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The King of the Physical Realm

Google search (quote): "In the immature consciousness the natural man is moved by desire. Appetite and passion are satisfied regardless of the higher law. Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. The threat of Esau against Jacob's life represents the inward rebellion that we often feel when we change our modes of thought."

Angel: "You have to put God, Yahweh, YHWH, first. That is the first law. That is the foundation. Without that nothing else works."

I am talking to a friend of mine. I've just told him that in MY mind I consider him to be a King. He says, "Thank you," but that's not what I'm after. I say, "No. I really do. That's how I SEE YOU. You are a King of the physical realm. You go out and explore the physical world. You learn from the physical world. You do that more than anyone else I know. You've been doing that your whole life."

He has just told me how, when and where he has observed the sun rise. I'm not quite grasping what he's saying. But he is earnest in the importance of the changes that he has noticed HIMSELF due to his always being OUTSIDE in nature.

Angel: "I almost warned you not to watch the eclipse. I knew you were going to. I thought about it and then decided that your immune system is strong enough that you'd be fine." I don't mention the other things I was worried about, that's too much for now.

He has just cooked a steak, Wagyu, informed everyone in his house, where I happen to be, WHY he eats a Wagyu steak each and every morning, and has pointed out the real butter slices he has topped it off with. He has invited, several times, anyone who wants to to take home some of his chicken eggs, REAL eggs, to do so, because he has too many. He's been feeding them to his five big dogs, who are inside the house, watching every bite anyone takes. His friend has just brought a basket of 32 fresh eggs, straight from the chicken house, into the kitchen. As he grills his steak he explains to anyone within listening distance how your body needs and uses fat, good fat. He completely goes against the grain in almost every subject there is. He learns by DOING.

"So, they really did dump something on all the people watching the eclipse?" he asks me, turning the steak over. His glance at me is keen. I've just said that was the plan - to have thousands of Texans standing outside, at a specific time, looking up into the sky. I've now traced down the few videos of people who think like me. You can find those stories, about the eclipse, here, on my website. There's a half dozen or so. I say, "Yes," to answer his question. "Yes, something was dumped into the air to fall on the innocent and uneducated masses. We're in a war."

Angel: "You DO realize the eclipse was fake, don't you?"

He goes off on a tangent about how he can tell the earth is round, about how the moon pulls on the ocean waves, about how no one can tell the truth, how you have to tune-in to nature to have any clue at all, about how books are useless, about how the Bible and belief in God is equally useless. He's my friend. I know him. He is a King. He's a Philistine King. The King of the Physical realm. It's a concept.

Angel: "The earth is flat. There is an ice wall all the way around the edges. The sun and moon are lights. The sun isn't fire, you can't walk on the moon. They are lights. They are about 3,000 miles up. They are about 30 miles wide. They are the same size. There is some kind of dome, maybe electromagnetic forces, over us. They haven't been beyond that dome into "outer space." They can't. They can't get through the dome. There's a hole where the Aurora Borealis, those lights, are. The black Sun just came out of that hole. It does that ever so often. It's like reflections going on. And, yes, God designed it all, and, yes, what I study UNDERNEATH the English translation of our Bible is real. It describes how God's system works."

My friend: "How about when they've sailed all around the world?" It's almost like, "Huh. I've got you now." I draw a circle like a globe with my finger in the air. I say, "They didn't go around it like this" ... I draw a vertical circle from up to down. "They went around it like this," ...I draw a circle like a flat plate, side to side, horizontal.

My friend, looking at me somewhat dazed then shrugging off what I've just said, "There's no way to tell. Different people tell me different crazy things all the time. "There's no way to tell."

Angel: "It IS really hard to figure out the truth right now. There are So many stories. But, yes, there IS a way to tell. You are the King of the Physical realm. My late husband, Robin, was the King of the Intellectual realm, he went down in history with his intelligence. I'M the King...Queen... of the Spiritual realm. I have a blueprint inside me. The outside, Physical realm, is IDENTICAL to the inside, Spiritual realm. If I want to know how something physical works, I just look INSIDE MYSELF and figure out how it works in my spirit. THEN I know how it works in the physical world. I match the two up. YES, you CAN TELL what the truth is."

My friend then tells me how everything is changing all the time. Society changes. He says there is no way to tell because nothing is like what it was back when the Bible was written. My friend rarely reads. He reads the physical world, not books. He knows I read the Bible, study it passionately, that I have 300 books I've bought in the past couple of years that I spend all my time on.

Angel: "It is UNIVERSAL." What I study is UNIVERSAL. It always works. Right now I'm reading Viktor Schauberger's books. He studied the natural world, just like you do. The two match up. Physical/Spiritual.

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 22, 2024 at 11:13 am (Written on Passover - the day where we go from Earth/Physical realm to Heaven/Spiritual realm & also from Heaven to Earth - Eternal Life - God's Master Design) PS They think Passover is today. It happened yesterday. Their physical calendars are off. My spiritual calendar inside me says Passover was yesterday because the essence of Passover happened in my life yesterday. My spiritual calendar is always the perfect one. We have a world inside us.


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