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Sylvester Stallone’s Red Jacket, Mark at Eden Roc

Mark: “Sylvester Stallone gave me this red jacket. Do you think it's too much? It's really red."

Angel: “He gave it to you?!”

Mark: “Yeah, it was HIS jacket. He was wearing it. I told him I liked it. He took it off and gave it to me.”

Angel: “I don’t think it’s too much. I think that’s awesome!”

a bit later…I go with him as he checks out his room. We’ve already put my suitcases in my room. Next, we’ll go eat…Mark stands beside his balcony looking out over the Miami resort pools. I see the “Eden Roc” sign is right over his head on one of the buildings. Then he lifts himself up on the balcony railing. This is not unusual. He was Sylvester Stallone’s body/stunt double for 23 years. I’m never quite sure what he’s going to do. It gives me an idea!

Angel: “Do a stunt! The Eden Roc sign is just behind you. It would make a good shot!” I temporarily forgot WHO I was talking to. I just told the guy who fell down the cliff in “Cliffhanger,” the guy who jumped out of the helicopter at night and fell 1000 feet to land on the pavement in “The Specialist,” the guy who got washed away by the water coming down the stairs in “Titanic,” the guy who jumps from a racing car on the highway to the roof of another racing car and hangs on, in “Demolition Man,” a guy who jumped a motorcycle on the roof of “Batman Beyond,” to do a stunt on the 8th floor balcony of his room at Eden Roc, the 2nd fanciest hotel in Miami. I realize what I’ve done AFTER the words have left my mouth.

He gets a gleam in his eye. I see him thinking. He pulls up on the balcony and swings his leg over the edge, starting to do a headstand on the OUTSIDE of the railing. I see his upside down face through the glass, grinning at me…

Angel: “NO!!!!! NO!!!!! STOP!!!!” We’re going to get kicked out of Eden Roc. There are people down below. There are security cameras. I REALLY wanted to enjoy my oceanfront room here. “NO!!!!” I snap a few pictures, FAST. He pauses, upside down. I don’t know if I got the “Eden Roc” sign in the shot or not. I no longer care. He stops, pulls himself back up. Did I mention we are on the 8th floor.

Angel: “Got it!!”

earlier… “Hey there’s the Fontainebleau! We stayed there when Sylvester was filming “The Specialist!”

later, in an elevator, Mark, talking to the Bellhop… “I’ve stayed next door before. Which is the best hotel? Eden Roc or Fontainebleau? I save the bellhop, who can’t answer that question without risking his job.

Angel: “Eden Roc is one of the most historically significant properties in Miami. Fontainebleau is the most famous. But Eden Roc is newer.” I think I got that right. The bellhop had looked relieved and had nodded. Mark was happy. HERE

earlier, at the Miami airport… “Hi! What’s YOUR name?” Mark has asked this question every time we’ve gotten close to ANYONE. He just has a way with people. ALL people. People LOVE talking to Mark. The black girl sitting over on the next bench from me at the Airport baggage claim tells Mark her name. I don’t remember it. Mark does. He actually cares and remembers every one.

Mark: “Is this your entourage?” Mark asks her. He’s already gotten she’s from LA and the hostess of a reality TV show out of her.. They’ve already established they both know the same LA suburb, in “Straight Outta Compton,” or something. The 2 guys with the lady are grinning happily and chiming in. “I was here 2 weeks ago. I was in “Bad Boys 4." I did precision driving stunts.” The lady had just told him her reality show is “Bad Girls” or something like that. Mark leaves and goes to get our suitcases, now rolling by on the belt.

Angel (to the “Bad Girls” troupe): “He asked me two weeks ago if I wanted to come to Miami and watch him film in “Bad Boys.” I said, “Nooooo.” THEN I googled it. “Oh…. I guess I should have figured out what he was talking about before I said “No.” It’s really cool.” They all grin knowingly. Will Smith’s latest movie & Mark was a stunt driver, no, a precision driver. Oh. Wow.

It is now Day 2 of our “Dinner with Dreamers” 5 night cruise from Miami to Jamaica & Grand Cayman. - 1st night on the ship. I’m in my beautiful room, writing, with a half dozen books I plan to read, nearby. Mark’s out doing Mark stuff, meeting people, saving the world with his smile and “Jesus” t-shirt. “What’s my roommate’s name again?” He asked me earlier. “Daniel,” I’d told him. Mark should like him. He’s a 30 or so year old Christian movie Director.

Mark: “I told God he was going to have to let me save 20 people during this trip to make it worth my time. I’m giving up a job to come here. I hope it’s worth it. They pay double-time on Sundays.”

I create windows. This is a window to Mark on Days 1 & 2 of the first ever “Dinner with Dreamers” cruise. More stories to come! Enjoy!

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written March 16, 2024 at 8:21 pm


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