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The Boonies

This is funny... So I was surfing through Hulu trying to find something to watch. I found "The Boonies." I started watching it. It said, "There are some people who actually go off-grid. They find places to live where very few humans go... stuff like that. "Oh, that looks good." I settled in. They introduced their off-grid characters. Then it opened with a wide-angle shot of uninhabited forests, trees for miles and miles. The caption came on. "The Ozarks." It just struck me as funny. My off-grid land is in the Ozarks. I just said, to myself, "They better watch out for Bigfoot." Hilarious. Not kidding. lol

Oh and a man and a woman built a big treehouse they live in. I've thought of that. They are looking out over the woods and noticing how quiet it is. No sound. No squirrels, no bugs, nothing. I'm thinking, "That's a sign of Bigfoot." The man then says, "I thought I saw Bigfoot." He was dead serious. He's probably used to them. LOL

The show said, "The treehouse is 25 foot high." I look at it and start measuring. It looks like the floor is 10 foot high. Maybe the roof is 25. I'm thinking, "That's not tall enough. Bigfoot can just walk right up to that and reach in." This is how my normal day-to-day brain works now after 4 years of the Ozarks. LOL

My friend Ella, "Lead Tracker E" in August, tracking my land because I suspected after 4 years of research that I had Bigfoot(s) there. This was two months ago. I do. Ella's foot, Bigfoot's foot, my driveway.

Ella works with Jerry Williams. Jerry and Ella both tracked my land. Two months ago. This is called a "bend." Bigfoot do this. Still not kidding. It's been an adventure.

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Written October 11, 2022 at 5:49 pm

The report on my Ozarks farm is now published. This occured this past week. 8/25/22 HERE


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