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My Two Main Bible Resources

(I wrote this on my Facebook page today)

By the way... the two Bible resources I use the most (daily) are Bible Hub and Truth Unity. Here's how I do it, so you can: Search for Bible Hub online. Then on their page choose "Interlin" at the top. That means it is going to give you the original language the Bible was written in, either Hebrew or Greek, NEXT TO the English. That way you can look up the meaning of the original English word used in the Bible. It means "Interlinear." Also, I always choose the King James Bible version. Remember I'm doing this myself after a lifetime of Christianity from birth, a walk with God of decades, two Masters in Bible and 15,000 hours over a decade and still counting of looking this stuff up, retranslating. So I'm going to grasp it much quicker than you can. It is like sports. It just takes time and constant practice and then doing what it says. But I started from a prayer in 1985 of "Dear God, if there is something about Christianity that I don't understand would you please teach me?" That's what I write about, what he taught me. On that Christmas Eve day in 1985 I decided I would: 1. Read at least 1 verse of the Bible every day for a year. 2. Start listening to Gospel music instead of Country music. 3. Just obey better, even when I didn't want to. That changed everything. So just start there. But here are the resources. xoxo PS Oh and how could I forget the MOST important part: God is alive. God is your Father. God made you and everything. I call him Yahweh, Jehovah, YHWH. Jesus is his son, Christ. Jesus was telling us about his Father, GOD, YHWH. IF you will pray to him (God our Father) and ask for his guidance he will respond. He literally responds. Watch for it. Obey him, Repent, Obey him better. Study. Walk. He'll then teach you.

What it looks like, what I'm on today:

This is the search phrase I use all the time. Just replace the word "demons" (which I just used) to whatever word you are interested in. Examples: Christ, water, heaven, hell, Abraham, Egypt, etc. This is how it is done. xoxo Type in to Google search: metaphysical meaning of "demons" truthunity Example:

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Written September 22, 2023 at 12:46 pm


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