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Rainbow Consciousness

(I just posted this in my Cryptid group)

I noticed a small and large (young/old) bent/twisted tree in the 10 minute video my real estate man took of the property in the Ozarks I bought from him. This was 3-4 years ago. I began googling Ozarks bent trees. I learned of Indian Marker trees. At the same time I read Bigfoot bend trees. That began my 3-4 year research on Bigfoot. I finally suspected they were real AND suspected they were on my property. I found 3 eyewitness reports of Bigfoot sightings walking distance from my remote off-grid land. I don’t live there, it is 600 miles from me. I bought it online. I’ve visited 4 times for less than 2 hrs. actually on the front 100’ of my land. However I love it and named it “Angel Creek.” I told my grandbaby (now age 4) it was hers. SO I NEEDED to figure out if Bigfoot are real AND if they are on my land. So I asked Jerry Williams to track my land. He and his Lead Tracker E drove from Oklahoma to the Arkansas Ozarks 3 weeks ago and tracked the entire property. It is a rectangle 800’ deep (2 football fields) into an area I doubted anyone had gone for decades. I asked them to take photos and videos for me so at least I could SEE my own land. They did. I am just now getting to see 240 photos and hours of video including a 2 hour video of their entire experience. It can be seen on my website (go to my Facebook profile, it is listed.) Yes I have not just Bigfoot but ancient HUGE Bigfoot. Many bends are 18’ off the ground. They stand next to the tree and use 2 hands to bend the tree. That means the 18’ bend is shorter than they are. I have DOZENS of bends, breaks, twists, blinds, skirting, weaving, corrals, etc., etc., etc. Dogmen too. Other Cryptids too. My next thought is to turn Angel Creek into a Cryptid Research Camp for further study by interested people who know what they are doing or are learning, like everyone here in Roy’s group. The MOST wonderful photo of ALL is this one. Empaths, Cryptid crowd, WHAT in the WORLD is THIS? As a Theologian I think I know. Comments and thoughts needed. Thanks! Angel

Angel: as a Theologian I think I know: Bigfoot is a symbol of Christ Consciousness on the Earth side, parallel to Heaven (mirror image).


I added this the next day on my Facebook page and on the Cryptid group page, with two fellow members highlighted:

As both an Empath and a Cryptid researcher/believer, can you figure out any clues about what this rainbow beam could be. It is a photo taken in the far backwoods of my off-grid land, previously unexplored till now. I think I have figured it out, myself. But I would like to hear your thoughts in case you have an idea on your own that hasn't occurred to me. I'm thinking bridge between Earth consciousness and Heaven consciousness. I've been digging around in myths and found a god who could turn into a rainbow beam. I think this probably IS one of our Bigfoot guys. I actually think it is what perfected consciousness can do. Christ Consciousness. All the chakras activated. I also think it might link into one of my 100 Science and interesting subjects books I bought and haven't read yet.

Lastly, I also think it ties in to "Spiritual House Cleansing." The Heaven and the Earth dimensions are mirror images, parallel, as above so below, with our goal of the original design being Heaven above (more powerful than, superior to) Earth. So far we haven't been doing it the way Jesus taught us. He said to seek the Kingdom of Heaven FIRST. We have been living in a system where Earth is superior to Heaven. It's not designed to stay that way. We need to flip it. By studying the Earth from the activated rainbow spirit all the clues we need are inside us. FIRST step is to clean your Earthly house, your physical house. Then start cleaning your Heavenly house, your spiritual house. An already clean Spiritual House has all the wisdom needed to know how to clean your Earthly house, physical and vice-versa. They work together. Start HERE.

By the way, we are going through a Pole Flip right now: Here

The guy at Diehold Foundation, Doug, is mentioned in one of my short-stories as well as an email I sent him in response to an email I received from him. Look for my short-story, "The Grand Unification Theory." It's at the end of the story.

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Written September 10, 2022


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