the value of electric business, can be traced to my system and its effect on the lighting and other industries. In view of this I feel that I also have done much to dispel darkness. Surely, my system is more important than the incandescent lamp, which is but one of the known electric illuminating devices and admittedly not the best. Although greatly improved through chemical and metallurgical advances and skill of artisans it is still inefficient, and the glaring filament emits hurtful rays responsible for millions of bald heads and spoiled eyes. In my opinion, it will soon be superseded by the electrodeless vacuum tube which I brought out thirty-eight years ago, a lamp much more economical and yielding a light of indescribable beauty and softness. The technical resources of that time were inadequate to make it a practical success, but most of the difficulties will be overcome when cheap quartz glass becomes available.

"No amount of praise is too much to bestow upon Edison for his vigorous pioneer work, but all he did was wrought in known and passing forms. What I contributed constitutes a new and lasting addition to human knowledge. Like his lamp, my induction motor may be discarded and forgotten in the continuous evolution of the arts, but my rotating field with its marvelous phenomena and manifestations of force will live as long as science itself."


New York, Nov. 5

(NEW YORK WORLD. Nov. 29, 1929, p. 10, cols. 4,5.)


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