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My Journey, Energy

I look at my Facebook page as my room. It is my writer's room. I use it to create my stories. Then I go put my stories on my website. Eventually my 2009-2024 stories will be in a book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." My stories from 1985-2009 are already in a book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." If you start on page 1 and go to today you will find a path. It is the path of what happened when I prayed, "Dear God, if there is something more to Christianity than I understand would you please show me?"

We are allowed to ask God questions. He responds to energy. What is energy? Energy is the physical manifestation of DESIRE. Everything in God's Creation operates on energy. Nope. Everything operates on DESIRE. So if you want the answer to your question then you have to put energy into it. I did. I had enough DESIRE to know the answer to my question that I wound up on what I now call, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." My books, songs, poems, videos, and short-stories - everything I wrote from 1985 until today - is God's answer to my question. I just kept asking that question - DESIRE - every single day, for almost 40 years now.

I lived in Houston, Texas and was newly married to Robin Isaacs when my adventure started, when I prayed that prayer. We had a beautiful condo I adored, near his work. He was the Senior Staff Engineer at Dresser Industries. He had been working on computerizing the drilling of oil wells for decades. He had a reputation of being the genius guru. He had advanced in his career to the heights that Dresser had created an upper new category just for him alone. He was the first person in the history of the oil industry to use a computer to monitor the drilling of an oil well. He had spent years on each component, conceiving the ideas, and creating what had never been created before including signal processing methods and database acquisition methods and software to capture the data, store it, analyze it, and have it emit signals from the different components used for measurements during the drilling process. I had no idea when I met him for the first time who he was. I just knew there were whispers of respect when he walked by.

The first time he saw me was when I had been hired to work for him and for the leading Chemist and Accounting persons, 3 different men, in the Research Dept. of Dresser's Vice-President of Research & Engineering. I was sweet, pure, lovely, with my lifelong Christian spirit of innocence blended with intelligence from being fresh from Abilene Christian University. I wanted to be a writer but bills had to be paid and I had seen Dresser's billboard outside their big research building on Westheimer, where I lived, because I drove by it daily. So when I saw a job posted I went in and applied. I was given the job primarily because I had taken Chemistry at ACU. Robin had been away on business the day I was hired for him. I was newly standing at my desk in a blue and white dress with tiny blue flowers and puffed sleeves, with my blue eyes and my beautiful long blonde hair, my smile, and my sweet spirit the day he came back to his office.

When he walked in and saw me I smiled and said, "hi." He said hi and walked to his office. He got his coffee cup. He walked back by me to go get coffee. He got it, came back in to the Engineering Suite where I was. He sat down in the chair in the corner across from my desk, with his cup of coffee, and he simply stared at me. Later, he would explain that he was in shock. I was so beautiful, my name was Angel, I was unexpected to him, simply there. He couldn't believe his eyes. Later, he would tell me that he had a dream when he was 3 years old that he had remembered all his life. He was now 44. I was 24 on that day. He said, later, that in his dream there was a beautiful angel who was just standing there and she was just looking at him and smiling sweetly at him. He said that I was that angel. I was that angel.

That was the day we met and that was the day I became his forever, even now. In a few months, with my desire to become a writer, with my lack of understanding who he really was but knowing he was on his computer every hour of the day and night, I went into his office and asked him a question. "What are you doing?" I asked him. "Is that Word Processing?" I had a subscription to Writer's Digest magazine. Word Processing, newly invented, had been on the cover of an issue. I wanted to be, was, a writer. I wanted to learn it. So I asked him, "Would you teach me?" He did.

He ordered a $15,000. Vydec Word Processing machine (computer/desk/printer). He set up the office close to his for just me. He hired me as his Documentation Specialist, for his Drilling Data Center he was creating. He sent me to Boston to Computer classes at Data General computer headquarters. He began teaching me himself. He took me to all the initial meetings in Louisiana for the creation of what would become the first world-wide computer monitoring, analysis, database, reporting system in the oil industry. I did everything he taught me and we wound up with my having documented 7,000 pages of his computer software he had been creating for his system he had been creating for decades. I was the Documentation Specialist for that very first, historical, achievement.

His system could do all of the above, in real-time, which means the second it is happening on the oil well it is being shown in his office and in the Data Center on computer screens. Wells were being displayed and monitored in multiple locations world-wide. It was a multi-million dollar operation and the entire industry had it on their horizon. The first ten minutes it came online it caught a blow out that was in the process of occurring on just one of the multiple wells and saved Superior Oil, the prototype merger partner of Dresser, a million dollars. The first 10 minutes. Later, I documented, in Federal Court, after I had lost my beloved Robin, whom I married, that his system was saving the major oil companies $100 million dollars per year and it had been doing that from the very first year, for more than a decade. He loved me so much that he gave every single thing to me.

Before we got married I had told him, "We can't be with each other. You are 20 years older than me. You have your work to do. It's too important." We had been in his car, in Houston, that day, when I said that, before we were together as a couple. He had looked at me, while he drove down Westheimer with me beside him. He had nodded at the road in front of us and said, "Just say the word and I will keep driving. I will drive away and leave every single thing in my life for you." He meant it. I could tell he meant it. I became his, forever. We married and he bought my beautiful condo I loved and had shown him as my dream house.

After that, when we had children, I was dreaming of a home in the country with trees and a creek. I had been buying magazines at the grocery store every month called, "Unique Homes," and "International Homes." He had already replaced me at work because I wanted to stay home with our new little children. I had also wanted to finish my ACU degree, I lacked a year. So he had sent me to Rice University and to ACU for a summer so I could. I had finished and received my BA in Mass Communication.

He had continued his work at Dresser but had confided in me that he REALLY wanted to be a Consultant. So I had said, "Then be a Consultant." I had spent 9 months figuring out how to found a Corporation, and I had done so, just him and me. He had quit his job at Dresser and gone to work for our corporation, staying home with me and our children. I had found Tetiaroa, an atoll in the South Pacific, that was for sale and had asked him if we could buy it. He had taken me there to show me. I had found Evins Mill in the same magazines. He had flown there to look at it. We chose Evins Mill and moved there from Houston, with our red Corvette, our 3 little children, and our corporation. That had begun my "Chapelgate Adventure Series," writings and stories.

The most important part was that I had prayed, "Dear God, if there is something I don't understand about Christianity would you please show me what it is?" I had done that on Christmas Eve 1985 in our beautiful Houston condo I loved. I had meant it. Desire.

That's where my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" begins. I've been on a long, long journey. I've been on the same journey from that day until today. God has taught me.

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written April 11, 2024 at 12:33 pm


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