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My Doctrine 2 Cents and Emanuel Swedenborg

Cool, and here we go.... I just threw my 2 cents into a discussion of Galatians 3:28 "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Note: Galatians 3:28 KJV "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."


I said:

"Just off the cuff here but in a quick retranslation I think it is saying we are "not like" instead of the translated "neither." That's the problem. the translators seem to be basing their translations into English on their own doctrine instead of trying to grasp what the doctrine being expressed actually is. I think it is saying that once someone has followed Jesus' instructions to the point of perfection then they are one in Christ Consciousness, with him. That's off the cuff and if you want to go deeper it will take time to study everything around it. But I've learned that the "C" sounds mean "like" and the word being translated "neither" has ou which I translate "not" and a c which I translate "like." NOT LIKE. Not "neither." Just saying. Nice to be here with you guys."


A bit later...

I'm reading your Amazon book page now (fellow student) and just went to find Emanuel Swedenborg (he recommended). YAY. And here I thought that I WAS THE ONLY ONE who thought what the description of his book says, "He posits that the love of self or of the world drives one towards hell, and love of God and fellow men towards heaven." This is EXACTLY the PATTERN I've discovered in my retranslation of the Bible. EXACTLY. I figured out there are TWO PATHS humans can choose from. One is SELF focused and the other is OTHERS focused. One leads to Hell and one leads to Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven and Earth. YAY!!! Thank you!


A couple of hours later...on my Facebook page...

"Now I have to go revise my latest short-story. There's no sense taking the time to write such a long explanation without turning it into a story. After all, that's what I do, I document my life and God's leading me. And that's what I just wrote about. I wrote it on a thread we have going on the private group page on Facebook for my new PhD studies. I found someone who is very similar to me in his Christian thinking expanding into the metaphysical realm. He has written 4 books and just introduced me to Emanuel Swedenborg who wrote extensively on these subjects in the 1700's. I'd never heard of him until now. I just bought my new fellow student's book on Amazon and two of Swedenborg's. Well, updated story coming next..."


"I just now finished reading the back covers of your books you posted the combined photo of. Wow. Well, first of all my late husband is the one who wanted to figure out the Grand Unification Theory "Theory of Everything." I've been working now for decades to finish that for him. I wrote a children's book thirty years ago that I sell. It is based on just that. I am attempting to first understand God's Word in his holy Bible by delving deep into the translations for the past twenty years. I'm just now entering the application of what I discovered to the the physical world. To do that over the past 2 years I've bought books I've never read before. I kept my mind pure and holy in order to hear what God the Father had to say to me before letting other voices in, as much as I possibly could. (Fyi, except for what they MADE me read in my two Master's classes and I rejected most of that based on my walk with God experiences). So wow. Now the second book... We have the same overall grasp of the same concept except I call it "parallelism." Everything physical has a matching spiritual concept. I wrote a short-story on my website about this idea recently but it is something I've been figuring out for years now. So wow. Now the third book... Swedenborg: "Universal Genius, rated as having the highest I.Q. of anyone who ever lived." Ummmm... I hate to say this out loud due to exposure to ridicule but my late husband, Robin, and I believed that he, Robin, held that honor. That was our personal belief. Some of my recent short-stories on my website talk about his genius and how he/we had our children tested, how he was tested from the age of 3 ongoing, and his accomplishments. My children's book also talks about this. I began writing it in 1978 but then began revising it when I met Robin in 1981 so that the main character is an eccentric genius, based on my late husband. And finally 4th...this is the book of yours that I just bought and can't wait to read. If you look on my public posts you will find Dr. Mercola. Wow. SO COOL to meet you and isn't God amazing and personal in his signs. God Bless you and your work!"


My short-story, that I wrote this past week, about Robin's genius:

I talk about my late husband, Robin's, life accomplishments here:

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Written at 12:27 pm December 21, 2022 on Hanukkah


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