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The Grand Finale to "Chapelgate"

I just drove 2,000 miles there and back, to Tennessee, to attend the Dinner with Dreamers event. Why? Here I am with the two Directors/Writers/Producers of "God is Not Dead," "Unplanned," and "Nefarious." They produced the movie, "Nefarious," my friend, Mark was just in and was the Stunt Coordinator for. My girlfriend, Gigi, invited me to the first Dinner with Dreamers in 2017 in Austin. That's where I met Mark, Sylvester Stallone's double for 20 years. Because of how God works in our lives I was able to tell Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman about my life work and how my Chapelgate experience led me to spend 15,000 hours passionately retranslating our King James Bible. I was able to tell both of them, individually, that what it really says is hidden under layers of Christianity. It says that there is a Spiritual realm (Heaven) and a Physical realm (Earth). It says that if holy leaders, putting God first, as the 10 commandments teach us, pursue righteousness, sincerely from their inner hearts that it will lead them to the kingdom of the heavens. It says they rule the earth, the physical realm, from there. Heaven is OVER Earth. Think about the ramifications of that. It advances Christianity 1000 years ahead of whoever is disobedient to God, the Earth current masters. They only rule the physical. WE rule the spiritual AND thereby, the physical. Heaven and Earth. When I sacrificed 690 million dollars and Chapelgate, then turned around and forgave the lawyers who were attempting to take what was rightfully mine, the intellectual property of my late husband, I then left the Austin Federal Courthouse, went to my car, turned it on, and because I always listened to Contemporary Christian music the radio came on and filled my car. It sang, "Well done, my good and faithful servant, enter in to the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven." That literally happened and is what motivated me to retranslate our King James Bible for the next decade, passionately. The ideas God revealed to me because of all this are earth shattering. I was able to meet and tell this to the top two Producers of Christian films. They listened and heard. God did this. In 2017 Gigi called me and said, "I was just exercising, I wasn't thinking about you at all, and the Holy Spirit said, "Take Angel with you tonight." She did and I did and I found myself in this group of Christian media moguls. You don't think God did that?!!! Of COURSE he did. And THAT'S why I just drove 2,000 miles to the Johnny Cash Hideaway Farm for a 3 day meeting with the movers and shaker creatives of the Christian media world. Then I took Sylvester Stallone's double to Chapelgate to show him. This will be the Grand Finale of my book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." It documents 2009 to 2025, still in the works, of what happened when I prayed, in 1985, "Dear God, if there is something about Christianity that I don't understand would you please teach me?" He did and that became my walk from that day in 1985 to 2009 that I documented in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." You just read the finale. Here are the pictures of me with Cary Solomon, and Chuck Konzelman, the same hour I told them my Chapelgate story. They grasped what I said. Now, I'll send them both a copy of my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." This will show them what needs to be done in Christianity to bring us back to the power of our Bible. THAT was God's answer to my 1985 prayer. Thank you, God. xoxo Angel

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Written September 7, 2023 at 11:57 am


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