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"Texas Tales from a Lone Star" Next Level

I've set out on a new direction this morning...editing. At Austin Public Television once you have gone through all their steps to become a Producer there they allow you to check out their massive inventory of equipment. You have to take the class for the piece of equipment you want to use. But once you do and once you've signed all their papers you are allowed to take their equipment home for a day or two. This includes Apple computers. This includes Apple computers with film editing software. So I did. I jumped through all their hoops until I could take their Apple computers home with Final Cut Pro X film editing software. This is of a high enough quality that if you continue to jump through everyone's hoops in the entire industry you can eventually submit your work to places like PBS and Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. I've done about half of that. I like my independence and usually wind up finding ways to go around hoops. Well, I did. I took their computers home, after taking their classes, after taking their Final Cut Pro X classes, and I did that several times. It's awesome but a hassle because then you have to take it back. So about 6 years ago I just saved up and bought the same Apple computer AND the same Final Cut Pro X film editing software. It's right here beside me. This morning I am venturing off into study it land in the hopes of upping my game a notch or two.

Andy wants me to create an Info-commercial of his Cowboy Camp I've been posting the pictures of, last weekend. I also bought an iPhone that is high enough quality that I can use it to film video that is accepted by the television station, and enough memory on my phone that I can film a lot. I normally use my PC. Apple and PCs decided long ago they'd have a war. So they made it where it is extremely difficult to go back and forth between the two. They didn't count on my having been married to one of the rarest computer software/hardware geniuses to have walked on our planet. I think like he taught me. I'm not anywhere near his quality or level but I do think like he taught me. SO... this morning I have my Apple connected with an HDMI cable to my 72" television screen that sits 10 feet in front of my white massage chair (that I bought two years ago and never get out of). I can use the remote control to switch between my PC and my Apple. The Apple is to my side, over by the wall. The TV screen is in front of me, I'm in my white lovely massage chair, I mean the real deal kind, AND I have my television screen connected to my PC. My PC uses my TV screen as the monitor. Pretty cool. So NOW I have 4 external drives I've dug out of storage and I'm transferring all the files from my Apple to the external drives. I've located Andy's photos/videos from Cowboy Camp. I always transfer the photos on my iPhone to my Apple so I don't lose them. For a second there I thought I had lost them regardless and freaked out but I found them. SO NOW I have to delve back into Final Cut Pro X and refresh my memory by watching You Tube tutorials until I get to the point where I am comfortable with editing again. And all this for free. Brother.

No, actually Andy and I have a deal, we've always had. I get to follow him around basically anytime I feel like it and photograph him/take videos of all the extremely interesting things he crams into his day to day life. He is a dynamo and goes from one Texas themed activity to the next. I've recorded and have files of dozens of his adventures. In all I've been filming and taking photos of all this since 2014 and I have files and files and files waiting for me to do what I've just described to you that I'm doing this morning, up my game and get better with Final Cut Pro X. I was using a lesser quality editor on my PC because it was a piece of cake. But now I'm trying to get Andy an Info-commercial he can be proud of. From there I'll go through my files and continue creating my "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." Ok, I guess I have to do it now...

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written June 7, 2023 at 9:59 am


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