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Mom & Dad & Tennessee Baby Calves

If you wonder where I get my storytelling abilities (and the subjects I choose) it’s from my parents. Oh, and my love for land.

They are 85 years old. Every summer since 1974 they have driven from Texas to Tennessee to work on their farm. They started with $3,000. and the purchase of 35 landlocked acres (off-grid; no road access) when I was in High School an hour south of Nashville., Lewisburg, Tennessee. (We are related to the Explorer Meriwether Lewis fyi. It must be in our blood.)

Now they have 200 acres and a full ranch (I like the word farm; Dad says it is actually a Ranch because we have 50+ Black Angus cows). They are the hardest working people I know. And boy do I have stories…

Here is today’s text from my Mom:

Mom: “Hi, I hear it's been raining there. We have been solving problems. Air conditioner quit. (RV) Finally found someone to look at it. The air conditioner was full of dead stink bugs. He blew them all out. A big bucket full. AC working again. We are okay. Happy Birthday this week. Love you lots. Mom and Dad”

Angel: “That's hilarious about the bugs! I think I get my storytelling abilities from you! Lol! Thank you!”

Here’s the text from my 85 year old dad (they BOTH had major heart surgery this year).

Dad (to everyone in our family):

Our water system is completely rebuilt .

I have a complete scale system to weigh cattle. I guessed our bull at 2200 pounds. Our family taking care of our cattle guessed 2500 pounds and the Vet guessed 2700 pounds. Will know next week.

Calves sold. 6. Calves half-grown 6. (12 calves) New babies 4. More due this year.

Lots more planned.

Cut down trees.

2nd cutting hay.

Lots more mowing.

Built 300 foot fence. Repair, lots, where 14 trees were down on fence. (I’m thinking Bigfoot at this news but refrain from asking for pics of the downed trees.)

Can't think what else except keep taking Jeanne out shopping and meals. (I grew up in Lewisburg, Tennessee. We have lots of friends there.) Really I am forcing myself to go work so I can maybe get well. Still no strength.

Love you all,

Mom & Dad

See what I mean? Oh and they name their land, too. Theirs is called “Lazy Branch Acres” (it has a creek). They name their ponds too. My brother, sister, and I each have a pond named after us. Amazing. The stories run in the family. xo

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Written September 5, 1:35 pm Labor Day 2022


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