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In the mid-1980's the Isaacs purchased and restored "Evins Mill" renaming it "Chapelgate" - forty acres with 3 waterfalls in a gorge, an old Grist Mill, Grainary, Millpond & Dam, Guesthouse, Chapel, & a Lodge atop a cliff. Angel is an independent Contemporary Christian music recording artist and writer. She penned "The Chapelgate Adventure Series" with the setting of Chapelgate. This series includes: the prequel "Island," "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," "The Songs of Chapelgate," "Willie Worm & the Apple Tree," and 2 music cd's "Degrees of Glory," and "Spiritual Tapestry." Angel completed a Master of Divinity at Lipscomb University then spent a decade (over 15,000 hours) studying the Bible through the ancient languages of Biblical Hebrew and Greek. This 700+ page book contains Angel's complete works (to 2009) - songs, poems, short-stories & autobiography. Her understanding of the Bible is deep, beautiful, and insightful.

Angel created "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," a product line of music, poetry and fiction with Chapelgate as the setting, and markets it independently. "The Chapelgate Adventure Series" includes:

1. “Island,” a novelette patterned after God’s call to Abraham to travel to the land of Canaan, “The Promised Land.” It is a fictional “Robinson Crusoe” style story of a girl who decides to purchase a sailboat she names “Swan,” and travel to a far-away island she found in a library book. She does so “Martha Stewart” style and her sailboat is complete with down comforters and a stained glass window with swans. Angel later named her travel camper van “Swan.”


2. "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," the main book of her series which contains her spiritual songs, poems, short-stories, and autobiography from 1985-2009. The third section of the book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," begins to describe Angel's work with the original languages of the Bible and her insights there.


3. “The Songs of Chapelgate,” – the lyrics to Angel’s songs from 1985-2009.


4. “Willie Worm & The Apple Tree,” – a children’s book with the setting of “Chapelgate.” The story is to teach the idea of following God and his Word through times when it is very difficult.


5. “Degrees of Glory,” – Angel’s first music cd produced by Dwight Liles and engineered by Robin Isaacs at Chapelgate.


6. “Spiritual Tapestry,” – Angel’s second music cd produced by Dwight Liles and engineered by Robin Isaacs at Chapelgate.


Angel's MP3 Album, "Degrees of Glory," can be purchased on Amazon, search for Angel Isaacs "Degrees of Glory."

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