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Oh my goodness...I just looked on the Tiwanaku page. They posted "Meet the band" with pics of all 5 band members, including Gabriel (drummer). First announcement. It has 3,100 likes in one day. It has 5,600 followers. Wow, Gabe. Update, the next morning...NOW it has 4,300 likes.

Their plans are:

  1. To tour Europe (like Gabe did with his band "Resurrection," (I was helping him from home, researching stuff he needed; 3 tours, 17 countries).

  2. Play Tampa, the center of old school Death Metal (these are guys who just go out and do their music their way, unrestrained, without big business money behind them, although "Resurrection" and "Tiwanaku" are/were both signed to labels; they start on their own and are just excellent and truly skilled musicians). I was at the "Resurrection" Tampa concert in 2007 with Gabe and write about it in my short-story, "Resurrection." You can read it HERE

  3. They plan to play several key death metal venues in the United States.

  4. Their first album is going to be released November 4, 2022, and the founder, Ed, whose idea for the band was to base it on the Bolivian ruins, has spent the last 20 years creating it. Ed just recently asked Gabe to be the drummer for the band. Their ties, however, extend throughout both of their careers, in bands they've played and people they've met separately and together. Legends now.

  5. They also plan to tour South America, especially the home of the myths their band is named for, the mythological birthplace of Creation, complete with pyramids, a South American Stone Henge, a Sun Gate, history, artifacts and all: Tiwanaku, or Tiahunacu, in Bolivia.

That's what is behind yesterday and today's announcement. That the band is now complete, the album is finished and being released, and they are planning to tour.

My friend since 2001, Gabriel Lewandowski, and my co-Producer for "Texas Tales from a Lone Star," (since 2014), is their official drummer, just announced. The city of Tiahuanacu has given the band their blessing.

You need to read my short-story, "Seraphim," to get that mythological connection and it will send chills through you if you get it. God. What I write about is God's Word, Creation, the path, what's been lost. What the original was. I spent 15,000 hours RE-translating ancient biblical Hebrew and Greek into English and let me tell you it says something WAY different than we've been told. It talks about Christ Consciousness and the system of Heaven and Earth God has in place in his Creation. THAT's what I write about. Are you catching glimmers yet of what God's doing? I am. You can read "Seraphim" HERE

This is all fitting so perfectly with everything I've been writing about since 1985 when I prayed, "Dear God, if there is more to Christianity than I understand would you please show me what it is?" That prayer became my adventure I call, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." I've been writing about everything God has shown me since 1985. It's on my website. God's synchronicity in my life and now with this latest development is like a miraculous story of legends and gods. Even my Bigfoot, Dogmen, and Cryptid experiences are tying in. My main book is "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." It contains all my writings from that day in 1985 when I asked God to teach me, until 2009. I've now completed 2009-2022, but it looks like with these stories it's going to be at least 2023. I call that yet to be published book but finished until today's date, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." Many of those stories are on my website: You can read the "Preface" HERE

Read this Google quote:

"Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu) Tiwanaku is a ruined ancient city near Lake Titicaca in western Bolivia. Dominating the ruins, once the seat of the pre-Columbian Tiwanaku culture, are the Akapana pyramid and a semi-subterranean temple with carved images of human heads. Nearby Kalasasaya is an open temple with stone monoliths and the huge Gate of the Sun arch. The Museo del Sitio de Tiwanaku displays artifacts excavated from the site."

Unbelievable. Legends, gods, elohim, Seraphim. In the beginning...

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 11, 2022 at 10:59 am (and the first paragraph the night before)

Gabriel Lewandowski

If you want a glimpse of why Gabriel is a legend listen to his drumming HERE.

Here is an interview with Ed Mowery, the founder of Tiawanahu. Ed starts talking about Gabe @27:00 HERE


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