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Water Baptism & Auras

Today's interest... Oh my goodness, I just figured out what "baptism" and "auras" are. Still studying.. Acts 8:36 "And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?"

I just wrote that. It is December 16, 2022.

In my Revelation study I'm on Revelation 6 (see yesterday's short-story about The 7 Seals). I was studying the 4th Seal yesterday (Death). I just take up where I left off, every day, all day long, interspersed with whatever else I'm doing. WHATEVER I'm studying ALWAYS MATCHES whatever is happening in my life that day. This started happening to me in 1998. I was living in Orlando, Florida, raising my children. I wrote a short-story about that yesterday or the day before as well. I think it was the "Silicon Valley God kids" story where I talk about homeschooling. (Nope, just checked, it’s "PhD Metaphysical Bible Interpretation.")

The very first time that the scriptures "talked" to me, I mean where I could hear spiritually what God YHWH was saying to me in my mind thoughts, was when I reached Genesis 12. I had started re-translating the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek after I finished my MAR degree in Religion at Lipscomb in 1998. I wrote about this in one of my recent stories, here. I had moved myself and 3 of my children (the 4th was in college at Abilene Christian University) from Texas to Orlando JUST to study what I was catching glimmers of as I, word by word, letter by letter, re-translated the King James Bible. I wound up spending the next decade doing that. I counted 15,000 hours on my wall Calendars. That would have taken me from 1998 to 2008. I published my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," in 2009. It contains 800 pages of my poems, songs, articles, and short-stories that I wrote from 1985 to 2009 (24 years worth of everything I ever wrote about God and our adventure together, all true). I'm now working on my book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," which will contain all of my poems, songs, articles, and short-stories that I've written from 2009 to the present 2022/2023. It will be the same size probably, 800 pages or more.


You have to be TOTALLY EMERSED in your WALK, your JOURNEY following God YHWH. You can START with Jesus and his teachings and what you know right now. But you are going to WIND UP WITH first hand knowledge about GOD the Father, YHWH, (Yahweh/Jehovah). Jesus did THAT. Let me just be blunt. We've been lied to. Baptism is NOT just a debate over whether or not we should baptize infants or adults. It is not just a debate over whether or not we should sprinkle water on someone, dip them, or fully EMERSE them in water. It is THIS. WE are to be FULLY EMERSED in a LIFETIME of following Jesus, Christianity, to GOD the Father YHWH. EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY, in EVERY THOUGHT and EVERY ACTION.

I didn't start in 1985. I started in 1956, the day I was born, even before I was born, with my parent's actions and intentions for their marriage and for me their firstborn child. My parents met at Abilene Christian University. They were virgins. They chose to become engaged, and they got married in the University Church, right there across from the ACU chapel. I was being taken to church when I was 2 weeks old, there in Abilene, while they kept studying at Abilene Christian University. They faithfully took me to church for the next 18 years, 3 times per week. We practically lived at church, always. My ancestors had had a small but remembered part in the FOUNDING of ACU. Baptism. THAT'S what it is.

We start with genealogy. If you don't have that genealogy then you START one yourself, of being devoted, totally, totally immersed, BAPTIZED in devotion to God the Father YHWH. You do that not just for yourself but for your children and your children's children, your extended family, and for the world at large. THAT is Baptism.

It, however, is DEEPER than even that. Because everyone I know is being taught the wrong things. No one I know knows the things I know. I'm being brave here because if I say what really happens to me it sounds crazy. But what really happens to me is supernatural. It started being very apparently supernatural in 1998 in Orlando, Florida, as I diagrammed the Bible from start to finish, in my apartment, while raising my children.

You NEED to buy and go READ my books. I poured every single thing that happened into my songs and books. Everything is real. Everything is day to day PROOF of what I did and what happened to me. I was the Documentation Specialist for the multi-million dollar leading edge technology known as The Drilling Data Center, created by my late husband, who trained me for a decade. SO beginning in 1985 I DOCUMENTED from Day One, a prayer asking God to show me if there was more to Christianity than I understood, until right now, today. I DOCUMENTED it.

GOD the Father TEACHES you himself. But YOU have to actually WALK the JOURNEY. This is SO important. I can HEAR, in my mind, in my spirit, God talking to me. He does this WHILE I study the Bible, WHILE I am retranslating. It is something I do all day long and all night long, as an engrained HABIT and LOVE. I sleep, eat, play, clean, read, etc. BUT there is rarely two hours that go by when I am awake that I am not retranslating the Bible. I keep tabs open on my computer. Right now I have Genesis 17 open, Revelation 6 open, and Acts 8 open. I LIVE in God's WORD. I just kept retranslating (comparing the English to the original languages as I study non-stop) from when I stopped counting at 15,000 hours.

When I reached Genesis 12, in 1998, God started talking to me. He'd make whatever I was studying in the Bible that particular day MATCH whatever happened in my life - the ESSENCE of the thought I was studying. It works like that. THAT is BAPTISM.

Ok now...Aura. WHEN you LIVE like this, fully Baptized for a really long time in complete truth and enthusiasm and PUTTING INTO PRACTICE everything you've ever learned about God and the Bible and from your walk with him it CHANGES you. It becomes your AURA. The inner world of the Spirit transforms into a Physical reality and effects everything around you and you yourself physically. THAT's the AURA. And the AURA of someone who is BAPTIZED is unlike normal people's auras. It RADIATES LIGHT.

Ok, I'm tired. I wrote a lot. You have to put this with everything else I have ever written to grasp it all because you have to actually be devoted to not just the form, rituals, surface of Christianity for this to happen but to the TEACHINGS, the ideas, the thoughts God will show you in his Bible and in your life. YOU have to KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS in the same way that you EAT and BREATHE. And they are NOT what you THINK you KNOW right now. They get deeper and deeper and deeper and take you places where no one can comprehend what you are doing or follow you there or understand. Only you and God YHWH. You have to answer to HIM. Honestly, deeply, truly, even when the world around you doesn't comprehend why you do what you do. He hides you that way. He hides himself that way. It is personal. It has to be 100% true effort and dedication and obedience. You start with the 10 Commandments. Sorry, but you do. You don't get there by surface proclamations of allegiance to Jesus and dipping yourself in water once. You LIVE God and keep his commandments and study his Bible until you can hear him. And then you keep doing it. You won't want to do anything else. Baptism. Aura.


Acts 8:36 "And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?"

Note: "went" is "walked, journeyed" See what I mean? It is a JOURNEY that you WALK. Quote: ..."4198 poreúomai (from poros, "passageway") – properly, to transport, moving something from one destination (port) to another; (figuratively) to go or depart, emphasizing the personal meaning which is attached to reaching the particular destination."

Note: "way" is "road, way, journey, progress" See what I mean? It is PROCEEDING which means step after step after step. Quote: ...3598: ὁδός Apparently a primary word; a road; by implication, a progress (the route, act or distance); figuratively, a mode or means -- journey, (high-)way."

Note: "came" is "to come in, to come from one place to another, to become known, arrived, become established, to grow" Quote: ...2064: ἔρχομαι accompany, appear, bring, come, enter, fall out, go, grow"

Note: "water" This is a hard one. It has two parallel meanings, existed simultaneously on the "earth path" and the "heaven path" that I've told you about before. You see me doing it right now. I am taking the scriptures and translations as you have always known them, which you can now begin to see are not being translated into our English Bibles in such a way that the essential thoughts are transmitted. This is done, I don't know, it baffles, me either on PURPOSE at some point in the past by whoever had a hand in translating the Holy Bible both Old Testaments and New Testaments from the original languages into English, OR because whoever translated it truly did not grasp what was there in the original meaning, OR as a process with one mistake following another, OR again, on purpose to HIDE the REAL meaning from US. WHY would translators DO that???!!! Well, look at the result. The result is Christian Doctrine the way it now exists. We are told to Believe, to be Baptized, and we are never told about auras, we have to go find that information and most of us don't, and we either ignore the Bible or listen to that same Doctrine explain it. We don't LIVE it. We don't SEEK it. We have never been truly BAPTIZED and we don't have the AURAS radiating light all around us. (Um by the way, Bigfoot does, think about that, just saying) Water cleanses, water can get really DEEP, water rains down on us, it makes vegetation grow, it sustains us, we are made from it. Think about water.

Note: "eunuch" I am a eunuch. I do not have a Christian or Religious body of authority over me. I have cut myself off. I grew up in a Christian and Religious body of authority, where I learned. But in 1985 when I prayed directly to God the Father and asked HIM to show me if there was more to Christianity than I understood, (See my book "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir") I became solely His. That is what you will have to do as well. Quote: 2135: εὐνοῦχος one who voluntarily abstains from marriage.

Note: "said" You wouldn't even notice that little word if I wasn't focusing on it. It means Quote: 5346 phēmí (from phaō, "shine") – properly, bring to light by asserting one statement (point of view) over another; to speak comparatively, i.e. making effective contrasts which illuminate (literally, "produce an epiphany"). That is what I am doing right now.

Note: "see" This is one of mine. I've spent so much time studying this that in my mind I learned things that aren't taught in universities or churches or books. This is one of those things. This word "behold" is talking about the "spirit" the "internal." It means to see in your mind, in your heart, to realize something. It is that kind of "see; behold." Because our translators missed stuff or reformed stuff and changed it to suit their Doctrines, whatever happened to get us into this mess in the first place, they miss that words like this can have an "inner" quality and an "outer" quality. I keep talking about it. It is one of the patterns I told you I noticed during my Master of Divinity studies. You can see internally with the spirit; you can see externally with the physical eyes. This word is being translated as seeing internally (the way I recognize this word) but they say it comes from the alternate spelling, similar word which mean to see externally (the way I recognize those parallel concept words; Physical and Spiritual). So think "see internally." But realize that there is a companion concept of "seeing externally." Look at my short-story. I am trying to get you to "see internally" what I am saying. At the same time I am showing you literal stories I've written, my degrees, my physical actual journey, the external. So you can LOOK externally at everything all around me and SEE internally that what I am telling you about Baptism and Auras is actually true.

Note: "water" again This time I get the sense that it means the deep, deep things of God. It is talking about Doctrine. There is a deep, deep SYSTEM that exists in order to PREVENT US from discovering what I am showing you.

Note: "what" Again, such an innocent word. But it is coming from "who? which? what?" I think it is talking about who? can do what I am describing here in this short-story - anyone. But it is also talking about how in the world can anyone do what I am describing because the system is so built up around everyone, the Doctrine and all that goes with it, the gatekeepers, just every little detail, that it is overwhelming. Quote: 5101: τίς every man, how much, which, whom

Note: "hinder" This means "prevents." They've changed the meaning to fit their Doctrine. Exactly. Deep, deep water. Instead of "what prevents me from getting baptized since we have water right here? (which is how the English leads you to believe) the concept is actually that the WATER is PREVENTING ANYONE from getting Baptized. Doctrine. Deep, deep Doctrine combined with all the community, and traditions, and family, and comfortable church lifestyle and preachers who give you their viewpoint every Sunday, and ladies who put you on their prayer lists, and church suppers, and the kid's program, and EVERYTHING. THAT's what is preventing you from being Baptized. You have been Baptized into their system (or you have no church and are Baptized into whatever system you do have that is surrounding you in your day to day life.) Quote: 2967: κωλύω forbid, hinder, prevent. It is also coming from: to check, curb, restrain, punish. This exists in their systems as well, both in church systems and secular systems. They have ways of punishing you if you go against them. In order to be Baptized the way I am describing to you you have to go against the entire system.

I just gave you an example of everything I am saying to you. The only way you can actually discover the Kingdom of Heaven, as I describe it in all of my books, songs, poems, short-stories, etc. etc. is to DO it. Here's how:

Preface: to my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir."

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Written at 10:53 am December 16, 2022


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