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Step One "Angel Creek: Bigfoot Research Center"

Last night I hired my first guy to begin shaping the idea I have for my Ozarks property, "Angel Creek." Step one is to carve out a place for me to park my van, "Swan," next to my new blue cabin. He agreed to begin as soon as he gets his chainsaw back from the shop. He will be my 2nd person I've hired. The first person took my $50. for 3 hours of weedeating and never showed. I know, I know, don't pay first. Ok got it. (I just had compassion on the first guy because he said he needed to work desperately.) This second guy was my first choice anyway. I put an ad in a local Facebook group and had a dozen responses. I chose the guy I'm working with now because he 1. Owns a jeep 2. Has fun with other jeep owners exploring off-grid hard to reach locations where they compete with each other on how difficult the terrain where they get stuck and unstuck or not stuck at all is. 3. He's a newly trained "Search & Rescue" guy and relocates predators for fun. 4. He practically lives 15 minutes from "Angel Creek." 5. He watched the 2 hour video of Jerry and Ella tracking my land 3 weeks ago and didn't flinch. So he's aware of what is there. His first job is to simply clear out the land from the right of the blue cabin to my property marker, easy to find, to the road frontage. It's not a road, it's a trail, lol. I'm standing on the road, taking the photo the day my cabin was delivered. You are looking at "Angel Creek: Bigfoot Research Camp." Cool! xo Angel Ps Notice the rainbow beam of light that highlighted my cabin, unknown to me, when I took this photo last May.

I posted this on my Facebook page September 11, 2022. Both Jerry Williams "The Bigfoot Expert" and Lead Tracker E (who both tracked my land) responded.

Ella (Elizabeth Ann; Lead Tracker E): "Too cool. Sounds like the perfect man for the job! Notice in this picture that the pulldowns are not there like they were when we tracked it outside your door. They created those blinds after you put the cabin there. Tell him not to cut down the blinds or structures. Just expose them by removing the small branches and foliage but leave the framework. It exposes the predators and becomes useless to them. But they know YOU know what’s up and it’s not a routine brush clearing, Tracker E & The Bigfoot Expert Jerry Williams"

Angel: "Ok got it! Thank you! I haven't figured out exactly where the two pulldowns are yet. I want to keep every structure I can to train others in what to look for. I may even put small fences around each and label it. Like, "This is a pulldown, this is a blind, this is a bend, etc. etc." Then I'll turn your photos of each into pages in a book and also print them and frame them for the cabin. My idea for the very front, is just to remove EVERYTHING so they can't get as close to my cabin and Skye & Laileigh without me knowing it."


Jerry (sent me one of the Bigfoot photos he and Ella took on my land 3 weeks ago):

Angel: "Wow, Jerry, that is amazing. I can't thank you and Ella enough. I spoke to my neighbor, Ed, last night on the phone. I told him everything he needs to know about Bigfoot and I will make sure he has the means to watch your dvd I bought. Thank you for making the dvd. There is no electricity out there but I have a battery operated dvd player I'll take next time. The interesting thing is Ed is a super strong Christian man, practically ostracized from society because he is so bold. He named HIS property, "Genesis." He immediately confirmed many, many things I was telling him. He has been sitting alone on his porch at night seeing them but didn't know what he was seeing. He had been praying to God, "Am I going crazy, God? WHAT am I seeing?" They were translucent and like the heat waves off a hot asphalt road like you teach. He said God sent me to tell him. He also said trees have been being pushed down over an even smaller road out there that has been being used by atvs. I told him why."

Jerry Williams: "Share the YouTube link with him as well. He needs to cleanse his home."

Angel: "Ok I will. He's a Spiritual Warrior for sure. Thank you!"

Jerry (posted a photo of Ella's foot next to a juvenile Bigfoot's footprint; taken 3 weeks ago on my land):

Angel (meanwhile I was posting a link to "Bigfoot is Destroying Our Trails" on You Tube by Ten I See Living 1984) Here

AND to

"Spiritual House Cleansing" You Tube video by Lead Tracker E: Here

Angel (to Jerry Williams The Bigfoot Expert): "Ok, I sent Ed your video, and the two Bigfoot tracks you and Ella found. Thank you!"

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 11, 2022 finished at 1:34 pm

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