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Not my war...

I listened to Jeff Nadolny, ("Dogman & Paranormal Research") on his You Tube channel every night as I fell asleep, for a year. I know his voice. I think he changed the name of his channel but regardless, it is the same. A couple of days ago I saw, "Texas," in the title of one of his videos. I put it on as I lay down to sleep. HERE

As I listened I'd pause to google stuff. I googled where this was, Hood County, Texas. That's almost my county, just a couple over. Cleburne, Texas is in Hood County. My late husband, Robin's, grandfather was the mayor of Cleburne a hundred or so years ago. This hit home. It's one thing for these creatures to be safely away in the Ozarks, where I've documented their being on my property, "Angel Creek." It is quite another thing for them to be a short drive away from me in a place that's in my family history. As I googled I found Texas magazine and newspaper articles about this video. HERE and HERE I know enough now, after probably 2,000 hours of watching You Tube videos, reading books, listening in on Bigfoot groups and reading their posts and pages on Facebook and online in general, that I know this was a Dogman attack, not a mountain lion. Ask Tesla if he knows what electricity is. Once you study a subject for so long you simply know. I know. THEREFORE, what is the MOST terrifying about all this Bigfoot, Dogman, Cryptid, business is not just their existence but HOW THEY ARE BEING COVERED UP. That puts us all in danger.

I learned pretty fast there are 2 camps. There's the "Bigfoot is a Predator" camp. There's the "Bigfoot is a big Harry and the Henderson's family movie, personal-almost-pet-you-can-gift-and-feed" camp. I introduced a man I consider, proudly, to be my mentor, Jerry Williams, to one of the biggest Harry and the Henderson's Bigfoot groups on Facebook last month. We both got kicked out. They didn't want to consider these things might eat people (and each other.) As soon as I invited Jerry into the group, and he started commenting, their world was thrown into total confusion and discord. He was simply telling them what I've read Lead Tracker E say many times, "You don't feed the world's top predator."

I met Jerry because his Lead Tracker E companion made intelligent, AND spiritually based comments I read in one of my Bigfoot groups. I looked her up and found him. I started watching every video he had made and every video they had made. To me, Lead Tracker E, is not the same as Jerry. Jerry has the heritage of being a Choctaw Medicine Man healer and Bigfoot tracker. I guess it is because the early videos said, "Jerry Williams the Bigfoot Expert." I got that in my mind. It's Jerry, the leader, and his trained companion, Lead Tracker E. He set me straight. "We all have the same information," he said, referring to himself, Lead Tracker E, and an intimate group of people scattered across the US that he calls his trackers. But to me, Jerry is the top of the hierarchy and Lead Tracker E is his most highly trained interpreter. She loves God, as I love God. She sees through eyes that filter God's Word, my heart and soul. So in a way, Lead Tracker E is even more vital to me personally because that is why I was drawn their direction in the first place. They included me in their "Warriors" video. I'm the lady on the motorcycle. It's Gabriel's motorcycle, he took the photo. Everything eventually ties together into a symphony, a masterpiece, God's Word.

I didn't seek out Bigfoot. I'd rather not have to have to deal with Bigfoot being on my beautiful Ozarks land I bought for my family. I don't WANT to know about Bigfoot. But I believe God, my Father, YHWH, brings things into my life that HE wants me to look at. Four years ago I started suspecting there were Bigfoot on my new Ozarks land where I planned to go to write my stories, where I planned to take my family for vacations. I wound up here.

Recently a good friend of mine said, "Angel, you are the most creative person I've ever met in my entire life. The problem is, no one reads what you write. What you write is way too long." I told him I write short-stories and that he is not my audience. He said, "I am your audience, I'm your fan." I said yes, he is my fan, and I do love that, but my audience is God's Warriors. I write for the leading edge of Christianity, let's say I train the preachers. My whole life has been dedicated to understanding what God wants from us and how he operates.

What you see me doing in this Bigfoot article is normal for me. I've gone in and figured out what a Bigfoot actually is, and I'm gifting that knowledge to those who not just need it but need to know what these creatures are and can do. I do the same with Christianity. I go in and figure out what God wants from us, really wants, and then I tell the leaders. It's not the same as what they teach us. I figured out that God has a system in place and I know how it works. I write for the leaders. Their version of Christianity is just as dangerous as believing you just found a new gigantic furry pet. Both are wrong. God has a system in place for both. I write to train the leaders what that system is, after dedicating my entire life to the process.

Here's a product of my reading and research. This is the most horrific story I've uncovered and yes I believe it. I also have three stories, you can find them on my mentor, Jerry Williams', You Tube channel, that are important. One is where one of his trackers killed a Bigfoot and how. The second is how a Bigfoot set up one of his trackers, lay a trap for her, and when she fell in she was pierced by a stick spear. This happened so recently that the last I heard she was still in the hospital. The third is an interview with an ex-military guy who fought them on a military base in Alaska. They were bigger than you have ever suspected and when he hid in a military tank they picked up the tank and threw it. This is serious stuff. Here they are:

Here is the story of one of Jerry's trackers killing a Bigfoot recently, how, and why, and then what happened with the govt. Skip to 1 hour and 9 minutes in. This was recorded within a day of it happening, I listened to it that day. It was recent:

When I watched Jeff Nadolny's video a couple of nights ago it scared me to death. Not only were these creatures no longer confined to my far away Ozarks land, they were here in Texas. Not only were they here in Texas, but my own newspapers, officials, and familiar magazines were trying to tell me and my friends and neighbors that it wasn't a Dogman who killed the Texas guy in the county my late husband's grandfather was the mayor of in the 1800's, but that it was just a mountain lion. We're not as afraid of mountain lions. They can be handled. No one knows exactly what THESE monsters/fuzzy big pets are. They can do weird stuff like, ummmm, disappear. They may or may not eat people. That didn't scare me half as much as reading the cleverly crafted articles telling everyone to relax. I've already figured out that the government (and whoever they hire to control the public perception) has cleverly crafted techniques they use for social engineering (like designing algorithms on Facebook to collect and put your every comment and thought into their database.) Long ago I started erasing behind me. It doesn't remove anything from their database. But it makes it harder to simply track down. I don't like being stalked by monsters, furry, or badged.

So I erased everything. I went through my activity log and erased every single comment or trace I could find where I had said ANYTHING about Bigfoot. Lead Tracker E noticed. She tracks predators as a profession. THEY look constantly for the tiniest movement. She filters all data through her love for God and knowledge of his holy Word. She noticed. "Where did your comment about Gideon go, Angel?" she wrote publicly on the same thread on her page, using my tagged name, where I had typed, "Congratulations on reaching 400 subscribers, Gideon reduced his soldiers from 32,000 to 300 so God would get the glory for their winning their battles. You now have an army. You actually have more than you need." She noticed. "Where did your Gideon comment go, Angel?" I told her she was braver than me. Those badged predators fly black helicopters over the places she and Jerry go to track Bigfoot. She's WAY braver than me. I don't want the Bigfoot on my Ozarks land to even BE there, much less be aware I exist. Same for the Facebook police and black helicopter guys. So, I answered, "It's not my war. I have different wars." It's not. I didn't ask for Bigfoot to be in my life. I'd rather they disappear. They can take their companion badged predators and false prophet magazine article reporters with them. It's not my war. Then all of a sudden it was. It's my war.

Here's what happened: one of their trackers made a video with one of the most experienced ladies in existence who knows about Bigfoot. She grew up with them in her backyard. There are videos about her and I had watched every one of them long before I started falling asleep to Jeff Nadolny every night. HERE

Last night I fell asleep listening to THAT video. I was so tired from swimming with my family all day that I could barely get into the first 15 minutes. But before I gave up to a deep sleep I googled what I heard her say. It's probably the most important bit of information anyone in the Bigfoot kingdom has ever mentioned. She said Bigfoot measure in cubits. NOW it's my war. HERE

It's not my war to fight against the human versions of this monster. It's my war to understand the truth. That's what I do. I study God's Word, deeply. I pull out the truth. God put these monsters into my story because he wanted me to hear her say they measure in cubits. God, my father, YHWH, knew I would know what to do with that information. Here's what we do with it: sacred geometry. That's my battlefront, that's my war. Thank you Jerry and Lead Tracker E. I love you dearly. Thank you Tennessee Kentucky Bigfoot for making the video with Janice Carter and letting me hear her say, "they measure in Biblical Hebrew cubits, 18 inches, that tree branch is a marker for one of their graves; how far away it is is discovered by measuring the cubits in the branch, then converting them to feet." At least I think that's what she said, I'll have to replay it, I was falling asleep, tired from swimming. It was enough of a critical hint, regardless. So, Thank you!

A final word: What this means, their measuring in cubits, is that there are good ones. It does not have anything to do with outer space, aliens, or the false Nephilim stories that are based on Genesis 6. I know Genesis 6 and I know what it means. It does not mean that fallen angels mated with humans. It means that giants of the Torah/Bible, understanding God, Heaven, (the Spiritual realm) mated with giants of the Earth, those who have learned God's correct doctrine through living their lives and learning from Mother Nature (the Physical realm). THIS is the DESIGN of God's Word that I teach Christian leaders so they can teach Christians. And this is why I write in short-stories, songs, poems and photos and created a product line, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" (physical realm) to mate with "The Chapelgate Adventure Series (spiritual realm).

So, in conclusion, there are very tricky, Bigfoot, Dogmen, and other paranormal entities that feed on each other and on humans. There are also good Bigfoot who use the holy, sacred cubit. The man in the horrific video, above, I mentioned believed he had discovered good Bigfoot and for 6 years he ran a channel tracking Bigfoot. His story, above, is that a different kind of master monster was using the Bigfoot to set him up. Beware. It is my opinion the good ones exist as well. Jerry says no. Just beware. Oh, and you might also want to change your life and start devoting it to God and goodness. That will protect you. It's the only thing that will.

I've now met a man on one of the Bigfoot pets Facebook private groups, who has a mother Bigfoot with her toddler in his house. He has managed to film them using a double camera system. You can see only the shadows on the wall because HE couldn't see or sense them when they were right there beside him, but he had been getting hints like I did in the beginning, that they existed. You see the huge furry arm MOVE the first camera. You see his smaller shadow on the wall. You see the mother pick up her Bigfoot toddler to go back outside. He and I started writing. He said his two year old son and see them and can talk to them and knows their names. Jerry's Choctaw Oklahoma tribe, a couple hundred years ago, went to war with the Bigfoot who were stealing their children. HERE and HERE They trapped them in a cave and killed them. Our monsters with badges and their false prophet media masters muddy the water and put out their own stories so we stay calm and you will find those stories for every real story. So you have to be wise and pray for guidance from our Father, God, YHWH (Yahweh, Jesus is his son, Jesus taught us to pray to God the Father; you have to discern the Christian false prophets as well.)

So there's our divide. Good/Evil - which one? I say there are both. I say you need our Father, God, to tell the difference and protect you and your loved ones. That's the only way we will ever figure out more.

***For further study:

Quote: "The origins of lineal measurement remain shrouded in history. Which civilization was the first to create a ruler is uncertain, but the Egyptian, Hebraic, and Mesopotamian civilizations all required, from their very inception, a standardized single measuring system to determine lengths and weights. The standards that were established were kept in the temples and palaces of the time."

Quote: "A New Yorker Best Book of 2022

A vibrant account of how measurement has invisibly shaped our world, from ancient civilizations to the modern day.

From the cubit to the kilogram, the humble inch to the speed of light, measurement is a powerful tool that humans invented to make sense of the world. In this revelatory work of science and social history, James Vincent dives into its hidden world, taking readers from ancient Egypt, where measuring the annual depth of the Nile was an essential task, to the intellectual origins of the metric system in the French Revolution, and from the surprisingly animated rivalry between metric and imperial, to our current age of the “quantified self.” At every turn, Vincent is keenly attuned to the political consequences of measurement, exploring how it has also been used as a tool for oppression and control.

Beyond Measure reveals how measurement is not only deeply entwined with our experience of the world, but also how its history encompasses and shapes the human quest for knowledge."

Quote: " This book provides conclusive archeological evidence confirming Psychic readings of Edgar Cayce of a lost civilization. And in so doing fulfills Cayce's son's dream of validating Edgar Cayce as;" the greatest mystic of modern times."

This is about an incredible and elegant link from the past. A global link that is as integral to our journey today as it was over thousands of years ago. It provides compelling evidence of a "lost civilization'" that had contacts over at least three continents thousands of years before it has been thought possible. It is a link through an ancient unit of measurement. The importance of a shared measurement is well stated by the Father of Modern Egyptology, Sir Flinders Petrie: "...Thus the possession of the same unit of measurement by different people implies either that it belonged to their common ancestors or else that a very powerful commercial intercourse has existed between them."

This is a journey that reunifies Science and Spirit in humanity's search and our personal searches of purpose and ultimate destination in life and the Cosmos. The indication for this shared ancient message is found in a unit of measurement that is demonstrated to be used in the construction of their sacred sites. It is also shown also to function as a well-designed measure of time in its role for a pendulum. As ancient measurements were derived from human body proportions the evidence points to this unit of length being based on the human spine, a measurement that like the purpose of these sacred sites, represented the journey towards higher consciousness and unified Heaven and Earth, time and space. A message of purpose and meaning that is as important today as it was then.

I consider this measure is identified in ancient Egyptian texts as the "Aakhu Meh": the spirit of light cubit and was communicated to multiple cultures from an ancient lost civilization."

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 1, 2023 at 9:55 am


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