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I Believe...Bigfoot Group Moderator now

Darrell Denton just asked me to become one of his Group Moderators and I accepted. Last year my friend Roy Stubblefield asked me the same thing and I declined. I said I wanted to just focus on writing my stories. Well, Darrell's and Roy's two groups have become my favorites anyway (I'm in a dozen or so now) and if I decide to post any of my stories I run to them first anyway. So, Roy, I will keep your group, "Cryptid Insights," high in my regards, because you deserve it and I truly believe your own story about seeing the Werewolf in New Orleans, yes I know you say it was actually a Rougarou (or loup-garou). I've written some of my earlier stories based around what I was learning from Roy and his group. I didn't find Darrell's group, "Bigfoot Believers and Other Creatures" until I eventually started learning about Xanue. I'm still figuring out what I believe, exactly, maybe we all are. But at this point in my journey I do believe there are basically a good and an evil variety of each pure creature. (And yes, Jerry Williams, I do also believe as you say - they are ALL Predators; my idea is a bit different than Jerry's whom I have the highest respect for and who actually was the first to TRACK these creatures on my Ozarks land; that's in my stories). I'm not getting into the ones that have resulted from experiments by different governments, when I say that. Who knows what those are. I also don't believe, "there are just personality differences which causes some to act nice and some to not act nice." I believe these creatures exist, focusing right now on Bigfoot and Dogmen (yes I know there are other names, I actually prefer Bigfoot and Werewolves; I do believe Xanue are good ones.)

I realize this is not a religious group but hey, that's what I do. My personal background is Church of Christ Abilene Christian University, 4 generation family, baptized by the President at age 11, then, of Lipscomb University, in Nashville, one of our ChofC pillar universities. So I have a BA in Mass Communication Radio/TV from ACU and a Master of Arts in Religion, and a Master of Divinity from Lipscomb. On top of that I spent a decade, 15,000 hours, RE-translating the entire Bible cover to cover, King James version, from the original ancient Hebrew and Greek. Then, I also have my life story. In 1985 I prayed, "Dear God, if there is something more to Christianity than I understand would you please show me?" I prayed with the faith he would. I decided when I was a child I would grow up to write about God and I always have. So it was just natural that I'd start writing about whatever God showed me after I prayed that prayer. For the past 37 years now I've been writing, story by story, day by day, the truth of whatever was happening in my life. I have a book that contains ALL my writings that I self-published in 2009. It has ALL my writings from that day in 1985 until 2009. Day by day by day, the truth, whatever God chose to teach me. Now, I've written 2009 to 2023 this same exact way, but it is in my closet waiting for me to turn it into a book. I will. About 4 years ago God decided to throw some humor into our journey and introduced me to Bigfoot. I bought a property in the Ozarks, "Angel Creek," I named it, and soon I began the same journey as all of you guys. I'm still figuring it out. But I write my stories as they happen. They are all true. That's all I do. SO, I have Darrell's permission to post my stories from time to time, I already was anyway. I've now watched video interviews about Darrell's stories, which I can tell are true. What is interesting to me is that he has had both types of experiences with them, good and not so good. He and I share a similar upbringing in Tennessee, so we relate well to each other. I love you, Roy, and I'll keep posting my stories on Cryptid Insights, his group. But thank you, Darrell, for asking me to be a moderator, I'm honored and I know your story is absolutely true. I believe. xo Angel PS I guess I have permission to give you my website. All my short-stories about Bigfoot and Dogmen so far are in the "Angel Creek" category.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 28, 2023 at 3:34 pm

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