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Do You Remember?…

I’ve always taken my children on adventures exploring the world. Yesterday my oldest and youngest were telling their favorite memories: “Do you remember the “Lost Sea” near Gatlinburg? It was a cave with a lake inside. We took a boat ride. There were blind white fish.” and “Yes, I remember the Grand Canyon but I had forgotten we took a helicopter ride. How old was I?” and “Skye and Laileigh and I went to Galveston for my birthday two months ago. There’s pictures in my Facebook albums. Here…here’s some… (you can go look).” and this one… “I bet you don’t remember this one (I said to my oldest son) - the Tabasco factory in Louisiana. He didn’t remember so I just found their website to send him. “But I bet you remember eating gumbo everytime we drove through Louisiana!” Yes, they all remember the Louisiana food…

They all remember.

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Written at 6:11 am December 9, 2022


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