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“I’m so worried… yeah, but God…”

Angel: “I’m worried about so and so.”

Friend: “Yeah, but… God.”

Angel: “Remember when I was so worried about you taking that New Mexico job because I’d figured out the lady was a witch. I guess it is like that. You didn’t care. You thought, “She needs Jesus.” You’ll just walk right on in to those situations.”

Friend: “Because… God.”

Angel: “Ok then. I just have to think differently. Those people he’s involved with better watch out. It’s the other way around. So-and-so has infiltrated THEM. THEY better watch out.”

Friend: “Because WE’RE right there behind him and so and so and so and so.”

Angel: “Yeah, we’ve got a team now.”

Because… God.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written August 4, 2023 at 4:19 pm


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