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Support & Research Grants

Support: Chapelgate Publishing Inc. is an Isaacs Family privately funded foundation. It is not tax-deductible. However, if you would like to become a Sponsor then your gift to Angel Isaacs is appreciated (to help her continue her research/writing). Send to: $ChapelgateAngel HERE Note: I also have a brand new $6,000. empty blue shed/cabin located at Angel Creek. If you want to use my research cabin for convenience to store your gear, write, rest, etc. then a $100. minimum gift/donation, per day, would be appreciated. Motels are available within 20 miles. Thanks! Angel Send to: $ChapelgateAngel HERE

Angel Creek Property Research Grants (pre-approved): The "Angel Creek" off-grid property in the Arkansas Ozarks is available (free as a grant by Reservation) for physical/non-physical (metaphysical) research. The cost is free to you in exchange for publishing co-rights. You assume all risk. You can tent camp overnight (restroom facilities are in towns nearby or bring a port-a-potty & carry your trash & waste out). Our property location/names are protected information. No hunting. It is very possible you will observe or photograph whatever physical/metaphysical entities/structures are in that area. (See my "Angel Creek" short-stories). Many structures/property features associated with Cryptids are there and are documented. All photos and the story of your experience there becomes the co-property of Angel Isaacs/CPI. It is understood you will need to research both day/night as these are primarily nocturnal entities. If you would like to research at Angel Creek and have not yet been pre-approved by Angel then submit the form on the Supports/Grants page and include a message.

It is believed there are both physical/metaphysical entities in this photo taken at Angel Creek. I joined several Cryptid groups and started showing them my photos. Various group founders & members began pointing them out to me. See what you find.

My new blue cabin at Angel Creek Cryptid Research area.

A road driving in to my property.

Angel Creek interior photo.

This is believed to be a Bigfoot juvenile footprint in front of my blue cabin. A Native American Choctaw Medicine Man Cryptid expert and his Lead Tracker tracked my property to document its features, structures and entities. They took this photo August 2022. Size 10 shoe.

A Cryptid group founder marked one of my photos for me, 2022. Notice all around


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