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Genesis 6 Again

I'm now on Genesis 6 (again) having begun (again) from Genesis 1 (the other day). This should be interesting. I've noticed that the "world" uses "Jesus" and the Bible to get Christians to go along with their new direction (designed by the World-class level "elites.") It's about to be OUR turn (Christians who love the Bible). THEY don't get to pick our direction. WE do. God designed it that way. Once we have all figured out that Heaven is OVER Earth, and how that actually works (our true Bible teachings) THEN WE pick our new directions. The game is almost over for the World sub-elites. WE are the Heavenly Elite, those who understand, love, and obey the real Bible and its teachings. WE who understand, love and obey Jesus and what he was really teaching and showing us. That message has been in the hands and under the control of the World sub-elite for far too long. Like in "Star Wars" it is time to REBALANCE the Force. The sub-Elite become the slaves, the servants of the true Heavenly Elite when the pole flips. It's Pole Flip time. How does that work? Every single thing they have done (in Science) is a mirror image that the Heavenly Elite can then take their work and flip for mastery over them. Isn't that cool. Yes, indeed.

The World sub-elite have decided Genesis 6 is where they will introduce the idea of the Nephilim. Nope. Not buying it. Genesis 6 starts off with NH. That means "resting." What did I say in one of my last short-stories? HERE I said God was leading me into the understanding of "not teaching," RESTING. This is how we keep our knowledge out of the hands of the sub-elite. The only way they can get the same knowledge is to WALK in Jesus' footsteps. Good luck with that World elite.

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Written June 10, 2024 at 6:58 pm


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