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Angel Isaacs

B.A. Mass Communication Radio/TV/Film

(Abilene Christian University)

M.A.R Master of Religion

M.Div. Master of Divinity

(Lipscomb University)

Additional graduate courses:

The Professional Creative Writer; Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Non-Profit Management, Grant-writing, Script-writing, and Digital Media/Film Storytelling.


Angel Isaacs was personally trained by her late husband, W.R. (Robin) Isaacs as a Documentation Specialist both during her employment at Dresser Industries in Houston, Texas and in the private company Angel and Robin founded in 1985, “Isaacs Consulting & Development, Inc.” Robin was the Senior Staff Engineer at Dresser Industries, the first person in history to use a computer to monitor the drilling of an oil well, and the leading technology expert in the founding of computerized oil well drilling as an industry. The real-time computer monitoring system he created, and which Angel was trained by him to document, was known as the Drilling Data Center and as the “War Room” of Dresser/Superior Oil. The Data Center became part of a merger of Superior with Mobil and later with Exxon-Mobil. Robin and Angel founded ICDI so he could support and continue to develop his Drilling Data Center and to retain the intellectual property rights. Today, Angel owns his intellectual property and the copyrights to his lifetime body of work.


Angel’s family history is traced back through the aunt of Meriwether Lewis to many famous American leaders including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, and the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. Her mother always told her that their ancestors owned the land where today’s White House stands. Both Robin’s and Angel’s ancestors are also traceable to the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution and the Republic of Texas.


Angel’s father worked as the US Government contract manager at Teledyne in Lewisburg, Tennessee as Angel was growing up. He managed the telemetry that was designed and implemented for all 17 Apollo flights to the moon. He trained at Redstone Arsenal. When Angel enrolled at their family college (4 generations) Abilene Christian University her mother and father established an electronics manufacturing plant near Austin, Texas, EMI. Her family operated EMI (Electronics & Manufacturing Industries, Inc.) for 45 years before selling it in 2021. Customers included Nasa, IBM, Apple, Motorola, Texas Instruments and others.


Angel’s ancestors had a part in the founding of Abilene Christian University in the early 1900’s. Angel was later baptized by the President of Lipscomb University, when she was 12 years old. Her parents raised her in the Church of Christ, a fundamental Christian church wherein the Bible is honored as being divinely inspired. Her degrees are from ACU and Lipscomb, leading Church of Christ universities. She was trained from her earliest days of childhood to love God and to learn and love the Bible stories.


Her background and love for God and his Word prompted her to become the first independent Contemporary Christian music Recording Artist/Writer choosing to remain Independent after being offered a contract with an American flagship multi-national major media corporation/recording label. This occurred in the 1960's, through her father's connection to RCA in New York City (he was working at Teledyne on the electronics for a player piano with Liberace and Angel talked to and auditioned in her home for an RCA executive, playing her songs on her guitar and showing him her writings.) Listening to her father's advice that this path would lead her away from God she turned down the offer.


Angel became a lifelong CCM (Contemporary Christian music) independent recording artist, songwriter, and spiritual writer. In 1986 Angel and Robin and their children purchased the private estate of Senator Edgar Evins and Congressman Joe L. Evins, of Tennessee, from Vanderbilt University. Robin developed his software and technology for the drilling of oil wells for their privately held corporation, from Chapelgate. Angel turned the 40 acre property, near Nashville, in Smithville, Tennessee (known as "Evins Mill" into a private hideaway for Contemporary Christian Music recording artists and songwriters. Amy Grant made the video for "Lead Me On" at Angel's waterfalls at Chapelgate in 1989. At the time of its release "Lead Me On" became the #1 Contemporary Christian Music Album, song, and video of all time.


Angel and Robin hired Dwight Liles to produce her first two albums, “Degrees of Glory,” and “Spiritual Tapestry,” in a recording studio Robin built for Angel at Chapelgate and Robin engineered her albums. Dwight Liles is one of the most prolific and successful songwriters in the history of Christian music. He has had 400 songs recorded, 40 top ten singles, 18 number one records, 2 Dove Awards, 7 Dove nominations, and numerous other honors over the past two decades. Dwight's songs have been recorded by a virtual "who's who" of Christian artists including: Point of Grace, Petra, Phillips Craig & Dean, Ginny Owens, Scott Wesley Brown, David Meese, Chris Christian, Rebecca St. James, The Newsboys, Twila Paris, Sandi Patty, Larnelle Harris, Steve Green, Gaither Vocal Band, The Cathedrals, Karen Peck & New River, Radical for Christ, Newsong, The Martins, Cynthia Clawson, Pat Boone, the Imperials, Alicia Williamson, Kim Hill and many others. In 2013 he co-wote a song with Sara Hart which Sara performed in the Vatican to an audience of 150,000 people including Pope Francis.


Angel created "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," a product line of music, poetry and fiction with Chapelgate as the setting, and markets it independently. 

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