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Why is there a Woman with my Werewolves?!!

Angel: "Why is there a WOMAN in the picture of my WEREWOLVES???!!!"

Or more fully expressed: "Why is there a WOMAN in the picture of my WEREWOLVES that my Native American "The Bigfoot Expert" Choctaw Indian Tracker photographed (in the back of my Ozarks' off-grid, virtually undisturbed land I bought sight-unseen online on the internet) while he and his lead tracker were tracking my land for Bigfoot???!!!!"

The CRAZINESS, the INSANENESS, of the entire plot-twisted story that my father God, YHWH, was dreaming up for me to explore had hit it's boiling point.

There, plain as day, was a woman in the picture I was looking at. I had just that second seen her. I wasn't looking for a woman, I had just noticed the Dogman (there are different types of Werewolf like creatures) family. There was the mom with a pup under the fallen tree. There was the big dad Dogman standing just above them, over the fallen tree.

I had started out going to post my discovery on the Facebook group page I was a member of, "Cryptid Alliance." "Look! I found a FAMILY!!!" I had posted.

Last year I had found and joined a Bigfoot group on Facebook. Someone had posted a bear hanging high in a tree in a forest. I had commented that Bigfoot were noted for doing that. Bigfoot like to hang very large dead animals really HIGH in a tree. No one knows why. But you can guess. I'd guess they do it to intimidate. "Look how big I AM. Look how strong I AM," is the obviously clear message that I read. But no one wanted to talk about that. All THEY wanted to talk about was how the bear managed to hang himself in that tree. I think there are government spies in all the Bigfoot groups now and they have been given the express assignment of discrediting any truthful posts or comments. That's my guess. It certainly SEEMED to be that way based on the ridiculousness of the discrediting comments. They didn't even want to talk about Bigfoot in the Bigfoot group, it seemed like to me. But Roy did.

I didn't know anybody in that group. I had never joined a group like that before. All I knew was that a bunch of seemingly mute idiots (who thought Bigfoot might be a possibility) were bowing to a coordinated small group of scorners who claimed Science as their god. These Science scorners were vicious in their attacks too. They backed each other up. "Nothing to see here, move along." I wanted to talk about BIGFOOT in the BIGFOOT group. It wasn't happening. They were in full vicious attack mode because of my suggestion Bigfoot did it. Roy kept posting comments to help me. I didn't know Roy. But he had a kind heart. He kept trying to help me. Roy wrote to me privately: "I've seen a Werewolf. It was 15 feet away from me." Well that sort-of threw me. I should have asked him about his story. But for some reason, emotional turmoil at Science spears most probably, I didn't. "That's nice," I responded, or something like that.

A year later Roy Stubblefield created a Facebook group called "Cryptid Alliance." He sent me a request to add me to his group. "That's that kind guy who helped me," I remembered. "He said he saw a Werewolf." So I accepted his invitation. THEN I went to figure out who he was.

Roy Stubblefield met a woman one day, in 1981, while he was working at a clothing store in New Orleans. He was new to the job and new to the area. He was very young, High School or just into College age, if I remember correctly. A beautiful woman walked into the clothing store while he was working and his attraction to her was powerful and immediate. He cautiously asked her for a date. She had beautiful eyes that flashed gold that he remembers to this day. She wouldn't tell him where she lived. She did, however, agree to meet him at a park he'd never heard of. He went. She didn't. Or maybe she did. As a werewolf.

I listened to an entire 4 hour conversation between Roy Stubblefield and Vic Cundiff of "Dogman Encounters Radio." There was no doubt whatsoever in my mind, after listening to him telling his story, that Roy was telling the absolute truth.

I just now went to my Cryptid Alliance group page so I could easily find the link to Roy's story. While scrolling, looking down the page for it, I saw his post about the lady's gold eyes. He said they looked like this picture he posted that I just put here:

So I stopped to put what he said here.

Roy Stubblefield: "Good morning everyone. For those of you that listened to my encounter on Dogman Encounters radio... When I was describing that woman's eyes when I walked her to the door - as she was leaving and she turned to face me - these are the best representation of how her eyes looked but the ring around her pupil was gold! Whatever opinions you may have is fine but this is what I saw for a split second and I will never forget them. It may be a filter but if it's not..."

Back to the Dogman Encounter's Radio interview with Roy Stubblefield. You can listen to it HERE. It is called, "Dogman Encounters Episode 257 (I’m Looking at a Werewolf!)"

I found his interview just now on the Cryptid Alliance Facebook group page. I think I'll add what he said about it.

Roy Stubblefield (to his group): "Good evening Cryptid Alliance. I realize that alot of people here reached out to me after seeing me on the Travel Channel on a show called "Terror in the Woods." While I am disappointed in the retelling of my encounter there here is my encounter in full as I told it for the first time. For those that choose to listen you will hear things they choose not to include and also hear how they changed my encounter because I never said anyone shot her. Thank you for your time and have a good night."

Roy said the mainstream television program changed his story. Roy said, "Here's the truthful version." This is why Roy and I are friends. Roy saw a Werewolf. Roy tells the truth. Roy is kind. Why would the mainstream channel change a story? The answer is the same reason as to why you can't go on a Bigfoot group and talk about Bigfoot. They want to control the information and change it to suit their version of how people perceive this subject. No thanks. That's why I'm in ROY's group.

Right after I found Roy's link to his Dogman Encounter's Radio interview I found my post. I'm just going to copy and paste it here, just like it happened:


Angel (to the Cryptid Alliance group): "I downloaded the Polish app. Here’s my first possible Cryptids, see what you think? This is my first discovery from the 230+ photos of my Ozarks property, Angel Creek.” Jerry Williams “The Bigfoot Expert” and Elizabeth Ann “Lead Tracker E” scouted my land because I suspected Bigfoot(s) was there. This is a photo they took. They found an abundance of signs. Now I’m searching my pics. What do you see? I think I see a Dogman family. The mom and at least one pup is down low. The bigger dad is above them. See anything? Thanks!"

A fellow member: "Wow, that’s umm, that’s quite a photo. It almost looks invisible."

Angel: "They can camouflage by becoming translucent."

Another fellow member: "Oh wow amazing pic!"

Angel: "There is SO much stuff in that pic!"

A different fellow member: "I think I see the dad up in the upper right hand corner above that large branch. Is that where you see him?" (I really like this lady member, she can sense things others can't. That's a very special ability.)

Angel: "I think I see several now but the one I was talking about is smack in the center of the picture. Look for the black eyes and black nose like in a triangle, first. The mom and a pup are lower right under the log. But the more I look the more I see!!!"

Same lady: "I see him now!"

Angel (to the same gifted lady): "Now THAT's SCARY. I tried to look again where you were saying. I SEE A WOMAN THERE!!!!!"

Angel: "That WOMAN has long shoulder length black hair and sort of bangs. It's her face, in the fork of two branches on the top right."

Angel: "I downloaded it to my computer desktop and just enlarged it. She's right there. OH MY GOODNESS what in the world is THAT???"

Angel: "Look from my TV!" (I have my computer linked to my huge television screen so I can see better, at home. I've now blown up the picture and taken a picture of it with my phone.)

Lady: "I see her too!!! She's above where I thought I saw the male Dogman!!!"

Angel: "That is unheard of!!!"

Lady: "Yep that's where I saw her too, but zoomed in wow!"

Angel (after highlighting another group member whom I think might know what this woman is) "Her name (I'm trying to keep the spirit of my story but protect people's privacy) SHED SOME LIGHT for us here!!!!"

I try to think of who else in the group might know what this WOMAN is that I've discovered. I highlight Roy's name so he will see and respond. I highlight a good friend of his, who has been posting incredible things she sees.

Angel: "HELP Please???!!!"

Roy Stubblefield: "What's going on, what did I miss?"

Angel: "Roy can I call you???!!! READ This is scaring me to death!!!" I don't even wait for Roy to tell me I can call him. I just call him. I know his number because we talked once or twice before. Meanwhile the lady who posts incredible experiences and pictures notices her name is highlighted and joins in. I'll call her "Lady Pro."

Lady Pro: "Let me take a look and see what I see personally."

Angel: "YES, THANK YOU!!!" I try to give her a second. Roy is on the phone. He's saying we should add her to our phone conversation. I say ok. I say that she is reading my post right now. I tell her to read ALL the comments NOW. I want her to see it as it happened, just like I'm showing you here, in my short-story.

Lady Pro: "No I'd rather not because if they are seeing something I don't want it to interfere with my eyes if that makes sense."

Angel to Roy: "She doesn't want to know, she wants to look at the picture and determine for herself first. Should I just go ahead and tell you what's happening?" I do. I tell Roy there's a WOMAN in the picture of my Dogman family in the meadow at the far end of the forest of Angel Creek. Roy and I start throwing out theories about WHY she is there. Maybe she's a ghost. Maybe she's a real person. Maybe she was kidnapped by the Dogmen or Bigfoot as a child and grew up with them like in Jungle Book. Maybe.... A bit later the group member who I highlighted to ask her opinion tells me she believes it is the spirit of a woman who died there. Then the woman I'm calling "Lady Pro" finishes looking at my photo of the woman and joins Roy and me on the phone.

We talk for HOURS. We BOND for HOURS. Lady Pro takes my photo of my meadow and puts it in her filter. She then spends time right then AND the next day going over it with a fine tooth comb. She marks DOZENS of strange things for me. We don't know what that woman is. We just know we see her. I do notice she is too small to be a regular woman who is alive. We all agree we see her, that she is there, where she really has no logical right to be, next to my Werewolves (Dogmen; that's an entirely different discussion on how to tell them apart.)

Roy is excited about Lady Pro's photos and videos and we touch on the fact that she has a video of a young man walking naively past what are obviously hidden Cryptids just beside him. We talk about another subject he has recently brought up to the group about the EYES of Cryptids. He posted a video where it is obvious that the Cryptid has eyeshine in the DAYTIME. It is obvious one eye is lit and one is not, when the Cryptid decides to change them. It is obvious the Cryptid has the ability to turn his eyeshine off and on at will. We discuss all this. We find a fish in nature that can do similar feats.

There are more questions than answers. But Roy's truthful group full of experienced researchers and those who have had and are having first hand experiences and posting their photos and talking about it is priceless. We are figuring stuff out. We can spot liars now. We can tell when mainstream media is trying to control the narrative now. Nope. We're going for the truth. First hand.

I've written another short-story (this morning actually, where I talk about the Little People that Lady Pro finds in my Ozarks Angel Creek Meadow photograph. Just look for it in my short-stories. It is called, "Rosh Hashanah & Tiny People." This is all Amazing. God bless us in our pursuit of the unknown...

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 24, 2022 at 12:42 am

"Rosh Hashanah & Tiny People." HERE


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