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PBS, Austin Film Society, & "Texas Tales from a Lone Star"

"Richard Linklater often worked alone in his early days as a filmmaker, but he was looking for a community. Because of his unstoppable energy, the Austin Film Society was born." Quote from American Masters. Support for American Masters is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting..."

"Texas Tales from a Lone Star" by Angel Isaacs 2014 to 2024:

Austin Public Television "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" was created by Angel Isaacs at Austin Public Television station in 2014 in Austin, Texas. She currently produces it independently and is the CEO of her Non-Profit Private Education & Research Foundation, Chapelgate Publishing Inc. She became a Producer at Austin Public, and a member of the Austin Film Society in 2014 and has spent a decade creating "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" simultaneously as a television series, Creative Non-Fiction short-stories, and Documentary videos. She was the President of Isaacs Consulting & Development, Inc. beginning in 1985. She was the Documentation Specialist for the historical Real-time Drilling Data Center computer system created by her late husband from 1972-1990, credited in Federal Court testimony and documents as having a value exceeding $1B.

Angel trained at Abilene Christian University, BA Mass Communication Radio/TV, as well as the University of Central Florida, Lipscomb University, Wilkes-Barre University, Rice University, The University of Houston, and The University of Texas. Her training is the ultimate blend of Mass Communications, Radio/TV, Film, Creative Writing, both Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Songwriting, Scriptwriting, Grants, Non-Profit Administration, and Theology. She holds both a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Divinity from Lipscomb University. She became a member of the Austin Film Society in 2014 and is the Producer of "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." She had previously created "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," from 1985 to 2009. "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" is her documentary television series focused on Austin, Texas local music, restaurants, culture, events, activities, entertainment venues, museums, etc. She began the series at Austin Public and eventually expanded it independently to cover Central Texas, Texas, and added "Texas Tales from a Lone Star: Afar" television episodes and Creative Non-Fiction short-stories. A decade's worth of film and writing original content is the result.

Angel Isaacs BA Mass Communications Radio/TV Abilene Christian University; MA Master of Arts in Religious Studies and MDiv Master of Divinity Lipscomb University.

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 7, 2024 at 1:38 pm

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