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Wepwawet on Purim

Google search... "What is Wepwawet the god of?"

Quote: "Wepwawet was an Egyptian jackal god (actually wolf) whose name means “Opener of the Ways.” As such, he helped the deceased through the frequently dangerous paths to the afterlife, clearing the way to the final judgment of the dead."

Quote: "What is the difference between Anubis and Wepwawet?"

"Like Anubis He is the Opener of Ways, indeed that is what His name means. But Wepwawet is more of a War God, thought of as a scout who clears the way for the army. He usually is dressed as a soldier and carrying weapons such as a mace and a bow, unlike Anubis."

I had a two hour plus conversation with a woman, yesterday, who has seen Dogman. She has a show on You Tube. I'm in her Facebook group. I've watched videos of her interviewing people. I'm in the middle of watching HER be interviewed as I type. Isn't that a pretty picture I found? That is Dogman. That is Anubis. A few people are now connecting Dogman to Anubis. SHE is the first I'd heard of what you see here in this picture, his twin, his mirror image, his Ying/Yang, his polar opposite, his brother, Wepwawet. The first time.

I've now read about Wepwawet. You have to read between the lines. Not everything written is going to be true. They don't really know what they are talking about half the time. But the truth of the matter, every matter, CAN be figured out, when you are walking with your King, with your Father, God, Yahweh, YHWH. It can be figured out. He brings you information. You are looking at a picture I stumbled across today, pausing the interview HERE.

As soon as she said "Wepwawet" I paused the video. I started searching. I found this gorgeous picture. If ANYBODY besides ME is or has connected Dogman and Werewolves and Anubis and Wepwawet to the King James Bible original Hebrew scriptures then tell me about it. Because I've never heard of it before. Until now. This is Dogman. There are two. A good and an evil. Just like I've been telling you about in the Bigfoot stories I've been writing, posted here in my short-stories on my website: www chapelgateangel dot com. I put these stories other places in my ads. Therefore, the website address.

We had a two hour conversation yesterday. I told her about my life story and in particular about Angel Creek and what has been happening in my life with Bigfoot and Dogman. SHE told Me about HER story, which includes SEEING Dogman etc. I'm matching up the physical to the spiritual the way I've been teaching you. Here is the spiritual counterpart to my story "Not Nephilim" which says they've got the Bigfoot theory wrong, the Nephilim theory wrong. I say what it really is. See, "A Small Southern Town," for my doctrine. Now I'm beginning to grasp how this all fits into the ancient Hebrew of the King James Bible.

Every single thing that God our Father has created is about Christ. Dirt? Christ. Stars? Christ. Water? Christ. Atoms? Christ. Our bodies? Christ. EVERYTHING. Bigfoot? Christ. Dogman? Christ. EVERYTHING. The Dogman spirit exists inside the Christ. The GOOD, the WHITE half of the double meaning, polar opposite concept. Like this picture. Christ. Christ was God's Word. The Bible is God's Word. SO EVERYTHING in Creation - including ancient Egyptian mythology about Anubis AND Wepwawet - is tied in, through Christ, to God's Doctrine of "how everything works," the "theory of everything," God's Word. I describe my own beliefs in my short-story, "A Small Southern Town." If you want to see what we can DO with this knowledge then see my story, "Galilee & Cern."

Ok, so here's what I said in a Facebook message to my new lady friend, today. I sent her my new story about Purim that I wrote earlier today. Now I'm using what I said to her to show you "and then THIS happened." That's how I do it. I document my walk with God through my day to day stories of what happened next.

My message:

"I'm watching your first interview right now on Bigfoot Odyssey #239. I absolutely loved talking to you, thank you. I learned and am learning tons from you, again thank you. I just spent an hour researching Wepwawet because of you. WOW it matches my Hebrew concept I was trying to describe to you about the two paths/mirror images/heaven and earth/Self/Others concept perfectly. That's what I am reading UNDER the English King James Bible. It matches the concept. WOW. Thank you. Today is Purim and I spent all day writing a new story about Christians and Purim and what it actually means. I documented it. I'd love for you to read it to see what I'm doing better. Thank you and Bless you and your work!"

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written at 10:07 pm March 6, 2023 on Purim

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