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A New Age …Again

Today’s interest…

Again, I responded to the New Age post in my news feed...

Angel: "I just found you yesterday. I love your spirit and thoughts. I love how you are actually here, with us, on your page. I love the two posts I’ve seen in my news feed, the first of your work, today. I don't want to aggravate you so I may stop following so I don’t. But what I truly see when I look at the picture in this post is beautiful deception in how science has created an entire universe, pardon the pun, of defiance against belief in God. That’s not the shape or design of our earth. Go to my page and find the link to my website and start reading. You and I are, perhaps for a moment only, quantum entangled. I learned of that just today in googling who you are. We are studying the same thing, how the spiritual realm is connected to the physical realm. Thank you for you. I know from reading a bit about you this morning that you do believe in God. Go read my work. We are both studying and grasping the same concepts. Everything physical is symbolic of everything spiritual. YinYang. As above so below. I am seeking truth in both realms too. Thank you. xo"

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Written May 28, 2024 at 10:45 am

The true design:


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