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Beautiful Swan

Laileigh called me to Facetime and I showed her my new van, "Swan," for the first time this morning. "It's so BEAUTIFUL Grandmama!!!" she gasped. I just love the way she loves my vans with me. She's experienced 3 of them now and her mama was partially raised in the first one along with my other 3 kids. Now I'm still buying vans, repairing them, and turning them into "Adventure Vans." I have lots of ideas for my new Swan but repairs come first. Always. I have to try really hard not to blow up my engine this time like I did in the last two. I think I can I think I can. "Grandmama, can I ride up front with you?!!!" "No, Laileigh, I put your carseat in the safest place of all. It is behind my driver's seat." "Like last time?" "Yes." "But I want to be up FRONT with you!!!" "I put our Swan hanging picture in the window next to your seat." "Did you put our white swan (stuffed toy) in Swan?" "No, I forgot, where is she," ...and I start looking for our stuffed swan. That's an essential. "I can't wait until you see our new van!!!" "ME TOO!!!" I love that darling baby. xo

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