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Halotherapy and Prayers

We're in a Halotherapy Session.

"Salt therapy, or halotherapy, is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, and boosting the immune system. We use a halogenerator to vaporize organic Himalayan salt into the air. This allows for the salts negatively charged ions to attach to the positively charged toxins in the body, thus neutralizing the toxins and detoxing the body from the inside out. It is natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects."

We're the only two people in there. We've paid for 45 minutes to breathe the salt air in the private salt room. I have a nice soft lounge chair that I am happy in. I have my feet up on the nice soft beige foot stool that matches the beige chair. Mark is at the other end of the rectangular room, in his chair. The walls are pure salt. The floor is beautifully raked, like from a Zen sand garden, pure salt. There are big rock salt blocks lining the bottom of the wall. Soft music, relaxing music, gently fills the air around us.

Angel: "I had a salt lamp once. I bought one for my mom, too. It was a block of salt with a light inside it."

Mark (getting up from his lounge chair; he starts examining the walls.): "I guess these entire walls are salt," he says.

I get up to examine them. They are pretty. They are pink salt. I sit back down in my lounge chair, happy and content.

Mark lies down on the floor and starts making movements like he's rolling in the salt. You know, when you lie down in the snow and make a snow angel. Like that. "Hey, Angel, lie down in the salt. It's probably really good for you."

I, however, am thinking about the salt that is going to wind up inside his clothes. I, however, am picturing us walking out of the salt room and dripping salt everywhere. I slip off my sandals and put my feet in the salt. Grounding. That's enough for me. Mark rolls around in the salt for awhile then gets back in his chair. Like I've said, I write these stories because I've learned there's no telling what he's going to do and most of the time it directly involves God.

When the lady comes to get us, after our 45 minutes is up, we go back to the indoor area that has the beautiful, gorgeous actually, hot tub that looks like natural rocks carved out of the outdoors and has plants as decorations. It is lovely. Mark isn't getting in. He hasn't gotten wet at all yet, not even when we went outside and I got into the lovely, warm, heated small swimming pool. I look at his leg. It is almost healed but the wound was deep, you can tell. His skin is unlike anyone else's skin I've ever seen. It is smooth, healthy, so healthy it practically glows, shines with health. It is tanned. The muscles are toned, strong.

I don't ask him why he's not getting in. Just the past weekend I was in Dallas, with Lai, and we met him at Spa Castle, and he didn't get in then either.

Mark: "I was riding on a motorcycle with so-and-so a couple of days ago and I burnt my calf on the hot muffler. I don't want it to scar. I have enough scars. Getting it wet will make it scar."


"Angel, you're looking good! What did you do?" (much better than when we were on the Dreamer's Cruise a couple of months ago; I was so exhausted then.) "I've been praying for you. I called so-and-so and so-and-so and they've been praying for you. "Dear God, please heal Angel's joints." You're walking better."

Angel: "I cut my hair and fasted every other day for weeks and weeks. But mostly I just decided to. It's in your mind, you know."

The cruise had been hard. There had been so much walking to get from the parking lot in Austin to the Terminal, to leave the Terminal in Miami, to take a taxi to Eden Roc (where we had separate rooms, both ocean front, mine was the best, lol), then the beach, then the restaurant, then back to my room, then the next day to the taxi, to the Cruise terminal, in line, to the ship, then finally to my room. I had been exhausted. I had been exhausted before I even decided to go on the cruise. For years. "I've just been wanting to go home," I answered, meaning heaven. "I'm tired. But I decided to stay. I need to finish my book."

I'd pretty much stayed in my beautiful Cruise suite with the deck and gorgeous private view of the ocean, Miami, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman for 5 days, ordering room service and only leaving for the planned Dreamer's events. Mark had brought me pizza and fruit every few hours, checking on me, but he's a people person and was in his element. I was perfectly happy with my room, my view, and my books I'd brought.

Kyle had shown us all his new Elvis movie, "In the Shadow of the King." We'd had a meeting, about 80 of us Dreamers (Dinner with Dreamers is the name of our group, headed by Kyle Saylors and his brother, of Saylor's Brothers Entertainment). Gigi (my actress/stunt woman girlfriend I met in 2012 when we both lived at "The Island on Lake Travis," - an actual island in a big river near Austin - had introduced me to the group, where I met Mark. I love Gigi because we both LOVE studying scripture, walking it, and growing with God; she just got nominated for an Emmy by the way, yesterday. Gigi took me to a Dreamer's Dinner in Austin in 2017 and that's where I met Mark. Mark was Sylvester Stallone's stunt double for 25 years, in 30 Stallone movies, 180+ MAJOR Feature Films like "Titanic," "Mission Impossible," "Batman(s), Spider-Man(s), Rocky(s), Rambo(s), Star Trek(s) etc. etc. etc. No one in the world thinks like Mark.

The Dinner with Dreamer's group is primarily people involved with media and what Kyle calls "Creative and Cultural Influencers," movers and shakers, in other words each of us is slightly weird, lol, and we do cool stuff. I'm an independent writer, witness my work, lol, you're reading it. We are independent thinkers, who cause things to happen, create, walk outside the box. Kyle's latest movie is about how Elvis actually loved God and witness after witness testifying to that. See? He showed it to the Dreamer's group on the first Dreamer's cruise, in March of 2024, which is what I am describing. I am also describing our fun day at the Kalahari Spa in Round Rock, Texas, day before yesterday.

Back to the Halotherapy Session...

Mark: "Seriously, Angel, you look good." Mark has been advising me on how and when to exercise, what supplements to take, and what new technology exists, practically since the day we met. Mostly, I've ignored him. Frequently, he gets hired by these same companies to be their product Spokesperson. He is the reason why I know about Dr. Mercola and his 3 minute workout and health philosophies. "What did you do?"

Angel: "I've read all of Dr. Mercola's work, pretty much, done his exercises, and basically I just decided that if I took some weight off then it had to help me feel better, my joints. I fasted every other day for several weeks and on the days when I wasn't eating I took health supplements like fruits and veggies in capsules. Plus we do stuff like this, don't we?" Mark is still on the floor, in the salt sand.

Mark: "Yeah, but I've been praying for you. Why don't you lay down in the salt. Try it."

Angel: "I'm fine. It doesn't really help to pray for someone if they are negating everything you pray. You have to want to get better. I haven't really wanted to."

The other day Mark called and exclaimed about the beautiful weather. I didn't respond properly...

Mark: "You haven't even been outside today, have you? Angel, you need to go outside and walk, every day."

I'm happy in my room with my books in my massage chair.

Later, the next day, Mark has forgotten his backpack that he left in my van and comes by to get it before heading back to Dallas. I went home, yesterday, happy. He spent an entire second day at the Spa. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of salt.

Mark: "I have salt from yesterday."

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 14, 2024.


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