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PhD Metaphysical Bible Interpretation

I’m SO thrilled! I just enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Sedona online specializing in Metaphysical Bible Interpretation. I had prayed to God to guide me as I began googling “metaphysical research grants” for the foundation I created last year. On a whim I changed it to “metaphysical degrees.” That was 100% my Father God’s nudge. I was hopping up and down in my chair as I filled out my application. I didn’t know such a thing existed. THAT’s what I’ve been doing ON MY OWN since 1998.

I moved from Texas to Orlando in 1998 JUST because I was beginning to see things in the ancient Hebrew and Greek of our Bible. In 1998 I finished my first MAR Masters of Religion from David Lipscomb University. It hadn’t taught me what I wanted. I WANTED to understand the BIBLE. Of course, I had taken all the required Bible courses BUT it wasn’t satisfying me. I sat down for 6 months on a couch in the kids' and my Austin apartment and spent 10 hours a day DIAGRAMMING the ENTIRE Bible and making outlines of every single chapter. At the end of 6 months and with one Masters degree behind me I STILL didn’t know what I wanted to know. That was the point where I literally began drawing lines on a piece of paper for every single verse.

My church taught that we go by the New Testament. SO I started in the New Testament. I drew a line for each WORD in Matthew 1:1. I left lots of space to write under each word. I wrote each word of the verse on a line and began looking up each word in my Lexicons. I wrote all possible meanings under each line for each word. I did this intensively until I threw my hands up in the air. ALL that work and the Bible STILL didn’t make sense to me.

“You’re just going to have to go back to the very beginning, then…” I told myself.

So I drew new lines on a new sheet of paper and started over at Genesis 1:1. By the time I reached Genesis 3 I was SO EXCITED because it was FINALLY making sense to me. By the time I got to the story of Moses and the golden calf I was packing my suitcases to move to Orlando. I asked myself, "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?" I thought about it and said to myself, beautiful ocean, warm, fun...Orlando." Orlando would give me the environment I needed to figure this out.

I had taken on my late husband, Robin’s, thinking and work habits. He had trained me as his Documentation Specialist for his multi-million dollar Drilling Data Center (oil wells). I’d spent a decade at his right hand, hourly, documenting his 7,000 page system as he created it, the FIRST of its kind in history. I bet I know now WHY God had me trained like that. So HIS work ethics were MY work ethics. I knew I wouldn’t stop to breathe until I had figured this out.

Orlando would draw me away from my studies to play and explore with my kids because I love that kind of stuff - Universal Studios, Disney, Typhoon Lagoon, all the Orlando fun. Plus it was multi-national and my youngest child was mixed race, so it would be easier for her there. I applied for an apartment online, was approved, and a couple of days later I had moved the kids and me and everything that would fit in our van from Austin to Orlando. Then since I couldn’t bring furniture that way I made everyone pallets on the floor out of blankets and we started over from there. Within a week I was back on a pallet on the floor of our new Orlando apartment diagramming the Bible verses by hand with my coffee cup next to me.

“Mom, can we go to Typhoon Lagoon?” I’d hear and I’d say yes, do it, wash clothes, clean, give baths, cook, wash dishes, read Bible Bedtime stories then go right back to my pallet on the floor and draw lines for the next Bible verse. "I guess I better buy some beds and a couch," I'd think. I still have my huge notebooks full of my retranslations.

What had caught my attention was that what was being revealed to me was METAPHYSICAL. IN OUR BIBLE. IN OUR KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE.

I went on to spend the next decade like this with a blend of kids, Disney, and my songwriting interests. I kept up with every single hour I spent doing this on the calendars I’d hang yearly on our wall. I’d write down what I did that day. I also enrolled in a second Master’s degree at Lipscomb (because one of my professors wrote to me they'd added a higher degree, a Master of Divinity, and asked me if I'd like to enroll). I did it blended with online and all of us driving in our van, “Swan,” to Nashville so I could go to the required classes a week at a time, for years. FINALLY, at the end I had a MAR Masters in Religion, an MDiv Master of Divinity degree, and could count 15,000 hours I’d spent RE-Translating every single letter/word in the entire Bible cover to cover TWICE. Then I KNEW the answer.

There is a METAPHYSICAL level to our Bible. I could read it after the end of a decade. I can read it right now.

TODAY God answered my prayer for guidance and out of the blue I was looking at the web page for the University of Sedona’s metaphysical PhD. My application was in their files within moments of my finding it. AND I am specializing in Metaphysical Bible Interpretation. I’m SPEECHLESS. xo Angel

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written December 14, 2022 @ 3:51 pm


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