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Ezekiel 1 "The Exiles start Coming Home"

One of my Facebook girlfriends from Florida, who absolutely LOVES Israel, as do I, meaning God's true Israel, and who has been a sincere Christian for decades, and who uses both of those and sends me political insights just sent me her thoughts about Ezekiel 38. I had sent HER a video of Roseanne Barr making fun of the C have to hide this stuff to write about it on FB. For some reason she couldn't watch the video, nor could I later. Anyway, it made her think of Ezekiel 38. And THAT made ME think about Ezekiel 38. So I opened a new tab (I use my huge television screen hooked up to my computer and do this from my beloved new white real, I mean real, massage chair...heaven). I pulled up the KJV interlinear I use now all the time (after doing all this with books and lines drawn on paper for forever, one line per word, retranslating the Bible; I have photos of the old style in the beginning before I got really good at this). I wanted to take a look at Chapter 38 and see what it is really talking about. But before I just jump into the middle of a Bible book I figure out what the setting is. Therefore I began with Ezekiel Chapter One Verse One. Once I know what it is talking about, I know it good enough that I can then jump into the middle of a book and pretty much figure out the rest. SO Chapter One gives the setting of what is being discussed. The theology folks do this too but they have a completely different system of hermeneutics than I now do and that's where our rivers split, me choosing mine because it is right. Sorry but it is. So THAT made me look up the word Chebar, as in the river Chebar. Here I glean the metaphysical topic by matching it to my knowledge gleaned from actually putting what I read into practice for decades. I also split the word into individual letters because often a single letter will mean a concept all on it's own. For example the letter "B" at the beginning of a word gives you the context that the word is now going to talk about the concept of "dwelling." B (transliterated) means "house" or "to dwell in a house" and it is ALWAYS within the context of "house" meaning God's Word, dwelling in God's Word, the house. That means that those who are NOT dwelling in God's Word don't have a chance of figuring out what in the world it is talking about. Well, my girlfriend from Florida DWELLS in the "house" of God's Word, of "Israel" and she sent me insight into current politics (which is really low on my interest list). She was linking Ezekiel 38 to Russia. We both believe we are now living in the End Times, to me that simply means, the end of an age, a period, before it changes over to a new age, a new period. We are. SO the setting, I figured out, is the state of our current Christian doctrine. I keep writing that we've got that wrong. My latest and best story explaining where we went wrong is, "A Small Southern Town." I'll put a link in the comments. I've now had over 250 people read that article. Most of the people who read what I write are the best Christians I've been able to gather together within my lifetime and they know and grasp my story and what I do. I follow God and write about it. He leads me to new situations. I write about it. He matches it up with scripture. I study it. I learn and grow. I write about whatever it was he wanted me to point out to Christians. That's what Ezekiel Chapter One is talking about. That is the setting. The setting is that in the end of the ages there will be a group of Christians who sincerely love God, the Bible, his Word, Israel in its truest sense, and they will start hearing, listening, and walking in the new direction. The new direction is "What does God's Word, the Bible, actually MEAN? What did Jesus, God's Word, actually SAY?" There is a group of us who start walking together in this direction. Like we are right now. THAT becomes a PURE RIVER the river Chebar. We start flowing towards the Promised Land, the Kingdom of Heaven, correctly. We do it through deep study combined with deep obedience to our Father, with him guiding us and leading us where he wants us to go. So THAT is going to be the SETTING for whatever I go figure out in Ezekiel 38. See how it works? It is REALLY FUN. You get to interact with your Father, God, YHWH, Yahweh, hour by hour in your daily life. You get to understand what he is saying in the Bible because you are constantly running to it, trust it, trust HIM, see him do stuff in your daily life that explains it further to you and THEN we get to do this all together. Gigi, Mark, and I can do it together right now. It is so much fun. The Old Testament book of Ezekiel, starts off with saying THIS.

Here's what my Florida girlfriend who walks these paths with me had to say about it this morning, from her point of view, which isn't quite yet like mine, but is batting .300. (I had to look up what is a good baseball batting score).

My girlfriend: "Yes, I saw that about Roseanne but didn't get to see it. On a serious note I watched a show of Dan Bongino. He had to get the v (remember what I said about FB snooping, you know what v means) his doc insisted due to Dan being diagnosed with cancer (a lump he had in his neck which was removed) Now Bongino calls it the worse choice he ever made and today fears what that injection has done to his body. He says his heart is not doing well. Right now I have been listening to some very interesting videos of Pastor James Kaddis with Monkey! They are on Rumble, Youtube and Instagram. They believe we are if not already in WW3! Also they speak of the USA blowing up Russia's pipe line! Which has caused about 9 other countries to start buying oil and gas from Israel! Keep Ezekiel chapter 38 in mind, the infamous "HOOK in the JAW!" Ezekiel 38 tells us and that is the fact that Israel is going to be very secure at the time of the attack there's going to be a tremendous Economic Security there's going to be unfelt cities and all of this stuff that's being done is being done in the name of security and understand that Russia will grow jealous Russia will grow angry and yes Russia is friends with Israel they have maintained a very good relationship a very close working relationship and I can promise you that the attackers of Israel in the Ezekiel 38 battle will be a surprise to Israel and no one will be able to defend Israel other than God. Could this be the hook in the jaw? I have found these guys very interesting and informative on things going on around the world. Monkey Werx is an aerospace analyst who monitors real time flight data of military aircraft in order to identify geopolitical events that are taking place. He is a vet and has been doing this for 30 yrs. He is also a born again Christian man. He has been noticing a lot of our military troops are being shipped all over in the middle of the night to places he found suspicious. He believes they maybe getting ready for something big."

Angel: Ok good to know, thank you. They wiped out a huge swath of good people, those whose hearts were to protect others and those who HAD to keep their incomes to care for others. I think people like you and me saved many though. My parents wouldn’t listen. Mom had a heart attack and died 3 times before stabilized. Dad prayed her back 3 times, just CRYING out to God to save her. They are both very bad off but they did listen enough to not take any more. I also think the wisest good guys are now figuring out how to detox it. It’s a war. I'll look those up thank you!

Maybe you came back and edited but your message didn’t originally say all that just fyi. Good thing I came back and reread it. I love this about you! That is deep, studied, and enormously helpful. Thank you!


And there you have it. That's how it is done, my beloveds. This is how Ezekiel takes place, through us, coming back home, after we were exiled. Get it?

NOW I'll go retranslate Ezekiel 38 and see what it is talking about and match it up with my friend's thoughts. See how fun it is! It is a blast, really and truly! Walking hand in hand with our Father, his Word, and each other, going back home, to the kingdom of heaven... what Jesus was teaching us about.

Now I'll go turn this into a short-story and put it with the rest of my adventures with God, for you, and for those yet to come. xo

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Written February 20, 2023 at 1:24 pm


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