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Mark DeAlessandro, How Our Friendship Started

One of my best friends, Mark DeAlessandro, encouraged Sylvester Stallone to include scenes of Rocky praying in his movie series. Mark was Stallone's body double/stunt double throughout the Rambo and Rocky movies, and for 23 years, in 30 feature films. His career includes over 170 major feature films and he's still going strong. Titanic, Batman, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stallone, Brad Pitt, Dolph Lundgren, John Travolta, Kurt Russell, Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp, Kevin Sorbo, Will Smith, Steven Seagall, Harrison Ford, The Matrix, Terminator, Nicolas Cage, Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone, The Specialist, Cliffhanger etc. etc. I get tired writing them all, think cream of the crop, best of the best. I feel like God, through my girlfriend actress Gigi Erneta, introduced Mark and me. Gigi took me to Kyle Saylors' (of Saylor Brothers Entertainment), "Dinner with Dreamers" in Austin, in 2017. It was the month before Laileigh was born. I became a part of Kyle's group, along with Mark and Gigi. Mark wore his "I love Jesus" t-shirt under his suit coat that night. Mark loved me because he heard me tell my "Chapelgate" story about my journey with God at the dinner. He knew I could write his story and that's how we bonded. Mark also met my granddaughter, Laileigh, right after she was born, taught her her first stunt (leaning out over the waterfalls at "The Island on Lake Travis" where Skye, Laileigh and I lived) and one of her first words, "Hallelujah!" Lai was 4 months old. He talked to Lai about God as she sat on my lap as I interviewed him for my television series, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." We were discussing his work with the late David Wilkerson's legacy, Teen Challenge/Adult Challenge ("The Cross & the Switchblade" Pat Boone) Mark asked to be Lai's Godfather and I consider him to be so even though that was never my decision to make, it is her mom's and dad's. But to me and Mark, he is. He took Lai under his special favor guardianship and invited me to start bringing her to his stunt workshops, which I have done. We've gone to study under Mark's training in Oklahoma, Austin, Dallas, and Albuquerque so far. I write about our stories (I consider it to be a part of what Mark asked me to do, to write his life story) in my next book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." Thank you, YHWH, for this special favor and blessing, Mark in our lives. xo Angel

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