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Little House on the Prairie & Watchmen

Somewhere in storage I have the cute little complete boxed set of "Little House on the Prairie." It's the set with the box that looks like their house. I bought it in case disaster hit and I had to hide out on my farm (the one where I discovered Bigfoot was already there, yes, true, go read my stories on my website). Well, since that never happened they are still in storage (with my solar battery operated dvd player). If something happens, and I can brave Bigfoot, then I'll watch them again in my little cabin there. But until then I found the whole series on Amazon Prime, free with commercials. I'm having SO much fun watching one episode after another beginning with Season 1 Episode 1. I wish we had more wholesome entertainment like this. I love Winnie the Pooh too. My children's book is for sale on my website as well. By the way, I'm turning off my cell phone on October 4. I may turn it off the night of the 3rd until the day of the 5th. You're supposed to put it in a metal box so it may be in the microwave or car just for good luck. Most of you don't keep up with "conspiracy theories" but I do. My phone is going to be off during the non-emergency test by you know who on every phone in the country at 2 something pm on Oct 4. Why? Well go ask a conspiracy nut. Just a heads up. 5 G towers activating the ingredients in the vaccine through the broadcast that cause various diseases that are already dormant now in everyone's body who took the V. Plus I don't like the use of the emergency system to test ideas that go against our privacy and sovereignty as individuals. This is being forced on the nation for our own good. Yeah right. But you might want to check out all the info on Zombies the CDC website thinks we need to know. Just saying. Now back to my idealistic world where entertainment is pure and innocent. Thank you Michael Landon for that. xo This is my public service announcement simply because if you know something harmful is coming and don't warn your neighbor then God holds you accountable. We are the Watchmen.

Look in my section of my website called "Angel Creek" for my Bigfoot stories. All my stories (everything I've ever written in my life) are dated with the date they actually happened and I wrote them, in the bottom copyrights. That way you can read them in the order I lived them.

Quote from this lady: Terri Bruner Goodman: from 11:30 pm, Oct3, to Oct 5 at 1am. That FEMA ebs alarm activates the 5g pulses that activate the diseases in the vaxz. The pathogens full of ecolli, eboli, etc will expand upon the pulsation and burst in the people who took them. Then, thus, the "so called Zombie " effect kicks in. You ain't seen nothin yet. KEEP THAT PHONE SHuT TIGHT IN A METAL BOX DURING THOSE HOURS, better yet, put it inside your truck or car , slam the doors tight and keep it to hell away from yourself and your family , and shut the phone down before you do it. Same with any phone near you all. LOOK ON THE CDC WEBSITE where it says possible Zombie attack. IT IS ON THEIR SITE!

HERE is a Watchman

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 2, 2023 at 1:25 pm


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