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Chinese, Hebrew letters, & Dogman?

A lot of what I know about how to translate the ancient Biblical Hebrew of the Bible came from sheer persistence. It's like if you see a word you don't know in a sentence a hundred times. If you keep seeing it your mind starts to try to make sense of it. I did this with the ancient Biblical Hebrew letters "hey" and "het." I finally started recognizing that what I was seeing was "open the spirit" and "close the spirit." Hey had a little hole in the top and het was completely closed. So once I figured that out then I'd translate those two letters that way every time I saw them. It always worked. It always made sense. Therefore, I knew I had found my answer.

What I didn't know until five minutes ago is that the Chinese have a similar set of concepts AND it just might possibly be related to Dogman. They have a giant dog associated with the story. And portals. That's what caught my attention, the portals. I want to understand portals. The Chinese put it all together and I just now found it. Here you go:



Abstract Highlights:

"Menshen (门神door gods) within traditional Chinese culture...

On an unconscious level, the psychological symbolism of the belief in Door Gods belief is interpreted through the Door Gods sacrifice... Closing the door is related to Kun (坤, the receptive, earth), while opening the door is related to Qian (乾, the creative, heaven)...

Together, Kun and Qian were held to be in a state of continual transition, one changing into the other, which reflects Chinese philosophy’s emphasis on movement...

By repeating the ritual every year, the Chinese gain the strength to protect themselves and their family members...

Door gods guard the boundary between consciousness and unconsciousness (the inner and outer worlds), thereby protecting the spiritual strength of those who supplicate them."

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Written March 23, 2023 at 4:17 pm


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