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"The Chapelgate Adventure Series"

"The Chapelgate Adventure Series"



"Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir"

"The Songs of Chapelgate"

"Willie Worm & The Apple Tree"

"Degrees of Glory" music cd

"Spiritual Tapestry" music cd

Coming Soon: "The Harvest of Chapelgate"

"Texas Tales from a Lone Star" 

Season One

Episodes 1-17

These are 30 minute videos I created that were broadcast on Austin Public Television from 2014-2022. They revolve around my friend and co-Producer, Gabriel Lewandowski, drummer from Orlando, and I exploring and filming our adventures in the local Austin music scene.


I also have some of just myself, as a Singer/Songwriter.


My friend, Andy Armendariz, is the original inspiration for the series. Andy is a true Texas Cowboy and Singer/Songwriter.


I also have many short-stories in this category about adventures with my friends including Mark DeAlessandro. Mark was Sylvester Stallone's body and stunt double for 23 years in 30 Stallone feature films and in 180 plus feature films and blockbusters.

"Angel Creek" 

Angel Creek is the name of my off-grid property in the Arkansas Ozarks. I bought it online, sight-unseen in 2018 because it was inexpensive and beautiful with huge Oaks and a dry creek running down the middle. I soon started my adventures discovering I wasn't alone on my property. I noticed two bent trees in the video my real estate man had taken. I searched and found: Indian Marker Trees



These are my true stories (everything I write is true and based on my life adventures)

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