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Metal in a Pittsburgh Old Church Castle

Last night my "Texas Tales from a Lonestar" co-Producer and partner, Gabriel Lewandowski, international touring drummer, asked me to come to his new band's gig in Pittsburgh on May 20th and film his band for our show. They are performing with major European bands (Death Metal genre). It is in an old church, which looks a bit like a castle. I told him I had already booked my tickets to go to visit my Ozarks property, "Angel Creek" on May 17th to May 23 and was flying into Memphis, which is an hour or so from my property. I'd have to change my plans but I thanked him and promised to think about it. He has a Documentary style video in mind. I asked him if they were going to South America to perform because his band is named after an ancient culture there. I'd really like to go there, if possible. However, the Pittsburgh gig is super cool in the Death Metal world. When he joined the band a couple of months ago and they announced he was their drummer their post had 5,000 "likes" that same 24 hours, they are legendary. So, I'm thinking this over and appreciate his idea. Here's his band:

PS I've started researching all this now. I messaged it all to Gabe then said this"

Angel: Interesting, "Morbid Angel is performing in Pittsburg this week."

followed by

Angel: "They rent that church out that you are performing at, for concerts, filming, etc. I should rent it and film myself performing my own songs just cause it is a cool place. Just thinking. xoxo"

Quote: Fully Renovated 125 Year Old Church & Event Center in Heart of Downtown, New Kensington. PA

This is a 125 year former Presbyterian Church which was purchased, rehabbed and modernized during the COVID pandemic. This space has already been utilized as a location shoot for several music videos, live stream performances (Pittsburgh's own and Grammy-nominated Code Orange, most notably), photo shoots, vendor events and everything in between. ... This is a 19,000 sq ft property and there are plenty of nooks and crannies available for unique photo and video ops. There is powerful WiFi, brand new heating and central air and PA systems available throughout the building. The chapel boasts all original stained glass, chandeleirs and exposed wooden beams in the massive, vaulted ceiling. All of the features of a church without any of the religious ties or constraints. HERE

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Written April 3, 2023 at 10:47 am

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