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Really, Really

Mark: (5 minutes ago) “Angel tell Kyle Saylors that the "God is Not Dead" Producers - Konzelman, Cary Soloman, and Sheila Hart - just wrapped up producing the new Christian supernatural thriller, “Nefarious” and they are going through Nashville soon.”

Angel: “Maaaaarrrkkkkk, ahhhh, I Don’t Want To!!!”

Mark: “Just do it.”

Angel: “You better stop putting me in contact with all your friends or you’re not going to have any friends left. I don’t care about going to Chuck‘s event anymore.”

Mark: “Why what happened?”

Angel: “Chuck said Laileigh couldn’t go. So very nicely I said I’d tell Mark to just stay home then. I mean, I was nice, REALLY nice…”

Mark: “You TOLD him that?!!! You told him you’d tell me to stay home?!!!”

Angel: “Yeah. I mean I said it really nice. I said Laileigh would never forgive me if Mark and I went and didn’t take her. I said so, I’d just go, and tell you you didn’t have to go. He did a 180 and told me Laileigh could go. He’s not mad at you or anything. We were both really nice. But that’s what happened.”

Mark: “Well, Angel, I need to teach you HOW you do these things. You have to not care. You have to just shrug it off and say “whatever” and then just DO whatever it is you want to do. We’ll just SHOW UP with Laileigh and shrug and say we didn’t know. That’s how you do it.”

Angel: “Well, I was SO nice to him. I gave him ALL my very best contacts and everything and he was just COLD. It made me mad. BUT I was REALLY NICE.”

Mark: “My agent’s calling, I HAVE to take this… TELL Kyle.”

Angel: “OhhhhhKayyyyyyy……”

Angel: (Text) Ok, I told Kyle.

Mark: We'll rent a car and drive to Nashville

Angel: Well, then, I can show you my old home, "Chapelgate," You'll love it...


Angel to Kyle Saylors: Mark asked me to tell you that the God is Not Dead guys, have just finished the movie Nefarious, with Sean Patrick Flanery, and are going through Nashville soon if you want them for a Dinner with Dreamers. Mark worked on Nefarious with them. xo Angel


Photo: Lady in red owns an airplane factory; Mark DeAlessandro, Gigi Erneta, Fabian Muzik, Kyle Saylors, Angel Isaacs, Brenda Golden (former wife of William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys) 2017 "Dinner with Dreamers" Austin dinner hosted by Kyle Saylors of Saylor Brothers Entertainment, and Brenda Golden; This is the night we all met.


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